Alex and Leila

November 27th, 2008

A girl goes to Boston and hooks up with a guy who seems to be her long-life dream…

It happened this summer. I went to visit my friend in Boston. She had been living in this city for a long time and when I arrived she decided to take me around the city. We went for a walk and took her boyfriend with us. After the walk we made up our minds to celebrate my visit. Julia’s boyfriend phoned his brother and offered him to join the celebration. The guy agreed quickly and in thirty minutes he was sitting at a café with us.

Now a few words about him… Alex, tall handsome young man of about 25 with fair hair and grey eyes…

The party continued in a night club. We danced, drank whisky, talked… Soon Julia and her lover left for home. At 3 a.m. Alex invited me to his place and I sent a message to my friend informing about that. Half an hour later we were entering his apartment. By that time we were excited a lot. This grey-eyed guy was driving me mad!

He was kissing my neck and I felt I was wet in my panties. I pushed him on the bed and unzipped the fly of his jeans. His erected phallus was huge and so beautiful that I wanted to taste it! I kissed Alex’s lips and then lowered to his dick. I kissed the head first, then swallowed it… and began sucking it. He was moaning and stroking me on the head. I was caressing his head and licking the little hole in it. Then I was fondling his shaft with my hand and my tongue was working on the balls…

When I finished the blow job he wanted to lick my pussy. I lay on my back and was enjoying his caress. He was licking every inch of my pussy, his tongue was massaging my clit, sucking it and he even pushed the tip of his tongue into my vagina!!! I was twisting as my enjoyment was so great that I couldn’t control myself. I cried out the name of the man I’d fallen in love with… Alex!!!

When I came he licked all my pussy… He moved me closer to him, then put my legs on his shoulders and his cock penetrated me. I was rushing about the bed, so nice it was… We were making love in this position for a log time. Then I stood in a doggy—style, he spread my asshole with my juices and thrust into my butt. It was not easy and it hurt a lot! But I was ready to bear that for a person who I loved so much… He shot his cum on my breast and I spread it over my tits.

We were lying naked in a dark bedroom, though it wasn’t so dark as a rising sun was seen through the curtains of the window…

We fell asleep…

We woke up at 3 p.m. He kissed my lips and went to the bathroom. I was lying and thinking about my love… Then I took a shower. While I was washing myself he cooked lunch.

In the kitchen we turned on again and made love right on the floor!

Now I live with my lovely Alex in his apartment in Boston. We have sex every day… But I’ll never forget that very first night…

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