True Indian story

October 30th, 2008

This guy is really eager to fuck his aunty, although she is married to his uncle, there is no way to stop him…

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Hi friends, I am from India, the country field with traditions. But unaware whether they are true or not.. At the age of 19tn when I was doing my first year, I always loved to visit my uncles place in India we are loved by our uncles. Actually my uncle was married late, he had a love affair, but the family forced him to marry with some other girl. My aunty was great today she is old ( Uncle is civil engineer and aunty is a teacher). So after there marriage when I visited there place. I recognized that my uncle was still keeping some hidden relation ship with his first love, my aunty was unaware of it. I really felt very bad about it, but could not help it . I had to keep mum. When ever I used to visit there place I used to stay there for 2 months as in India the college vacations are for 2months, I always help her in her every work. Because I respected her a lot.

One after noon when she was back from her school, she called me and asked me for the keys of the house, by mistake I had forgotten to hand over the keys to neighbor’s.. I came back and handed over the keys to her. When I was going back for the movie she said to me “let’s have the lunch”, I said I can’t because I have to go for a movie, but she said no you can’t go your uncle is out of station and you stay with me. With great disappointment, I agreed to it. She said that she will change and come, till that time my job was to make food hot and serve it. But when I saw in the fridge, and smelled the food it was rotten. So I went up to her bedroom to ask her, whether shall I get the food from outside, the bedroom door was locked from inside. I thought she must be in tears due to uncles behavior. So I just peeped through a small peephole that was due to carpenters mistake in the house. When I saw, my body was ice cooled, I said Lord Ganesha forgive me, what have I seen. But then my Mind forced me to see that, I forget everything and started seeing that, first she removed her Saari, she was sweating, she wiped her body. After that she removed her Blous, her bra was holding her medium size Breast very well, she wiped it then she removed her Parkar, her legs where very nice tight and attractive she wiped even those parts. She was wearing a red knicker. I cant tell you when my hand entered, my jeans and I played with my pennies and they just burst into white fluid.

I came down and was setting mum. She came and started asking me about the food. I said everything is rotten. She asked me to get the food from Hotel. I left her, but all the way I was thinking about her. I was restless, we both had lunch. After that several time I tried to attract her to me but that was not possible. Once when she was cleaning house and I was taking bath she shouted for help. I just rapped the towel and came running. She was on a wooden stool, and about to fall, she said me to catch her tight. That was the first time when, I caught her tight and she slipped, from up side. As she was going down her night goun was going up and my towel down. Till the time I was naked, I recognized that her fair medium fat ass and my erected pennies both where in touch with each other.
But when I left her safely she slapped me for my mistake, I was very much frightened for if she tells all the family members they will kill me for the sin. But she warned me, to behave properly. I said ok and them left. That night I was unable to sleep, though I was fearing, but still I was happy that her ass covered with blue niker touched my pennies. The other day I made a plan, I consulted one of my friends Dad who is doctor, and asked him how can we keep a person unconscious, even if we slap him, and he gave me only three pills.

I mixed those I in my aunties food. We both had our food and moved for our sleep. Midnight when I entered her room she was in deep sleep. Still I was fearing, but I dared I went near her just to check slowly I called her, but she did not waked up. Then I sat beside her and turned her upside down slowly picked up her night gaon. What a beauty she was is blue niker , in the zero light her fair ass was looking very attractive. I took down her niker and started licking her ass, after some time I felt that as she is going to wake up, Doctor had given me one more liquid, I juts pored it on my shirt and covered her nose for one minute. Now she was in more deep sleep. Now I turned her round, and started rubbing her pussy it was pinkish but covered with hairs, I moved the hairs in both opposite directions, and when I was rubbing it. I felt like licking it, and I started licking it the taste was salty, but still I liked it. Now I was attracted to her breast, so I opened the buttons of her gaon and took one of the breast outside removed the bra and started sucking it, it was very nice and juicy just as a fresh mango, after some time I got naked, and kept my cock in her mouth, I felt as if I am I heaven. After that my cock in her breast and played with that. After some time I opened her pussy and fucked her for 15 minutes. In many different ways but I loved it really friends sex is great ………….

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