Sex with granny

January 30th, 2008

A real macho, a man, who can hook up with any woman goes on vacation and falls in love with a lady who turns out to be much older than he is…..

My good friend Justin told me this story once while drinking beer in his house.

Justin is a real hunk, girls of all ages love him. He’s always been really drawn to quick sex and one-night stands as far as I know. Once he earned a good deal of money. He was about to start spending (but mostly wasting) it when he met my friend Jennifer. She was a really ugly girl so it was most likely for her to get a man only if he were totally wasted. But Justin was a gentleman! He fucked Jennifer and she invited him to some resort to join her. He wasn’t busy those days and had a lot of money on, so he agreed to go. And though Jennifer was plain she was a great fucker, it was another reason to go.

They were to leave next day but it turned out Jennifer had a sudden and very important business trip to go on so she asked Justin if it was OK if he went all alone. He agreed. He woke up in the evening in a hotel room longing for sex and beer. He went down stairs to the bar (only God knows why Justin is so drawn to waitresses, but he’s really addicted to them). He was sitting at bar looking for a nice waitress to hook up with. All of a sudden he thought it was really difficult to find a suitable girl in the semidarkness of the room, besides, it was really smoky there. Who cares, he thought then, it was only for a night.

He turned round on the stool and saw a nice woman of unknown age sitting on the other side of the counter. He moved up to her and started a conversation. He’s a very eloquent son of a bitch, I must say. It’s really rare that girls refuse to get laid with him, so he wasn’t expecting to fail that time either. But the woman wasn’t really happy to see Justin. He fucked up. He drank some bottles of beer and got back to the room to get busy with his own looks. He told the maid to iron his cream suit and his light violet shirt that I really fell in love with the first time I saw it, he never told me where he bought it (asshole!). Justin wasn’t a big fan of ties, especially if he was going to seduce a girl. He found clean socks in his bag and went to take a bath.

How could such a hot man like Justin take a bath without jerking off? He did. You bet! He really wanted beer while shaving. He returned back in the bar in less than an hour. The girl he was thinking jacking off in bath several minutes ago was sitting where he left her. She was drinking some cocktail. He tried to seduce her again and this time he reached the goal. Not a girl could stand up against such a gorgeous man smelling nice, looking great in his cream suit and his wonderful shirt, yeah, don’t forget about his adorable smile! The smile was really adorable. Don’t think that only girls can have such smiles.

The woman’s name was Ariel. He became hard the moment he heard the word as his first girlfriend’s name was also Ariel. That Ariel was the girl who taught him almost everything he knew about sex. You know being a girl myself, I must admit the fact that guys love names. They usually have just Katherines, or Helens, or whatever name you choose as their girlfriends, it’s a strange thing to notice, but it’s true. As for Ariel, I guess it’s a rather unusual name, I mean there’re not so many people who have it. So Justin was extremely happy to find another Ariel to enter his life (even for a night).

He was sitting by the girl’s side, thinking how old she was. He was looking her up and down sideways, trying to touch her hands, looking in her cleavage, racking his brains about her age. He couldn’t ask her about the age, but he was really-really curious. But Justin wouldn’t be such a successful son of a bitch if he couldn’t focus on the main point. And the main point was sex.

Oh, Ariel! Justin loved petite gals with big tits and hated blondes. He was really happy to realize the fact he was sitting next to a cute brunette with big green eyes with long lashes and an adorable smile. She was smiling, and it meant she was gonna let him fuck her.

Thanks to his talent for elocution he could talk for hours and hours, it was really nice to listen to him. He knew thousands of funny stories, he knew how to flatter and not offend a girl. He was especially good at flattering.

So, Ariel was drinking martini, smiling non-stop, giggling now and then. Her laughter was so exquisite… Not every girl can laugh so beautifully. Justin was busy telling her funny stories of his life. It was midnight. Justin was waiting for the time to dance with the girl. Not so fast, bro! He asked the gal if she would dance with him. He was holding her close during the dance. His dick was hard and erect, the girl noticed it and smiled again. It was a special smile. They danced to the exit and he started kissing her vehemently.

- “Your room or my room?”

- “Yours”.

As soon as the door slapped behind them Ariel pushed Justin to fall on the bed and mounted him. Justin definitely didn’t expect anything like that to happen, he wanted to lead the game but failed, so he relaxed and enjoyed the fuck. Ariel became not so spunky after first orgasms and Justin tried to take advantage of the situation and take up the initiative, but not for long… It was pretty difficult to say who was ramming who, but he certainly liked it. He liked this moment most of all: Ariel was mounting him, keeping the original tempo, she pulled off her bra and let him see the best tits in the world. Judging by the tits she was about 30.
They were doing each other all night long. Justin was exhausted but his cock was still hard. She was so insatiable, so probably she was over 30, some 35, he thought again. Finally she was satisfied. She stopped crying and moaning. She put her head on the pillow and yawned. Justin was drained to cum again, so he took his cock out of her pussy, hugged her and fell sleep.

He woke up in the afternoon and found out Ariel was gone. He decided he just had to marry her. She was the first woman who could satisfy his insatiable desire for sex. Maybe I won’t even cheat on her, Justin thought. He would introduce Ariel to his best friend though his best friend was a girl (me), maybe they could become friends, he thought dreamingly.

So, back to the story. Justin, clean-shaven and dressed up, was looking for Ariel. Passing by a massage room he heard the familiar laughter and peeped in the room.

- “… go on and laugh. Mrs. Ariel Simon’s 58, her husband is 15 years older, and they’re happy!”

Justin was shocked to hear that. He went to the bar and got full loaded.

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3 Responses to “Sex with granny”

  1. Aaron Wakling Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. cougar 307 Says:

    don,t let the hunter get capture by the game

  3. puppydawg Says:

    i wish i could have a babe like justin’s hottie !!
    I would never leave the bedroom.

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