Heart beat

April 15th, 2008

A guy falls in love with the girl he meets on the street and the romance begins, their passion is burning and their sex is always hot and lustful…

He woke up early. The sky was still dark but the day was breaking. So he could enjoy that morning semidarkness he always considered to be the most beautiful and mysterious thing. He felt warmth of her body.

He was 32, he was single and always on the go. He spent most of his time on business trips all around the country. So he was used to waking up in hotel rooms with some girl sleeping on his shoulder.

But last night rendezvous was anything but ordinary. He was on a business trip to Philadelphia. He was through with work by Friday night, but he decided to stay in the city for the weekend and go sightseeing. He had dinner in the hotel restaurant.

When getting in the hall he accidentally bumped into a young woman. He apologized, she smiled back. The woman was really attractive. She was petite, had a great slender body, slender legs, tight round butt, small but firm breasts, and somewhat dark soft skin. Her hair was dark, and her brown eyes were enchanting and beautiful. She was wearing a light blouse and tight trousers that stressed her slender legs and sexy curves.

“What a nice girl,” he thought in seeing her sweet smile. He let her go first and decided he just couldn’t let such a gorgeous babe sweep away.

“Excuse me, would you mind dining with me? It’s so empty and sad in the restaurant.” He said, faintly hoping she would agree.

The girl looked at him closely, then gave him another sweet smile:

“All right, why not.” She said then and stretched her hand. “I’m Felicity.”

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Nick.” Her hand was so warm and soft.

They spent a lot of time in the restaurant talking about all kinds of things. Felicity was a year younger and also single, she was on a business trip there too. Felicity was a really smart girl and knew a lot about really sophisticated stuff, she had a great sense of humor, Nick just loved it about her.

When it was time to leave the place Nick really didn’t want to let her go, he really liked chatting with her, he really liked her jokes, her laugh, her smile. He saw it in her eyes she didn’t want to part either.

“Would you like to go and continue the talk in my room. I guess I have good wine in the bar.” Nick suggested. Felicity said yes.

She was sitting in the armchair, he was pouring wine in glasses. Nick sat by her side and wanted to hand her the glass when he looked at her. Her eyes were shining brightly, she was breathing heavy and a vein was pulsing on her neck. He couldn’t stop looking at her neck.

“Nick, I’ve been waiting for you for my whole life, I’ve been waiting for this night to come,” she whispered in excitement.

“But you don’t even know me!”
“Yes, I do. You can spend years with somebody and know nothing about him, and you can learn everything about the person within an hour. You only gotta listen to your heart.” Felicity said pressing him close.

He felt her heart beat, it was so fast that he didn’t only hear it seemed he could physically feel it.
Composers have created great melodies but the nature’s melody is still the most intriguing and fantastic. Heart beat is enchanting. When a woman is in love her heart beat is so special and unforgettable. Nick’d felt his ex-lovers heart beat too but that wasn’t in any way remarkable, emotional and sexy. He realized he was lucky to have a chance to be loved by such a woman. He realized he’d been waiting for her for all his life.

“I want you honey.” She whispered looking in his eyes.

They got undressed pretty quickly. They were holding each other really close hearing and feeling each other’s hear beat distinctively. He was passionately caressing her body: her slender legs, her soft stomach, her firm boobs, her beautiful neck, her shoulders, and her wet clit. Nick was taking his time. He knew she was expecting him to give her very special caress.

He was kissing her body. It was especially arousing for him to kiss a birthmark over her beautiful left nipple, he felt her heart beat. He was getting more and more turned on feeling her warm fingers roam over his body, feeling her hot lips kiss his skin. Anyway, the sexiest thing for him was her heart beat, it was the first time he felt anything of the kind in his life.

They were making love… he entered her hot pussy. The girl was building up for an orgasm, her body was trembling, she was breathing heavy, her heart was beating fast. Felicity closed her eyes, moaning. It was difficult for him to control his emotions, but he was trying his best to prolong her pleasure. Actually, he liked the sensation. When Felicity had already cum he let emotions and feelings take over control. He started moaning.

“I like to feel you inside,” the girl said holding him tight.

Then they were lying on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. Nick felt her heart beat, it was making him hot, he looked in his lover’s eyes and realized she wanted more… They had sex for several more times and then fell asleep. They were exhausted and happy.

Nick was thinking of that fantastic night. He realized how blessed he was to find Felicity. He looked at her. He was admiring her thick hair, her soft smooth skin, her pretty face, her parted lips. He looked at her graceful body. He put his head on her breasts listening to her heart beat. Every bit was a bit of happiness and love. She hugged him.

He woke up feeling somebody touch his hair. He opened his eyes and saw Felicity’s face. She was looking worried.

“What’s up?” He asked her.

“Nicky, babe, I was so happy last night, I had a nightmare that everything was just my dream. I was so sad, I woke up and saw you! God, I’m so happy to be with you!” She paused and then continued: “Nick, are you disappointed that I got laid with you so soon? Believe me, you’re the one I’ve always been looking for. It always takes me a lot of time to get along with people, especially with men, but as for you, it was love at first sight.” She added not letting him say a word.

“You’re so funny! All I know is that you’re the one, I couldn’t even be dreaming of having you by my side. I love you babe!” Nick smiled.

He hugged her, feeling her heart beat and her heavy breathing. He realized he madly wanted to make love to her. Her look, her warm hands roaming over his chest let him know she wanted the same. They made love on the bed and then continued in shower.

It was about noon when they decided to have some breakfast and take a walk round the city. It was a gloomy day but they didn’t care, they were in love.

They had to go to different cities. But they called each other every single day, exchanged messages and sent funny postcards.

Once before Christmas Nick told Felicity by the phone:

“Felicity, honey, I’m missing you so much, come over for Xmas, please!”

They hurried home from the airport. There was so much passion and love they wanted to share with each other. They had sex in the hall of his apartment. He held her close, feeling her heart beat, just like on that September night.

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  1. DelanyDecolleur Says:

    This story is so sweet…I think there is a real Felicity.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree.

  3. g Says:

    agree i fell like this story is rea l

  4. greg Says:

    this is fuckin shit cruncy pussy

  5. .ally Says:

    That was sweet!

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