A massage

July 11th, 2007

Massage may lead not only to the total relaxation, but to amazing sex, also!

Her name was Jessica, and she used to scoff at me. Whenever I came to her, whether with flowers or red wine, I had often a lukewarm reception.
- You have woken me up!
- Sorry
- You can’t get away with it
And she went to her room, wiggling her hips in a way that drove men wild. I knew that she seldom wore underwear.
- What’s wrong with you, Jessie? You do know that I love you… I can’t live without you
- Why are you telling me that? Are you hungry?
- No, thanks. I’d like to have some coffee
After having 2 cups of coffee I settled in the sofa, she sat beside
- Don’t you mind if I have a short nap?
- No, it’s OK!
- You know, tell me everything about yourself, for example, how was your first time, how you like to jack off.
I started recounting my adventures, at the same time feeling Jessica’s cunt get wet with prospective delight.
- Shall I give you a massage?
- Don’t
I listed myself as a good and versed masseur and considered that the way to woman’s heart was through the skilful manipulation of male, for men’s hands were destined not only for the masturbation.
- I agree, – she said, undid her top and clung to my chest. I got down to the sacrament.
The most difficult thing was to give her such massage that made her long for me after that. I placed myself onto her fanny and began massaging her shoulders and back gently. In a few minutes the inevitable occurred and my secret wish came true: my honey turned on her back and big sexy boobs came in my sight. I stuck to her tits, she moaned.
- Yeah, that’s it, now fiddle my down there
And spread her legs wide. Just as I thought, her cunt was already ready for the continuing; her tiny vulvar petals turned red so that her love juice poured along her buttocks, wetting her anus smoothly. I took my time and didn’t hurry. Now it was time to direct my play. I used my hands to squeeze her ass both gently and violently, while my tongue fondled her nipples.
- Do it with your fingers. I beg you to screw me.
Her clit was standing sentinel over her pubis, as a guardian ready to fight. However I didn’t even touch it. The only thing that I did was releasing my cock out of tight-fitting jeans, and she gripped it so that it was the mainstay of whole world.
I wanted her, I was longing for the anal sex, which used to be my lingering dream. She had once been fucked in ass by her ex, it was long time ago.
- I let you suck me off, and then, if I liked it, I might massage your ass
As for the blowjob she was perfect. You might never believe to regard 22 year old sweet chick, kneeling between male’s legs and blowing him as a very sexy and lusty scene, however you never saw her! Could you imagine fair head, moving rhythmically towards my groin, hand fondling my balls and anus, and resounding some squelching noise. I felt a near cum, so I grasped her head and began fucking her mouth. It was unforgettable.
- Oh, honey, suck me, it’s so healthy!
Jessica’s eyes shone with joy, her face got distorted with lust for the flesh. Now she knew how to get everything she’d been waiting for. I put her in a doggy style and placed my hands over her back. Then I slowly put my forefinger into her anus, she started:
- Don’t do it…
- Relax!
- Will it hurt?
- No, but it would if you are strained, so relax and take it easy. By the way I’m not so stupid to tear my lovely’s ass!
She obeyed and things got better. My finger penetrated her easily, so she could now enjoy it thoroughly. I felt a very hard cock-stand. It was time to put condom. When I put it inside her ass it entered up to the balls.
- Relax when I get in and squeeze it when I’m out, o?
- Got you!
It was good to have sex not of necessity, but as if it occurred for the last time, though last but not least!
- I see you enjoy the practice, babe! – I exclaimed: – You got to be a person of considerable talent! You actually reached so mighty orgasm that hardly broke my cock…
In thanks for my exploring her new horizons Jessica told me: “Bye and you might not come at all”. It was not sound to argue or prove the contrary. This was the beginning of growing anger. But why? I couldn’t understand! Didn’t she understand that my hands were the means of leading her to what she never felt before?

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2 Responses to “A massage”

  1. Baur Says:

    learn how to do a massage, guys, this is gonna be Service Manual about how to do with lusty chicks…

  2. kris Says:

    This is not a just masage but this is very very realy massage guys…..

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