August 30th, 2007

They met for the first time in their lives, and had the best sex they could ever think of. Anal, oral and other pleasures, this babe sure got everything her pussy needed….

Two weeks of short messages. He really wanted to see me. It wasn’t always possible – he had shift work. But one day he told me he’d be in town, so I gave him my phone number. He called and said that though he really wanted to see me he couldn’t. I said it was up to him and I could easily find someone to spend time with. No problem, I told him and said he’d call me some time later, maybe. He did call in 30 minutes and said he’d arranged his things, and was ready to meet with me. He said he wanted me. This was my turn to create obstacles. I said I was busy till evening but promised to call. 30 minutes before the date he called another time willing to know if I was still going to see him – sure…

I came into the apartment, he handed me a glass of mineral water. It was the best thing after the street heat. I told him that I had my period but knew other ways for us to have fun. He didn’t seem to be very upset. He started kissing, fondling, and touching me….

I gotta say something before I continue. It is strange but I never kiss my new acquaintances. Well, ok, almost never. And I miss it a lot!!! Here was the opposite situation. There was a hailstorm of kisses on my lips, face, neck (it was turning me on!)

He unbuttoned my shirt, undressed me then. I wanted to go to shower. He said that first he was going to undress me and only then let me go there. I was naked soon. I gave him some time to look at my body and ran to shower. He followed me.

-May I go with you?


We were in the bath. I had some problems with water: it was hot, then cold, then hot again…Our shower was sort of awkward. He touched my nipples while I was washing myself.

-They are hard…

-You bet – I was aroused, besides those contrast sprays made them like that…

I took him to the room, lay on the bed. He looked at me, putting on a condom. That’s very interesting… I warned him about the tampon in my pussy. He entered carefully but fast. Tampon was no barrier for him! He was all in me. It was so sweet, so tight… He was whispering the same. Wow! Some more thrusts and I forgot all about the tampon. “Are you cumming,” – I asked him. He was moaning so loud. – “No, I’ll take my time”. Great, I could enjoy the process without thinking that he would cum and relax while I still wanted more. Good bye sense, welcome sensibility!

I got buried in sensations, rhythm, sounds. It was awesome. I got on my knees, calling him to fuck me from the rear. He’d been waiting for it too, he said. He entered in full. It was very smooth, it took him just one thrust. I couldn’t help moaning.

He wasn’t silent either! I love men who can talk during sex. He did! He moaned. He told me how smooth it was inside my ass, how I squeezed him there, how hot it was and how great… He was ramming my hole. Balls hit my pussy arousing additional waves of bliss. More, more.

Suddenly he pulled me to the bed edge and asked to fix the position. He stepped back and said he was a bit tired. He asked me if he could play with my holes – oh, sure, darling. I noticed a banana in his hands. I see you wanna play!!! I liked it. Banana in condom slid in my snatch. What a wonderful size and form! Yeah. I felt sucker in my mouth. I sucked. He took it away and slid it in my asshole. Unexpected!!! No one had ever done anything like this to me before!!! It was embarrassing to lie like that with a banana and a lolly. It was embarrassing and sweet, and funny. I was overwhelmed with sensations. I was moaning myself into fits.

-Don’t hurry to cum! – He liked to fondle me.

-I can’t…

Bliss… lollipop made my ass nip.

I ran to shower, he ran after me. He asked me to pee on his dick. Hum. I used to say I didn’t wanna get peed on, but that I had nothing against somebody else’s fancies. I didn’t mind, generally, but it turned out to be not so easy to pee on the guy lying under you, who opened you and waited…. Besides, I was still aroused. It took me time to put my self together. It was funny, really funny!!! Finally I managed to pee. Some. Feels, he wanted more. Sorry, baby, I did my best!

The show must go on…

After the shower we returned to the bedroom, I started sucking him him. Imagine my surprise, when I saw that IT was not very large and big! He was so skillful and “professional” that I didn’t even notice it. I didn’t have much time for thinking, anyway. He was fucking my mouth. His cock was at my throat, I used my lips, tongue to make him feel good. He asked to bite him slightly. I immediately remembered my ex-boyfriend. I bit him gently. He was moaning, almost groaning, telling me not to stop.

He put me on the knees and started banging me with all his might. We came.

After a short break we started everything all over again. He was sitting on the coach. I sat behind him, pressing my pussy against his back. My knees were sort of elbow boards, I myself was like a chair back. I cupped him, kissing his back, ears, neck. I caressed him, pinched his nipples, while he was kneading my legs. Then he turned back and started to fondle my breasts. He did it for long, sucking every nipple, pinching it with his fingers. I was breathing heavily, leaning on the coach back to keep the balance. My fingers were in the snatch. I wanted more…

I beckoned him to the bed. He entered me, and everything started again. There was a moment when I was sitting on him, or a moment when he put a cushion under my back and entered me from upwards, or when was in the doggy style and he drilled my two holes – one with his pecker, the other with a banana.

When I felt the banana in my ass, it was so good that I squeezed and almost “ate” the banana with my asshole. His belly was all covered by banana sauce. Every time he touched me I came over and over… But he never wanted to stop. More … It turned me on. It’d been awhile since I had such a wonderful sex lasting for two hours.

When I was cumming, he got out of me, and started fingering me and jerking himself. Semen spurted on my stomach… it was so nice to feel it! I was still on the verge of bliss. Don’t stop…He fondled me with his Hand, but not entering. I wanted him to get deeper. Didn’t he know how? Or was he afraid? I felt I was leaking and I knew the hand would enter.

I grasped his hand and sort of pushed it in my cunt…!!! Fuck me this way! Yeah, the fist was in side me. Of honey, he understood what to do. I came… it was awesome. I guess I even cried. When it was all over, I buried my face in the cushion, shuddering. He was scared a bit. I had to explain that IT was so Good.

That was my date. Even now (when 24 hours passed) I start trembling thinking of him. It was so sweet…so good! I use the same words, right?! Well, it’s just that I’m simply speechless. I still remember that terrific mixture of wild emotions and sensations…

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6 Responses to “Darling”

  1. Ishaan Says:

    wonderfull …….
    i loved it………

  2. Darren Says:

    That sounds soo much fun i had the best wank ever readin this i cumd soo much cant wait to lose my virginity now and have an experience like this myself losin it isnt weird is it?

  3. Bond Says:

    That’s a nice fuck! I really loved it! Hey, Darren, why don’t you get a hooker for yourself and lose a virginity with her, that’s how I did, when I was 18 I saved up 140$ and got a hooker for a night, I fucked her three times, she sucked my dick and drank my cum! That’s how I lost my virginity, don’t ever wait for your true love to come, first get some experience with hookers and then your true love will come!

  4. hotmania Says:

    i loved it, i would have loved to have sex wiv her

  5. Ras Sly Says:

    veyr nice fucking… [email protected]

  6. GORMO69 Says:

    haha this was a pretty good story….

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