On the beach

July 31st, 2007

Nudist beach is a treasure for those who are looking for easy fantastic various sex! No clothes – no boundaries…

It was a warm July day. I and Holly were slowly walking along a nudist beach chatting and glancing at the swimming people. I looked at my partner. Holly is slim. She is 40 and her small tits are nice in spite of it. When she is naked she looks like a young girl. We have been living together for eight years, but she still attracts me sexually. That morning Andrew suddenly called and offered to spend Sunday together. We met Andrew and Vivian leaving a swing-club. We lived close to each other, so we took one taxi. We left the taxi first, but we had enough time to exchange our phone numbers. We don’t visit swing-clubs often. We go there about once in two months, when we have a mood for it. The opportunity to fuck other partners isn’t the only good thing in swing-clubs. We like the atmosphere at those parties – horny and free. We don’t meet with couples from the newspaper adds. We tried several years ago, but it didn’t move further the café. It must be a too personal thing. Similar interests in sex are not enough to make a connection between four strangers. We also had no time to look for a suitable pair. But in a swing-club we feel more comfortable and free. The clothes (or absence of it) favor the closer relations between visitors. The fact that you don’t have to do anything (even sex) at those parties relaxes you. That night I didn’t notice Vivian at the swing-club. I just briefly saw Scott. He and another guy were sitting on the couch. A small blond was sitting between them. The guys were stroking her big tits, and she was playing with their cocks. Later in taxi I found out that Vivian was busy that night, too.

Our favorite game is a threesome: me, Holly, and one other man. We don’t like anal sex, so in such combination Holly sucks my dick, being fucked by someone else’s dick. We love each other, so we don’t date anyone regularly. I don’t seek for women on the side either. We have walked about a mile. There were fewer people there. When everyone disappeared we decided to stop. We took our clothes off and lay. My cell-phone rang and Andrew said that they were late. I put one of my hands on Holly’s hip, and she put her hand on my dick. It began getting bigger. Sex on a nudist beach is quite easy. You don’t have to undress. Suddenly I heard some noise. I raised and saw a man several feet away from us. He was looking at us. He noticed my hard dick and said:

-Oh, I’m very sorry.
-What are you staring at?
-It’s an accident. I lost my lighter, heard the phone ringing, and came to ask for a fire.

I gave him a lighter. Holly turned on her belly. She wasn’t shy, she just didn’t expect anyone to come.

-Thanks…Sorry, man, – the guy said and walked away.

In about 20 minutes I decided to go swim a bit. Holly doesn’t like swimming, so she didn’t join me. I went to the sea. The man who interrupted us was coming out at that moment. He noticed me and began apologizing again, but I stopped him:

-Why are you here all by yourself so far from other people?
-I often come here with my girl-friend, but she works today, and the weather is beautiful, so I decided to come by myself. We like to be alone on the beach, so we can get a tan and fuck, too. I came here by habit.

I looked at him. He was about 30. Well-shaped body, short hair, no hair around his dick. He noticed my look and explained that his girl-friend liked it that way. I thought of Holly. She shaves her pussy. Should I shave there, too? It’s stupid – my chest is so hairy.

-So you what? Jerking off looking at us, since you’re alone here today?

Scott (it was his name) appeared to have sense of humor. He said Holly had nice tits and he did get excited when she was touching my dick. We began chatting. I told him we were not modest people. Holly had seen naked men not only on the nudist beach. She saw lots of hard dicks, and not only saw. I offered Scott to join us. Holly looked at him from tip to toes.

-You like him? – I whispered her.
-He’s not that bad, – she answered.

A bit later Scott said that his wife is a masseuse and she taught him some. Holly decided that exactly at that moment her back needed massage. She lay on her belly. Scott began massaging her back and neck slowly. In five minutes in Holly’s eyes I could see a desire to be massaged in other places, too. She didn’t see that Scott’s dick head was already bared, and his dick was already big and hard. He looked at me pointing at Holly’s ass. “Do it”, – I nodded my head. Again I noticed that I loved and enjoyed when some guy satisfied my Holly. Scott’s hands moved to Holly’s buttocks, sometimes slipping between them. When he touched pussy lips Holly moaned, turned to me and kissed me. I have to tell you – we don’t kiss anyone’s lips. We think it’s too personal. I raised Holly on her knees and began stroking her tits. She caught my dick with her mouth and began sucking it. Scott lay on his back. His head was under Holly’s legs. Holly stopped her tongue on my dick and moaned, that means she enjoyed it. I found a condom in our bag and gave it to Scott. Soon I could feel Scott’s dick pounding Holly. Good. Everyone felt good. Holly let my dick go only when she was cumming. She always came roughly. But after it she began sucking on it again. I took my dick out of her mouth and began cumming on her back and shoulders. Scott came, too, and we fell on our blanket. We had been lying and swimming for another hour, when we heard a phone ring. Vivian and Andrew were already on the beach. I went to meet them. There they were. They were naked already.

-Guys! I wanna fuck so bad! Andrew is telling me all day long to wait on the beach.

Instead of shaking my hand Vivian’s hand shook my dick. It began getting harder. Vivian was much bigger, than Holly. She wore D-caps, and her ass was twice as big as Holly’s.

-Let’s go, I want you both at the same time.

Vivian took our dicks and dragged us.

We stopped about 200 feet away from Holly and Scott and put a blanket on the sand. Vivian began working on both of our dicks with her tongue. She did it very well. She did it better, than Holly. Andrew gave me a condom and told me to lay on back. Vivian sat on my dick and began moving her hips. I watched Andrew getting something from the big. Oh yeah – I had not such experience before. Andrew covered everything he needed with a cream, explaining that Vivian wanted to be fucked in both of her holes. She likes it right before her period. It wasn’t that easy, so she didn’t like anyone watching it. I understood that it was no easy, when Andrew began pushing his dick inside Vivian’s ass. Vivian was concentrated, and only in a minute I felt Andrew’s dick inside her ass. When Andrew leaned all his weight upon Vivian it became even less easy, since she was already lying on me. No freedom of actions at all. You are lying under a woman and you can’t move. But Vivian became cumming constantly. Suddenly I noticed some movement. Scott was standing not far away watching us. His dick was stiffening. I guess he got tired of waiting for us and went to look for us. I made a sign for him to shut up and go back to holly. Andrew stopped. He decided it was enough for Vivian, and we wouldn’t cum anyway.

In 10 minutes we were approaching our place.

-Oh! What a cute guy! – Vivian pointed at Scott’s dick.
-Two hairless pussies and one hairless dick. That’s cool!
-Well, you may mess around a bit, and we’ll go to swim.

I and Andrew left them.

-We’ll play like we are gynecologists, – Vivian answered.

When we returned they were exploring each other’s genitals. Vivian was between Scott’s legs, she tasted his dick, while Holly was standing on her knees above Scott’s face. His tongue was touching her clit. We were sitting a bit away watching them, jerking our wet dicks off and discussing what to do next. Vivian turned her round ass to us, slipped her hand between her legs and began touching her both holes as if she was offering to choose one.

-Wanna fuck her ass? – Andrew asked me.
-No…I’ll do it regular way.

I approached Vivian from behind and began rubbing her pussy, sometimes pushing my finger inside her anal. Andrew stood in front of Holly’s face; she grabbed his hard dick with her right hand and began sucking on his dick head. Andrew gave her a condom and she put it on. Andrew came to Holly from behind and ignoring Scott laying under her bended her and pushed his dick inside her cunt. I did the same to Vivian, and we turned to a pile of fucking and moaning bodies. Scott came first; Vivian smeared his sperm on his belly and offered Holly to suck on it. Andrew was the second one. He took off his condom and threw it away. Vivian had already come, Holly didn’t, so I pulled my dick out of Vivian’s pussy, took the condom off, and began fucking Holly. It’s quite interesting to fuck the favorite hole after two other men. The rest lay not far and watched our show. After Holly’s orgasm I came.

We swam a bit more, drank two bottles of wine and went home.

It happened last summer. We haven’t met anymore. Three days ago Andrew called again. He said they would go to vacation soon. We can find them on the beach.

-We’ll consider it, – I answered.

But I doubt that our next meeting will be as good as the last one. But his phone call reminded me of this story…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    good story ,gives hard on

  2. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    ohhh yes i am haveing sex now wit my sexy man and we did it so hard we broke rhe bed ohhh yes hes licking my pussy and we loved tohe story we will do dis every night and lick eachother in the most sexyist places!!

  3. GirlyMature Says:

    Real sexy story, makes you wanna cum.

  4. YITH Says:


  5. sexladyaddict Says:

    oh.. great story that I ended up looking for a man to fuck me here.. i want to experience having sex on the beach..haha!

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