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June 5th, 2008

A mature lady loves to feel teen cocks in her pussy and in her mouth, she’ll do everything to get as many of them, as she can…

Maybe I’m a pervert, I don’t know. I’m 44, I’m happily married. I like teen boys, some 18-19 years of age. It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with my sex life, I have a lot of sex with my husband. It’s just some attraction I can’t resist.

It started last summer. Sometimes I like to go to work on foot. I have to go through the park, which is usually empty and silent in the morning. There’re almost no people there safe for joggers. I always feel so peaceful and happy when walking there in the morning. My colleagues told me they saw teens in the park. According to my friends, those boys liked to watch women and jerk off. I didn’t believe those stories, really. I thought it was insane to do such things.

One morning I was walking through the park and suddenly saw a guy in the bush. He was standing with his back at me, and I didn’t really see what he was doing. I remembered those stories at once. The guy didn’t seem to see me. I don’t know what came over me but I approached him from behind. I came up really close and wondered how come he still didn’t see me.

He was masturbating. The picture was so arousing I could hardly control myself. The guy finally noticed me. It was a teen of about 18-19. He was looking perplexed, ashamed, embarrassed, holding his teen dick in his hand. He was so close to me, just several feet away.

I tried to sound as nice as I could saying he shouldn’t be afraid, that all guys masturbated, and that I could help him and talk to him if he wanted. He zipped up his fly, his hands were shaking. He ran away.

I was thinking about the boy all day long. I was so hot all the time. Next day I went through the same park again. This time I didn’t mean to breathe some fresh air I just wanted to see the guy again. But he wasn’t there. It was Friday. I saw him on Monday next time. I looked back and saw him several feet away from me. I stopped dead, he did the same. I just waved my hand to him. He came up slowly. He was blushing.

“Hi,” I said, he nodded. “I have some time. Let’s take a walk?” I suggested, and he nodded again. “What’s your name?”


“I’m Gwen.” I felt like getting hot. His young body was so close. I just couldn’t fight with my desires any more. “You know many guys are interested in sex and everything about sex. Many adults are really curious too…” We were moving farther and farther in the woods. “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” He murmured.

I paused.

“Let me show you something you wanna see but you gotta do something for me too.” I said.

Ben looked surprised. He was aroused, I saw his bulging pants. I didn’t let him answer. I raised my blouse. I wasn’t wearing a bra. He was all eyes staring at me.

“You can touch them, kiss them if you want.” I told him in a whisper.

He was motionless for several seconds; then he stretched his hand and touched my boob. I made a step forwards and he grasped my other boob too. I was fondling his penis. I shivered feeling his young and hard prick in my hand. I was overwhelmed by a sudden surge of arousal; it became hot and wet in my panties.

Ben started kissing my tits carefully and awkwardly. I unzipped his pants and took his dick out of them. I squatted down suddenly and sucked on it. It was such bliss to suck off a young virgin dick. Ben ejaculated almost at once, there was a lot of cum. His virgin sperm was really tasty. But I had to go to work in order not to get fined for being late. I told Ben I would come earlier next day, and he said he would be waiting for me.

Anyway, I got to work some minutes late, which was something untypical of me. Girls joked something about me meeting a masturbating guy in the park. I was kind of embarrassed to hear that, though tried my best to remain calm.

Ben was waiting for me on the bench next morning. He was less strained than the day before. We went deep in the park and when we were sure nobody could see us we started kissing and hugging each other. I was extremely aroused and excited. It felt so good to be his first woman. I got my hand under his pants to caress his dick, and his hands were in my panties to play with my clit. Ben said he was cumming so I just drank all of his cum again. He kissed me and his dick got hard again (something I don’t see with experienced lovers).

“You know I really want you to feel good so I’m gonna take off my panties and you can masturbate staring at my pussy, ok?” I told my new lover.

I raised my skirt. Ben started jerking off as soon as he saw my bosom. He changed the tempo now and then. He had a very beautiful dick, it wasn’t very big but it was really beautiful. I enjoyed watching him masturbate. I asked him not to cum in my mouth but on the ground. It was fantastic! I was enchanted by the view of his cum spurt on green grass. Soon I had to go to work again.

Ben told me he visited his dad in the city before going to college. He said he would leave in a couple of days. I couldn’t miss my chance to have sex with him. So we arranged a meeting next day. I told my boss I had some family problems I had to settle and thus wouldn’t be able to come to work next day.

I met Ben in the park next morning. My husband was out working. I decided to invite Ben over to my place. He arrived thirty minutes after me. The first thing I did when coming home was taking a shower. Ben knocked on the door. He started kissing me the sec I closed the door behind him. I led him to the bedroom, helped him dress off and then I lay on my back with legs spread wide to sides.

I’d never felt better before. The first time was pretty quick but anyway I managed to cum twice – the fist time when he just entered my slit and the second time when I felt him erupt deep in my womb. I can’t describe our five hour sex marathon, I’ll just say he managed to fuck me five times in the row, and I sucked him off once.

I’ve never seen him again but I often think about him. That’s how I started paying much attention to teen guys. They really turn me on! I feel ashamed when flirting with teens but there’s nothing I can do about it. Now I’m very drawn to my acquaintance’s son. He’s just turned 18. I see the way he looks at me. I think I’ll seduce him some time soon. I enjoy flirting with him, I’m really excited I can turn him on by kind-of-incidentally raising my skirt rim or exposing my cleavage. I like the way he reacts to my body. I think we’ll have a lot of fun together.

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  1. me7 Says:

    i loved ur story im 19 i love older women like u if ur interest here is my email: [email protected]

  2. ray Says:

    owh baby.. i really love ur story.. ive always imagine of mature woman like baby.. if u dont mind.. we can chat about ur lust bab.. here my [email protected]

  3. joe Says:

    in which place r u

  4. oh yess Says:

    great story. sounds hella fun!

  5. Patrick 1 Says:

    Your story is good. If you are in Lilongwe contact

  6. thebest Says:

    hit me up

    [email protected]

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