Our cobra

December 30th, 2007

Your female boss gets drunk at a party and you gotta take her home, she is unconscious and wasted, you can play and have fun with her, why not?

There’re not so many people working in the company. But we are real friends. We’re almost all of the same age safe for our boss Ms. Elizabeth Warren, she’s 58. We nickname her Cobra. Well, we love to have parties together, we love to have fun, and we know how to do it.

It was Carrie’s birthday. We were celebrating it in a restaurant, it was great fun. We were gonna make the party a bit steamier but as soon as Ms. Warren looked at us we decided we’d better not. Guys decided to make her drunk and send her home. We were talking to her, paying compliments, pouring more and more alcohol in her glass. She was ready in 30 minutes. There was one last thing to do – we had to choose the one to take her home. Well it was me. Guys patted me on the back sympathetically and continued partying.

When Ms. Warren got back from the ladies’ room I asked her if she felt well and offered to give her a ride home. I helped her put on the coat. The first thing that made me alert was that I had to hold her by the arms all the way down the stairs for her not to fall down. Actually I was hoping to be pretty quick taking our Cobra home in order to get back in the restaurant and continue partying. I was floating in my dreams thinking how funny it would be and that I would probably talk Erika into getting laid with me when I felt Ms Warren’s head on my shoulder. I got scared at first but then I realized she was simply sleeping.

I woke her up when we got to her place. I had to take her to the 15th floor. I’m not gonna waste time telling you about the way I took her to her apartment. I can tell you one thing, my hands and legs were shaking, cuz my boss was a stocky gal. Can you imagine that?! She was sleeping all the way! I had to search her pockets to find the key. I opened the door and came into her apartment. I had to pull her inside the apartment. I looked at my watch there was no use for me to get back to the restaurant. I was really mad, I even kicked the wall with anger.

“All right, if I took her here, I can get her in bed as well,” I thought to myself, pulling off her coat and her boots. It felt like I was dealing with a doll – I cold turn her to the right, or to the left. I faced no problems while pulling off her coat. When I was busy with her boots I made up my mind to do a bad turn to her, to humiliate her. So I raised up he skirt rim to expose her stockings. I saw her legs in nylon. I could even make out the lacy ornament of her panties. I took off her boots and glanced at her legs again. I suddenly felt a wave of desire rising up in my lower belly. I set her skirt right in order not to tease myself anymore. I found her bedroom and took her there.

I deserved some appraisal. I decided to drink some coffee. Coffee aroma filled the room in less than a minute. It was really hot so I gave it a couple of minutes to get cooler while I was looking round her apartment. When I was in her library reading book covers and sipping coffee I heard some strange noise from her bedroom. I ran up to her thinking she was vomiting or something. I was wrong. Turned out she simply turned on her stomach, and her head was raised up that high that it made her snore. I felt sorry for her. I knew she would feel really bad next morning. I covered her body with a blanket. I was going to go home. I put on my parka and decided to see if she was fine before I left. The blanket was lying on the floor, and Ms Warren was lying on the bed edge. I put her in the center of the bed and covered her with the blanket again. Hardly had I crossed the threshold as she pulled off the blanket again.

I suddenly had that crazy idea. I wanted to see her naked. I pulled off my parka and sat down on the bed edge. To make sure Ms Warren wouldn’t wake up while stripping down I shook her hand and then even slapped her across the face. She didn’t even open her eyes. She murmured something and turned to another side.

All right. Let’s get it started. I reached for the zipper on her skirt and undid it. I pulled off her jacket as well. I turned her to undo her blouse. She was lying halt naked before me. I saw her white lacy bra and white lacy panties under black stockings. Though I realized she was too old for me and was of my mom’s age, my dick wanted to try her, especially after the fuck up with Erika. In order not to get more aroused I covered her with the blanket and was about to leave. I looked around – she was sleeping. She didn’t even guess what I was doing. “Who cares,” I thought to myself and got back in the room.

I was caressing her belly under the blanket. My hand was caressing her pubis, and my finger pressed on her bosom. No reaction. I pulled the blanket to aside to see her knockers. I turned her to aside to undo the bra. I pulled off the bra. Her sagging boobs were almost lying under her armpits. But the thing that surprised me the most was the size of her nipples. They occupied about a third of her boobs and were like small saucers. The nipple itself was of pale pink color I started feeling up and fondling her boobs with my hands. I was pressing the nipples or bringing the knockers together.

Blood was pulsing in my temples. When I got enough of playing with her boobs I focused my attention on her bosom. I thrust my hand under her panties to feel her bush. I thrust the hand even deeper in her panties and felt her vulva lips. I was very-very careful spreading her lips and sticking my finger in her cave (I was afraid to wake her up). If anybody had ever told me I would be feeling up Ms. Warren I would burst into laughing and call that person a fool. Man, who could ever think about it – me and our Cobra, that was unbelievable! But check it out: I was fingering her twat getting hotter.

I was trying to thrust another finger in her snatch, but her panties didn’t let me do it. So, I threw off the blanket and pulled off her stockings and her panties. But the stockings were so tight that I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t throw them off. I saw small manicure scissors lying on her night table. I cut her stockings. I wanted to do the same thing with her panties, but thought I’d better not, so I simply pulled them off.

Ms Cobra was lying nude. I spread her hips to open her snatch to see it. Black and grey bush was covering her pubis all the way to her navel and covered some part of her inner hips as well. I exposed her lips. First of all, the light was poor so I didn’t see well, and secondly, she was lying so low that it was difficult for me to see everything well. So I turned on the lamp and directed light right in her crotch. Well it was problematic to make her show me more of her pussy. When I bent her knees she tried to turn to aside, as soon as I turned her back on the back she straightened her legs. But I got what I wanted – I could see her twat well.
Her outer lips were really large and out. They were even hanging down a bit. I spread them with my fingers showing the way to her cave. She wasn’t wet so I couldn’t get my fingers deep in her snatch. I wanted to lubricate my fingers with saliva but I was really thirsty and seemed like all my saliva petered out. I covered her with the blanket and went to the kitchen to drink water. I found peach juice in the fridge. I took it to the room.

I drank enough not to feel thirsty and then I thought Cobra was thirsty too. I didn’t dare to pour juice in her mouth, so I decided to lubricate my fingers with the juice and then lubricate her lips. She opened her mouth, licking the lips, making a smacking sound. That’s when I thought I could play with her.

I put her the way for her head to be at the level of my dick. I set the cock free. I lubricated it with the juice and started moving it along her lips. She reacted immediately. She was trying to catch it with her lips and lick it. It scared me a bit, so I made a step to aside. The dickhead was swollen, it was huge, seemed the skin was about to split. In a minute I calmed down and lubricated the dick with the juice again. When she started to lick it, I tried to thrust it in her mouth. But hardly had my cock get two inches inside as she turned her head away. I lost all my hope to stick the dick in her throat but I was enjoying myself by getting my cock behind her cheeks and making them swell in a funny way. I was tired of the game. I slapped her across the face with the dick, poking it in her eyes, thinking how funny it would be to ejaculate in her nose or ears.

I felt like having sex. I had to do something about it. Of course I could jack off and cum on Cobra, but I wanted something more. She was sleeping and I decided to try the following. I got absolutely naked. I was caressing her face with the dick, poking it at her knockers. I was sitting between her hips. I lubricated her vulva lips with the juice and stuck two fingers inside. I was turning them around, rubbing them against the walls of her vagina. My middle finger touched her womb. I decided it was time for my dick to meet the granny. I put a cushion under her ass to raise her pelvis. I put her knees on my shoulders and entered her snatch. It wasn’t difficult to do it as my cock was lubricated with the juice. Her hole was a bit too big for me but anyway I couldn’t lat longer than two minutes. First I wanted to cum inside her but then decided not to and spurted on her pubis and her stomach.
I was exhausted. I was sitting by her side watching white streams flowing onto her lips and on her navel. I lubricated her nipples with the rest of my cum and then started fucking her cheek.

It was my first sex with a mature women. What would happen next? I didn’t know. I knew I had to clean the semen otherwise it would soak the bed. I took her cut stockings and wiped sperm off her belly, her pubis and her lips. The cum had already covered all her lips and even her anus. I couldn’t help playing with her asshole. I pressed my finger and entered her butt as deep as I could. It got in smoothly. I was drilling her with my finger. I wanted to add another finger but couldn’t. Maybe the anus was to tight, maybe there wasn’t enough lubrication. But I was hot! I’d never fucked an ass, and I just couldn’t miss my chance.
I got off the bed to go and find some cream. I didn’t find anything of the kind in her bathroom. When I came into her living room the first thing I saw was a camera. All of a sudden I found a hand cream (that was fine). On one of the shelves I saw a box, it was locked. I wanted to see what was in, but I had no time to waste. I got back in the bedroom having a cream and a camera in my hands. I was busy with pics first. I was taking her pics and pics of her knockers and her pussy. It was time for special photos: my dick in her mouth, my dick between her tits, my dick in and out of her snatch. The battery died. Damn.

It was time to get myself busy with her butt. I turned her to aside and lay down behind her. I took some cream out of the tube and lubricated her ass. I was fucking her with my finger first, it got deep in her rectum. I tried to add another one. As soon as I stuck two fingers in her asshole she moved, trying to set herself free of them, she took my hand with hers and got my fingers out of her butt. I was lying still, numb with fear. I thought she woke up. Two minutes passed and nothing else happened.
I spent some time fondling her hips and playing with her clit. I wanted to make sure she was sleeping. Then I lubricated her asshole again and stuck my finger inside. It was easier to get in that time. After playing I decided it was time. I lubricated the dickhead with the cream and pressed it against the butt. I cupped her hips with my hands and pushed. The dickhead got in. Ms Cobra moved but didn’t do anything. I was taking my time – I was lying still for several seconds for her to get used to my dick in her ass. Then I started packing her ass with my dick, getting deeper with every single thrust. Her tight anus made me feel really great. I was getting more and more aroused, feeling like cumming. There was nothing I could do with it. I was fucking her rapidly, clenching my teeth. And then I felt so light, erupting in her anus.

As soon as I stopped holding her tight, Cobra turned round, looked at me, stood up and went out of the room. “That’s the end,” I thought. “I don’t give a fuck. I’ve never felt better.” I stood up too and started putting on my clothes. Ms Warren was in the bathroom. When she was back in the room, she didn’t even look at me. She went back to sleep. “I hope she won’t remember anything tomorrow,” I thought.

I was about to leave when I remembered about the box on one of the shelves. I took a bunch of keys and found the suitable one. The things I saw made me numb – there were lots of all size dildos, balls, hand cuffs, belts there. There were some discs deep in the box. There were two folders in a special section. One of them was pink, the other was blue. I took the pink one. It was my colleague’s profile. It was all about her preferences: preferences for food, clothes, type of work, sex. There were data about all of her affairs, real and alleged. I took the blue folder. It was about one of Ms Warren’s male deputies. Everything was in detail as well.

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3 Responses to “Our cobra”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice story

  2. raphael Says:

    what happened next? wanna know pliz.how did it went the next day @work? what happened when u saw what was in the box,went back to the bedroom?
    was she really drunk that u think she did’nt know u were up in her? this story is great,best that i have red yetamongst all

  3. teddy Says:

    Really nice, I bet the dirty bitch new what was happening

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