Family Friend

November 13th, 2007

Have you ever had a family friend? The one you’ve known for a long time? He’s sort of an uncle for you but for some reason you feel an overwhelming desire to be closer to him, it feels so wrong but you can’t do anything about it….

We extend our thanks to the author lozzygumdrops.

I’ve always been quite a sex craving girl basically for as long as I can remember but had only ever had sex twice , to fill my masturbational needs I have to masturbate at least 5 times a day! Now let me give you the background info first of all so you’ll understand the people involved as my story unfolds.

First of all there’s my mom the naïve yet egotistical woman well into her 50′s then there’s David a close family friend and has been for years his closeness almost makes us related! He’s a good looking Man with a hint of Eric Forman (stars in “that 70′s show) and Hugh Grant (we all know who he is!) he’s 35 (yes the age has relevance)

Right onwards with the story…..

After going on a fun day out down the beach with my two Dogs and David, his dog and my mum we were all worn out and coming home on the Bypass in the car. mum had the radio on blaring in the front and I had to sit on David’s lap in the back because of all the beach junk we brought and the 3 dogs. It wasn’t the first time I’d had to sit on David’s lap before I had had many a car journey with him in this kind of position these outings happened frequently, hence why my mum thought nothing of it…

Earlier on that day I had had a new experience I asked David to rub sun cream on me as it was the hottest part of the day, mum was in the sea at this point playing with the dogs. I turned my back to him and tied my hair up out the way and allowed him to run his hands down my back… and I’ve got to say I loved every second of it! don’t get me wrong It wasn’t my intent to get him to turn me on like this infact it was a pleasant surprise! I loved the feeling of his fingers brushing so lightly over my skin, and running up and down my spine!!! So there was me thinking that it was only me that was getting all hot and heated when suddenly David slipped his hand gradually and slowly away from my spine coming just below my armpit and around to my chest! Although I had a bikini on and everything the sexual tension was immense as I felt his fingers glide down my cleavage and clasping his hands around my breasts. For a moment I felt like just straddling him right there and then but the fact that my mum was around and the fact he was so close to the family it seemed so wrong… but sooo tempting!

As it turns out mum started to come into distance so David pulled away saying nothing and I just lay down on my beach towel … I was having all these thoughts about David I’d never felt so attracted to him before but was it so wrong a guy that’s practically family ?!? I tried don’t to think about it too much….

But anyways after this experience things seemed more heated than normal in the car this particular journey …. It started out perfectly innocent I just sat there quite content then mum went over a bumpy part in the road the vibrations spread through David’s lap up onto my crotch from behind I instantly began to get wet below from this I felt so turned on that I wiggled a little bit to get even more pleasure from the vibrations I was getting! David picked up on this straight away, and started to run his hand up my leg when we’d crossed the bumpy patch! Thankfully mum couldn’t see from the drivers seat but the dogs had a pretty good view! And it was my lucky day as I had my skirt on! I let him stroke my thighs and run his hands all the way up the outer side of my thighs things were getting tense again this time though there was a danger of getting caught! Unfortunately Rover started Barking so my mum pulled up for a second to see if he was ok (he’s normally the quieter dog!) so the stroking session ended while she checked him out, as it turns out there was nothing wrong with him I almost felt like he knew what was going on and wanted to put a stop to it and I started to think about how wrong it was, I mean David was practically family! Legally it was fine we weren’t actually blood related but morally it was like he was my uncle or something!

The Car journey then continued after the pit stop… when I sat back down on David’s lap I could straight away feel something hard on his thigh! This made me wetter than Niagra falls on a rainy day! I couldn’t sit still I kept wriggling around and fidgeting trying not to get anymore turned on at the thought of that big hard package rubbing against my soaking wet crotch!! Mind you though he was the same “accidentally” pushing up his crotch so it would grind up against me god I just wanted to pull his trousers off and ride him like there was no 2morrow!

Unfortunately the car journey couldn’t last forever and we stopped by David’s house to drop him off…at first I was disappointed but then I realized that if I got screwed by him it would be so wrong and such a mistake so maybe it was for the best – I told myself.

Then suddenly David suggested that I could stay over and he could help me with my business studies course. (which is true as mum had suggested he help me earlier the perfect cover up he must of thought… I could tell there was more than taxes and incomes on his mind!) without me even getting a say in the matter mum agreed and drove off leaving me alone with David….

I walked out in front of him as I had my own key and opened the door I glanced over my shoulder to find he had been staring at my ass he tried to cover it up by looking down but he knew and I knew he wanted me….

I was sandy and salty from the beach so I asked David if I could use his shower, whist walking up the stairs I decided that I should stop this David nonsense now and quit while I’m ahead in some ways it was so twisted that I wanted to have sex with the guy that had known me since I was 3! I pulled off my top while walking up the stairs and he offered to undo my bikini top but I said it was ok I could do it myself.

I finally got to the bathroom and left the door open and began taking off my skirt, unaware that David had followed me up the stairs and into the bathroom while bending over lowering my skirt off as it had caught on my ankle chain he came up behind me I could feel his presence straight away! I didn’t know what to do I wanted him to go but I could see that that wasn’t gonna happen by the look on his face. He touched my shoulder I stepped backwards towards the shower and he misread my actions as an invitation he came closer to me so I stepped back some more and without knowing it I ended up standing in the shower, I could see I had no where to go now he pulled his shirt off and started undoing his belt I told him to go away but I didn’t think he was listening to me anymore, not that I was worried he’d hurt me or anything He’d never do anything to hurt me like that we were almost Family!

He stripped off completely quicker than I expected and god did he looked hot! I’d never looked at him in this way before I felt like I was split in half part of me wanted him soo badly then the other part knew it was bad and dirty!! My nipples were erect partly cause I was nearly completely naked standing in a shower that wasn’t even turned on and party cause I was turned on! I felt so venerable standing in the shower with just my bikini bottoms on as he stepped in the shower! I finally found my voice and said “stop” but he just closed the door and turned the shower on…

God this was it he wasn’t listening to me any more he didn’t care whether I was up for it and part of me loved this! His hands became level to my hips and he grabbed my bikini bottoms and forced them down. And gently picked me up, I automatically wrapped my legs around him tight and for a split second he paused as though he was battling with his conscience, but his body defied his thoughts as he swelled up to the water running down my breasts, how wet and tight I was, how his package was just brushing up against my crotch and he could feel how slippery and warm it was. He slid me onto his cock slowly for the first time. I felt pleasure run through me something I’d never felt before… but part of me knew this was almost like rape and I started quietly saying no its wrong stop it… but as he sped up I knew he wasn’t gonna stop and god it felt so good my cries of No, stop changed to moans of fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!

Feeling the warmth of it all and him sliding in and out of me my clit being rubbed just above where his cock started…. I was building up to an orgasm! The feeling of no control and how nothing else mattered just him pounding into me against a shower wall it just felt amazing ! I sank my fingernails into his shoulders and started to moan louder, this seemed to make him push deeper and harder each time he slid into me, then I felt a fluttering sensation flow right through my and my crotch tingled, he climaxed just as I did, and as his cock throbbed my crotch was contracting in motions I could feel him cum inside of me and it trickled out around my lips as the water run it down my thighs to the drain I had the urge to kiss him after that fiasco what do you expect! The rest of the night we collapsed and cuddled up together on the sofa I felt this wouldn’t be the last time we’d have one of our sleepless sleepovers!

The next day mum asked had we got the work done and I heard David mutter under his breath while I answered I definitely did something!

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8 Responses to “Family Friend”

  1. Dabby Says:

    That’s nice! I loved it a lot, although it’s a family friend, there’s nothing wrong if you feel the appeal and desire to get closer to each other.

  2. Bond Says:

    Hey, Lozzygumdrops, you are doing great!!! I loved the story I’d be happy to read more stories of yours! Sex in the shower is really nice, I’ve dreamed about it all my life, I wanna fuck my girlfriend in the shower too!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Go go! Nice story! really awesome!

  4. Carlos Says:

    You bastards! What are you doing with the family values??? Can’t that slut find someone on the side? Why did she have to engage in sex with a family friend??? You never should ruin your family relations, it’s a treasure that you have to value! You are fucking jerks!!!

  5. Dairren Says:

    Hey, man, relax! It’s quite ok, there’s nothing wrong if a babe falls in love with a family friend, we are all humans and anything can happen to us, you just can’t control it! The story is nice and I see nothing wrong with it!
    Keep it up!

  6. Freddy Says:

    I once fucked my aunt

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ewwwww ur a fuckin slut and disgusting!! naww jus playin your experience wus off the chain dont do that again!1

  8. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    i loved it it makes me wana have sex everyday.

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