August 1st, 2007

Oh, so do you enjoy my wife? Well, you can use her anyway you want… for a couple hundreds of dollars!

We were smoking on the platform. This guy said:

- What a dish your wife!
- Yeah. – I said: my wife was very beautiful woman
- What’s she?
- She’s a prostitute!

The guy got stupefied:

- What?!
- She’s a prostitute, – repeated I in a level voice
- Fuck! How long?
- Well, it’s been 4 or 6 years…
- You mean, that other men… do you get me?
- Yeah, man! I’ been working with her for all this time. First I was on security service, next I was a cashier and then – administrator
- Damn! She is a … harlot?!!!
- Well, yes. So what?
- I scarcely know what to say… so, if paid you, would I … fuck…
- Sure, man!
- Jesus Christ! You’re gotta be kidding?!
- No!
- And how much will it cost?
- 300$ per hour, 1000 per night
- Holy shit! If I paid you right now, could I fuck her?
- Of course, right in front of me, as you wish…
- In front of you? – His jaw dropped
- I could go out if you felt shy… Only one thing is required – you have to use condoms
- Listen, she’s a babe! She’s cool, I swear! I took to her from the start, slim-shaped, nice fanny… by the way, is she a good shag?
- No complaints received!
- Listen, I would probably pay you… here, take this – for one hour, – he counted off 300 greenbacks
- OK, this is yours. – I thrusted my hand into my pocket and gave him one condom
- Gee whiz! – he still couldn’t come around

We entered the compartment. I gave a wink at my wife:

- Honey, I got a job for you…
- Deal? – she asked me smiling sphinxily
- Yah, here’s money!
- Hour?
- That’s right! – I turned to my new acquaintance: – One hour, man! Shall I stay or…
- I don’t care… as you like… – he shrugged his shoulders
- Well, I should stay a bit longer. Come on, close the doors!

He closed the doors. My wife asked him:

- Well, from what should we start?
- Let’s do it in … a doggy style…
- OK, – she smiled charmingly, then rose and undid her dress and panties
- Don’t take your bra off! – he said
- Why? – she burst out laughing
- I like fucking when they have bras on… – he replied hoarsely, approached her and kissed her neck

My wife cuddled up to him frivolously, stroke his knob on the fly… unzipped his trousers, shoved her palm under it and took his big cock. Then she turned around, bent down a bit, arched her back and spread legs widely. Man hastily put condom on his cock, gripped her hips and … red big dick entered hot flesh. Then he gave her a number of violent thrusts. She moaned what excited me a lot.

This big cock seemed to satisfy her greatly, thought it lasted not long. Soon he came and let her away. Then took his used condom, dropped it down, put his pants on and settled on the berth beside me. She rose, dressed too and sat down facing us. I admired my wife, red in the face, and then I asked:

- So, how does that grab you?
- Cool! By the way, what are your names, guys?
- I’m Tom, and she’s Monica
- My name is Ray! – he introduced himself
- Nice to meet you, Ray! – She smiled, – I really enjoyed our fun! It’s a pity that nowadays there are so few “Magnum” size guys, – she stretched her hand and stroke his knee
- Fuck! I liked it too! It was like a bathing in the ocean!
- Thanks, – she said laughing
- Listen, Tom! What if I paid you again…
- No problem! Per hour?
- No, no, no! How long is your trip?
- Well, it takes 3 days to get the Melbourne
- OK! How much should I pay you for these 3 days?
- 3000$!

Without further ado he counted off 3000$ cash and offered me money. Monica snuggled up to him playfully:

- Ray, I am afraid I wouldn’t stand 3 days of bang! When are we gonna sleep?
- We see! – He answered and took his trousers off: his penis was erect.

Then he lifted her with his arms and neatly placed onto his cock. He didn’t even undress her!

- Oh, my God! You’re dick is so big! – She groaned. And then she started impaling herself on his penis.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip to savor the moment. She was on the clouds.
When it was over, Monica settled back on the pillow exhausted. Ray turned to me:

- It’s been my first time when I saw such a nice ass! – He was caressing her legs admiringly: – you know, Tommy, I have always had problems with dames, for I have big cock! When I bang any chick, whether she’s crying like a mad or she’s tight down there. No take off! While Monica is so perfect for me, she is fit! So soft and sweet! I have even forgotten what it feels, good bang!

- Well, I’m glad you enjoy my wife! – I replied
- Hey, body, what for are you going to Melbourne?
- We go on a visit to the friends of ours.
- How long?
- For a couple of weeks
- Listen, guys! What if you stayed with me in Melbourne? I’m serious! My flat is spacious, 4 rooms, live alone. I’m bound to pay you, money is not a problem. I want Monica, I want to fuck her in… any style, you know, everyhow! Let her walk around into the flat only in bra, so nice, so pretty!

I felt the spirit of wheeler-dealer, cashier and administrator at the same time.

- How much do you want to pay?
- For 2 weeks?
- Yeas!
- How much do you want?
- 7000$!
- OK! I give you 10000! And you stay with the friends of yours as she lives with me all this time.
- No, what would I say them if they asked me, where Monica was? At that rate I should put up at a hotel! As we live there together with Monica! But it’s your charge!
- All right!

Monica smiled:

- You wanna marry me off?
- No, honey! – I said: – I don’t marry you off, I just lease you for 2 weeks, it’s just a win-win deals!

We all roared with laughter.

- What for I love men is that you love sex and pay for it! – Monica laughed until cries

Ray stroked her thighs and shoved hand under her dress. I heaved a sigh and gave him one more condom.

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