The Game

August 9th, 2007

The game where all the wildest and most perverted fantasies can come true, the rules of the game say that whatever the wish is it has to be performed! Would you play it?

I woke up because Mona was sucking my dick (as it repeated for the whole week). In the morning, and after exhausting night I didn’t want anything, so I came fast and went to the shower. After I left it, I saw that the guests had already left, probably being embarrassed.

In the plane we were sitting near each other, and all the way she was whispering about plans she had for me, and how cool we would spend the time at home. I was a somewhat afraid. I doubted I would be able to hide our relationships. Suddenly she pronounced the word “Game”. She said, “I found a game for us. You’ll like it.”

In the plane I also found out for the first time what sex is was in a small toilet. Mona couldn’t calm down, so when the most passengers fell asleep, we went to the rest room and she got a piece of my dick. For those, who are interested, I can say that there is nothing interesting in it, beside the situation. It’s kind of uncomfortable and crazy, and the doors are too thin.

At home, the next day after our return, she came to our house. Watching her chatting with my wife I was embarrassed. I thought my wife knew, that that cute mouth was used by me all the last week, and that at our last day I even “opened” her other intimate holes. But everything went fine. Mona caught me in the kitchen and asked if I was ready for the GAME? I said “yes”, so she asked me not to hurry home the next day.

All day long I was wondering about it, I could hardly wait for the evening. Mona came around 6 p.m. She rushed inside the office in her sexy dress and asked: “Are you ready? Let’s go some place, and I’ll tell you everything.” In a café she told me about the game. She thought of it long time ago, but she couldn’t find anyone suitable for the game. The point was to help each other make the craziest fantasies come true. She said that she had lots of fantasies and dreams, which she was afraid or unable to realize. Sometimes they are easy, sometimes hard. But most often there are no people around who would understand you correctly and help you organize something. It would be good to avoid problems, too. The important thing was that often people’s desires differ much. One wants one thing, another wants something different. It’s hard to accomplish it. But in the Game everything is possible. According to the rules participants think of the wish by turns, the other ones make it come true for him, than they change places, are those, who were helping to accomplish your wish think of their own fantasies, and so on.

The important moment was that no one could refuse to help the one who thought of a fantasy to make it come true, no matter what he desired. Otherwise the game would stop, and that person would never play it again.

I didn’t get it right away, but soon I realized that she had offered me to check who is more perverted and who would refuse to accomplish unordinary idea. Of course I refused. I don’t like homosexuals and I’m not going to accomplish such fantasies. But Mona found the way out. She offered to restrain the fantasies before the game begins. I refused to accomplish gay sex, scat, necrophilia, and zoophilia. The rest was possible. Mona said she was ready for anything. She wanted to be totally free woman, and she was ready to walk this way with me.

I was a bit shocked. I thought she was a quiet and modest girl. Did our business trip change her? Or it was always inside her? She wanted to become perverted, and chose me to help her. We agreed on everything and discussed other principles of the game. There where few of them. The most important was that ideas and situations had to be unordinary. The fantasy “I want to fuck your ass” wouldn’t work, you had to try to offer something not standard. Something, that wasn’t done before. The thing wasn’t about the action, it was about general situation. Anyway, in the beginning I didn’t understand how that game differed from the regular relationships. I got it later, when we began playing, and when the examples of interesting situations appeared. We got carried away with this game; the ordinary sex wasn’t interesting for us anymore. Later several friends joined us, than more and more. Less than in a year the game became international. We had been playing with Mona for two years. During these years she turned from a young shy girl to amazing woman. She was scaring me with her fantasies and ideas. She became bright and confident Woman. She had lots of admirers, who enjoyed making her fantasies come true. She wasn’t a whore in her regular life. She was a good student, played in the theatre, went for sports and so on. She always got attention at the parties. She was proud, stylish, and strong. She became a “Queen of the Prom”. Her games are still in my mind. She doesn’t play anymore, because she married a millionaire (yeah, it doesn’t happen only in movies), she lives in Europe and has a wonderful son. But who knows what will happen later…

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