A fool game!

August 31st, 2007

This lucky guy is spending his vacation with his girlfriend and her female friend at the beach, he definitely wants to fuck two of them and once the opportunity comes….

- Hi, where are you going? Valentino asked Debbie and Amanda passing by the quay

- Hi, we are for the swim…. On the beach, join us!

- Come on! He said

It had been about 3 weeks since Debbie and Amanda arrived at the beach this year, they both had managed to stuck up new friends here, Valentino was regarded as Debbie’s friend. They often walked together, kissing and going to the beach at nights to swim naked. And more often, he touched her body while swimming as if quite unexpectedly. Sometimes he caressed her gently by the waist, sometimes his hand moved down and groped her beaver down there. To Debbie’s regret it didn’t go any further. The point was in some kind of shyness of Valentino, as for Debbie herself: she couldn’t dare sound her desires directly. Now it was a very pat moment to develop their relations and deepen their intimacy, for the girls were on the way not to the public beach, but to some private place, quiet and desolate. The Laguna was surrounded by the scenic hills and they decided to have rest in this beauty spot.

Valentine took his girlfriend’s purse and, putting his hand round her waist they move on.

- Stop! The beach is supposed to be that way! He said pointing at where the public beach was

- Not this, we are going to the wild beach, Debbie replied watching her boyfriend with the corner of the eye

- I don’t mind, let’s go…. Said Valentino

It took them some 10 minutes to get there; soon they came to that Laguna. Luckily there was nobody to foil Debbie’s plans. Girls removed their cloth and remained in bikinis; however they were not gonna take them off at once. So did Valentino, his trunks covered his strong butt and his “arms”, what made Debbie’s eyes shine and twinkle. She was fortunate to have seen what was hidden down there, under these trunks.

Giving resounding laughter both babes rushed into the water, Valentino followed them. Girls were splashing in the water not swimming far away, and remained on the shallow water, floating flaccidly and enjoying the warm waves. Valentino approached Debbie from behind and set to fondling her legs, moving his hands upper. Debbie remained calm and enjoyed these tender touches. Seeing this Amanda came swimming closer to them and Valentino’s hand touched her 2 or times also. They both pretended as if nothing was going on, it made Valentino become bolder and even shoved his palm under their lingerie caressing their nice butts.

Finally Debbie rose and made her step to the shore, so did Amanda, and then followed Valentino, confused and slightly disappointed. Girls lay on the towels placing their sexy bodies under the warm lights of the sun. Valentino settled beside on the sand examining their bodies. They both were lying on the back, so he could compare everything. Debbie’s tits, not big had now become quite flat and only her erect nipples protruded through the wet bra. Nice flat belly with lengthwise hollow ended somewhere on the pubis. Nice butt with slim hips matched fine one another as long as her long legs. As for Amanda, her tits remained busty rising above the whole breast. A slightly bulging belly with an oblong hallow run smoothly to the retreating pubis. Wide hips smoothly passed to fit legs. Debbie attracted with her innocent youth, while Amanda did it with irresistible woman’s potential. In the long run he made a decision to remain loyal to Debbie, but not to miss a chance with Amanda if an opportunity comes.

5 minutes passed, and then Debbie stretched herself and sat down. Shook the sand from her belly and looked at Valentino:

- How about playing some cards?

- Nice idea, Valentino? Exclaimed Amanda opening her eyes.

- I’d love to! What shall we play?

- A fool! Don’t wanna think up…

Amanda rose and settles on the vein. Debbie took out a pack and shuffled the cards sluggishly

- What are we playing for? asked Valentino

- Undressing…. Debbie blurted out

Amanda gave her reproachful look, but remained silent. Valentine noted:

- You have more cloth, ladies…

- Consider it given odds Debbie laughed

- All right, let’s go!

The game began. The fortune favored Amanda first, and it seemed she would have taken a win, but at the very last moment Valentino managed to leave her with an ace. Now it was time to reckon for the deal, and Amanda undid her bra. Valentine had never seen her tits before, so he watched her every move attentively. Amanda removed the bra and put it aside, her nipples were erect and protruded out with excitement. She smiled to confuse Valentino and lent down so that her boobs hanged out like 2 huge spheres… Valentino kept watching her closely

Finally Debbie shuffled the cards again and they went on. From the very beginning Debbie felt Valentino making everything to leave her lose. He played very well, and soon Debbie realized that they have unluckily overestimated their abilities. The foreboding, didn’t miss her, she lost at cards with a full pack. It’s her turn to turn red and undo some piece of her cloth. Though both Amanda and Valentino have already seen her boobs earlier, anyway she felt shy with what she was supposed to do. There was no way to escape, so she put her hands back to unzip the bra, and when it came to remove she felt a shiver running down her back and her nipples erected with excitement. Casting her eyes down modestly, evading meeting Valentino’s eyes, she quickly removed it aside, and then began shuffling the cards once again. Valentine devoured both girls’ tits with delight and lusty desire. The game went on.

After the next round, Amanda had to remove her bikini, Debbie had a presentiment that the same situation would happen to her too. Having lost at cards once again, she rose, tuned with her back to Valentino, bent down and slowly took her panties off. Seeing this boyfriend jumped up and rushed to the water. When he came back to the girls he was smiling openly and his eyes were twinkling.

- So, girls, what shall we play for now?

Debbie looked at Amanda with the corner of her eyes, Amanda shrugged he shoulders. Debbie gathered the cards and shuffled them again. This once, the fortuned favored Valentino again, though he was hard-on, but it couldn’t make him play worse. Amanda lost again. She looked at guys:

- So, what shall I do now?

- Stroke her! Valentino Said suddenly straining his eyes and pointed at Debbie.

Amanda stretched out her hand to stroke Debbie

- No, no, no, it wouldn’t work! Exclaimed Valentino

- What do you want me to do? Amanda looked with an air of innocence

However she put her palm onto Debbie’s tits guiltily and then set to stroking her boobs. Though she had done it before, but now Valentino’s presence seized both chicks. First Debbie tried to pretend indifferent, but soon her nipples got hard and her enjoyment rose with every touch of Amanda. Debbie fell back a bit and leant against the sand. Evading meeting Valentino’s look she closed her eyes, at this time, while Amanda’s left hand went on stroking her tits another one moved down there and started fondling her pussy. Debbie sensed her cunt licking, she couldn’t do anything on it, moreover, she bit lips to keep form moaning when Amanda’s finger opened her pussy lips and slid inside.

- Enough? Asked Amanda looking at Debbie’s boyfriend

- Yeahh, it’s OK! Said Valentino: wait a bit, I’ll be in a minute and he rushed into the water again. Debbie rose and made her way towards the water, her girlfriend followed her and they lay down on the shore’s sandbank where warm waves of the sea poured over their bodies

- So, what shall we do if he wins again? Asked Amanda

- He will not! Said Debbie confidently

- Why do you think so?

- You will see! Debbie looked naughty

Soon they got back to Valentino who was sitting on the beach, his cock was not as erect as some minutes ago.

- So what? Let’s go on? he asked

- Let’s go! Said Debbie and sat before him cross-legged

That was something unusual! Valentine was ready to get everything, but not this, Debbie had always shaved her pussy in bikini design, her beaver resembled black petite triangle. Between her wide open legs with still running drops of water there opened a rosy hole of her pussy. Valentino got a cock-stand in a second. He was trying not to look her pussy, but his eyes kept watching her sweet back again and again. He became absent-minded.

- Well now, she said and showed him 2 aces, what do you think now?

Valentino had no way than moving up and undoing his trunks. His cock was great, some huge brown stem with veins, though he tried to cover it with hands there was no need. Debbie bent forward to her girlfriend and whispered:

- I want him…

- Yeahh, me too, I wouldn’t mind… agreed Amanda

- Hey, what are you muttering there about? Asked Valentino gloomy

- Thinking of the desire! Was reply. Girl laughed

Valentine noticed Debbie’s eyes glued on his dick, he remained sitting cross-legged and now he was able to see distinctively that her pussy was licking affluently. He thought: “if I win now, I will claim to touch it”. But his hopes were not realized and Valentino came to be down on his luck and Debbie won this round. “I wonder what will happen?” this thought flitted across his mind

Debbie rose and went to the big stone at the shore, and then she lay onto it with her belly, spread her legs wide and poked out her ass. With that Valentino was taken aback, he saw black curls of pussy hair and reddish licking hole, as if inviting him to come in. he looked at Amanda

- Come to her, she said calmly

Valentino approached her in a panicky walk, he was very excited and his cock was at the angel of 45 degree. Foretasting the events she put her hand down there and set to rubbing her clit, Valentino caressed her asshole what made Debbie start and look at him languishingly. He began stroking her harder and bolder, she moaned, willing to encourage him, she moved backwards and her asshole touched his cock. On its end there left a drop of her love juice, he pushed his cock to her pussy and it glistened at once. He lubricated his cock head with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside, her lips opened letting it slide in there. A feeling of first penetration burned Valentino. His cock deepened into hot cave of Debbie, he felt her pussy squeezed it several times and a deep groan escaped his lips.

His cock gradually penetrated deeper and deeper; finally she sensed it stuck against her womb. He held still for some seconds, and then he moved backwards slowly. He gripped her ass tightly so that impaling her on his shaft. Meanwhile, Amanda was lying on the beach fondling her pussy. She had already managed to come and now she was lying relaxed. She wanted to be on Debbie’s position, but she still couldn’t dare do it.

Meantime, Valentino, as his excitement rose. Began ramming her hard, thrusting his cock with violence. Debbie cried out and moaned with his every thrust. His long cock hurt her pussy as it kept striking against her womb and it pained her severely. Finally she stopped:

- Wait! She exclaimed and recoiled: stop!

- What’s happened? You do not enjoy?

- It hurts…

Valentine looked at Debbie in embarrassment. They both didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly she smiled and looked at her boyfriend with the corner of her eye:

- Try another one?

- What do you mean?

- My ass…. And she lay back on the stone

Valentino was silent for a while, after that he bent down on his knees, slobbered up his finger with saliva and set to sliding it inside her asshole. It relaxed smoothly and opened slightly, inviting him in there. Thanks to Amanda, Debbie had already had such an experiment of backdoors pleasure, so she could make her asshole relax fully if needed. As for Valentino, he didn’t dare fuck her as at once, first, he took some cream out of Debbie’s purse, and lubricated his dick thoroughly, then he rubbed some of it onto her asshole, it seemed to make his girlfriend be in the seventh heaven. She literally licked and her asshole whether squeezed pressing out the cream or opened allowing his finger get in. Valentino realized what a big deal his cock was supposed to do in Debbie’s anus so he didn’t rush. He started first with one finger, widening gradually the hole, then 2 of his fingers came inside, and soon after that he managed to slide 3 fingers in her backdoors. In the long run he rose and pressed his cock to her anus, she started and bit her lip, he pushed harder, and luckily it slowly penetrated inside. Gripping her ass, he pushed it deeper and deeper, until his belly pressed to her buttocks. Debbie moaned, from behind they heard Amanda’s constrained groan. She came…

Valentino began moving slowly, listening to Debbie’s sighs and moans. Despite it had been a long time since her ass was broken, it was the first time when she had such a big dick in her asshole. He grasped her buttocks tight, putting it in and pulling it out of her ass that was stretched out wide. Amanda stopped fondling herself and came up closer, the sight of Debbie, lying on the stone and having his cock inside excited her a lot. Meantime, Debbie had already got used to taking his penis and was flicking her clit with fingers. Her boyfriend increased the speed and when she came twice, Amanda lay on the stone next to Debbie and uttered:

- I can’t stand it any longer….

She opened her asshole with hands wide. The hollow from the pussy to the anus was glistening with her love juice. Valentino stopped, now he had a double offer of 2 asses, “woman’s” belonging to Amanda and “girl’s” of Debbie. And he didn’t take long to appear and without further ado he pushed his cock in Amanda’s pussy. She screamed with delight and arched her back, her pussy turned to be deeper than Debbie’s cunt; his shaft easily disappeared in there. Enjoying the feeling of first penetration, he set to moving rhythmically back and forth, harkening to her moans. He though Amanda might have not been a virgin in her backdoors as her girlfriend. Thus, he put his finger in her ass and pushed in. her asshole relaxed at once, letting him come in, through the thin wall he groped his cock running inside her cunt. Paying much attention to Debbie as well he slid 2 fingers in her anus and vagina, flicking inside, and in this intertwinement of bodies both girl managed to kiss and cares one another. They were so relaxed that Valentino decided to try another backdoors, as Amanda was lying calm and satisfied.

He moved 2 buttocks aside and saw half open asshole with the brown skin border; it seemed she got used to having anal sex; he put his shaft to the hole, gripped her ass and pushed inside. Contrary to his expectations his cock slid inside smoothly and easy, Amanda moaned: her hole was much wider than that of Debbie. Valentine rammed her with violence, moving his dick with hard thrusts, he was not afraid of hurting he hole as it was spacious. Amanda went on rubbing her clit and caused her squeeze anus muscles, what, in its turn, made Valentino get the top of the world, and when she finally came her anus full relaxed and opened.

Now it was Debbie’s turn to welcome his dick. She lay back on the stone, settled comfortable letting her boyfriend fuck any hole of hers. Without thinking much he placed his cock in her pussy, doing it slowly and very carefully because he had already hurt Debbie before. But may be he had widened the hole earlier or may be cause of the growing excitement, she didn’t feel pain, but lay and moaned. Valentino’s forefinger penetrated in her asshole and in a few minutes Debbie was trashing with the next climax of hers. Having waited for a while he put his shaft in another hole of hers.

Valentino lost count of time. He had no idea how long that mad orgy was lasting. His dick had been in all the four holes. He was overtaken by some wild energy. He was willing to keep on having sex endlessly but there is an end to everything. He felt that he was no more able to control his excitement, the wave of orgasm was rising somewhere down his belly, he immediately pushed his dick into Debbie’s tight asshole and started impaling it on his dick, soon his body got strained, he was no longer seeing anything and his dick was erupting with thick liquid. Debbie felt the hot sperm filling her and started rubbing her clit, in a minute she came too.

Valentino put her carefully down and fell on the sand beside. Debbie remained staying with legs set wide aside, and there dropped his cum out of her open ass. Amanda approached him, kissed his cock’s end and said:

- Yeahh, I have not had such a good bang for long… thanks!

The she moved towards the water on all the fours, valentine rose and approached Debbie who was still lying on the stone. He lifted her with his arms and took her to the sea. Lying in the warm water they all got absorbed in own thoughts. Valentine lay down on his back, Debbie put her head on his shoulder and he watched waves wash her round ass.

The sun had already gone behind the rocks; it was time to get back, so Valentino saw both girls off when Amanda said:

- It would be wise to win back, huh? What about the day after tomorrow?
- Well, here, Valentino stroked his chest: and there, he waved somewhere far aside.

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