December 17th, 2007

When you work with a beautiful girl side by side it’s hard for you to resist her, so why not have some fun with her?

I love nights. The workday is over, and it feels really great. There’s no better way to spend a night than to spend it with a beautiful girl. I love to watch sunset, sitting by her side. Here is a story about one of such nights.

She was my colleague. I offered to give her a ride, cuz her car was broken and she had to get in time for the train. Her name was Brook, just like my wife’s. We had enough time to talk on the way, so we managed to know pretty much about each other. When I finally asked her if she wanted to meet some other time again she said yes. She gave me her phone number. I called her next day. We decided to meet and had a good time sitting in a restaurant talking. She was drinking wine and I was drinking juice.
I took her home. We met in two days, my wife went on a business trip, so I ordered some food in a Chinese restaurant and invited her to my place. We had a good time. We had dinner first, and then we started dancing. We were kissing. Her lips were driving me crazy. I was holding her tight. It was incredible. I could smell her perfume, hear her breathing, look in her wonderful eyes…
I made a step back to look at her dancing. She was so graceful, so light and beautiful. She was smiling, blushing. She agreed to dance strip tease for me. I was sitting in my favorite chair ready to enjoy the show. I guess she could drive any guy crazy. Her tight dress fell on the floor, she stepped over it. She was still dancing, her hands slipped behind her back to unzip the bra and show me her bust. I couldn’t wait any longer. I took her in my arms. We went to the bedroom.

I was really aroused so I didn’t wanna waste time on stupid foreplay. My hands and lips were roaming over her soft, sensitive body. I was kissing her neck, getting closer to her breasts, I was kissing them too, pinching the nipples, that got erect in no time. I felt so great kissing her body, fondling it, pinching it and breathing on it.

You know it usually feels so tickling and chilling all over the body when you’re breathing on it. Brook was arching her back, moaning. I dressed off quickly. I pulled off her panties and pressed myself against her hip. It made her tremble.
Brook didn’t feel at ease still. I moved her hips apart and saw her wonderful bosom, it was so luring. I started fondling her beautiful pussy, my hands were roaming over her body. She relaxed. I wanted to feel her caress as well. So we chose position 69 to please each other. I can’t put into words what I felt those moments: my cock was pressed between her lips, her tongue was tickling the dickhead, while I was licking her snatch, biting the clit now and then.

We both were on the verge of sheer delight. I turned round and kissed Brooks’ lips. I put her knees on my shoulders. I entered her hot vagina. I have a pretty huge shaft, so I had to be careful in order not to hurt her. When Brook’s cunt got used to the size she started impaling herself on my pecker. We both were excited and delighted. We needed some rest, so we lay on the bed and I continued caressing Brook.

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