My wife!

August 7th, 2007

As they say ‘a drunk woman is not a master of her pussy’ so this guy was really lucky when he came back home and discovered his wife deadly drunk, sleeping. He sure didn’t lose the opportunity to do what he had always been dreaming of, … so dirty….

Last Friday my wife met with an old girlfriend of hers; they have endured a lot together. This 34 year old women went in for sport, she was burly and able to drink alcohol in quantity. My wife, Melissa never drank a lot, but she always tried to match her stride for stride when drinking, thus they usually got drunk completely.

Melissa informed me that she would not come home until 10 pm; I was not in a rush to go home on Friday as well. I met some friends of mine, one of them stood a shot in a pub, so I got home long after midnight. When I opened the door and entered my house, I found my wife totally boozed, she hardly dragged herself to the sofa, and fell onto it without taking off her clothes. There was only her blouse and skirt on the floor, she was lying in her lingerie and stockings.

I removed her cloth, then undid my wife, lifted her sleepy body with my arms and put her to the bed. She didn’t react and opened her legs as she got down to the bed. I held still for a while, admiring her beaver, though Melissa wasn’t a sexy bitch, anyway she was OK with her fanny and tits. Watching this I got excited and touched her pussy and found it wet. Then I put my finger in Melissa’s sissy and started flicking it, after that I bent down and fondled her clit with my tongue. She didn’t react at all, so I dared putting my cock into her hole: it was completely damp, I began speeding up and my excitement was growing up with the awareness of that I was shagging my sleeping wife, as if she was like a sexy toy. I got worked up deadly and came in a few minutes. Then I clung to my wife and kissed her angel mouth. She went on sleeping peacefully letting it pass and without caring of what just happened. A range of lusty thought flashed across my mind.

Never had I complained of a lack of my potency, and this made me deadly cock-stand again. I took up fucking her without caring about awaking my wife; I was banging her like some machine-gun, my sperm was squelching into her cunt, I imagined my wife being fucked by any hard-core fucker like a slut, somewhere down the shrub, and then she might have been left there, on the ground and never learn that. I dirty mouthed Melisa badly, first whispering scalds, then louder and louder, so at the time I came, I was badmouthing her openly:

- Bitch, slut, whore, fucking strumpet, tart!

I could then recall all my dirty words, addressed to her. It was really one of my days: my orgasm was so tumultuous that I hardly got over it even some minutes later.

Then she suddenly woke up and sat up. Frankly I lost courage, if she had heard my words she would stop talking to me for a week easily. She recoiled and made her way to the kitchen. I followed Melissa by stealth.

My wife took a glass of cold water, drank it at a gulp and dropped it down inadvertently when putting on the table. The fragment of broken glass scattered all over the kitchen, however she didn’t pay attention to it, and she made her steps out of the kitchen, rounding me like some obstacle. On the way back she turned to the lavatory, I followed her tiptoe. When I looked inside I got stupefied: my Melissa was sitting right on the toilet sink asleep, breathe heavily and snoring a bit with the head, leant against the wall. It was very thrilling and funny sight to see an adult woman, with clots of sperm on the thighs, sitting asleep on the toilet sink. This gave me some interesting though: I approached her, put my hands onto her head and slowly put my dick in her half-open mouth. Truly, my wife blew me only a few times and now I could have what I wanted. She opened her eyes with surprise, but didn’t resist. Then, after several movements she got down sucking me off properly. After a while Melissa recalled for what purpose she entered the lavatory and started urinating. It was unbelievable sight: my slut was sucking me off while relieving nature. All of that made me come in some minutes. It turned out that my wife didn’t swallow it entirely, moreover, she began spitting out my cum, and it poured down her chin. Melissa turned to be such a lusty whore; I could not believe my eyes.
I helped her get to the bedroom. Then I started cleaning the kitchen, when I finished my doing up I returned to the bedroom where my lovely was sleeping on the counterpane as if nothing had happened to her earlier. I lied beside, cuddled up her from behind and tried to fall asleep. However it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. I was hard on as I snuggled up to Melissa. I had to confess the fact that we had never had anal sex. Whatever I said to her, she always turned down my proposals. Now she was not able to refuse, so I took a bottle of Johnson’s Oil out of the nightstand and lubricated her ass with it. Then I began putting my finger slowly in her anus, one by one they penetrated inside. As a result, I placed my penis in her ass up to the balls. I was fucking my wife with a sense of duty, slowly, with pauses; it had been continuing for about 40 minutes. By the end of this act she started moving her ass in time with my efforts.

The next day my wife was feeling terribly hangover. She spent the whole day staying in the sack, rubbing out the oil from her ass and looking at me suspiciously. I was going around with perfect calm!

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6 Responses to “My wife!”

  1. Damn guy Says:

    When your wife loves drinking hard this is just a matter of your attitude, but when she is getting fucked when drunk, this is something more serious…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yep you’re a`sicko

  3. Micky Says:

    If I were you I would take the opportinuity to let my best friend fuck her while she was so drunk ,perhaps a video or pics

  4. achy Says:

    gud story. wife fukkin’ is gud fr health. no fear of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV/AIDS.

  5. PEST Says:

    U’re gud as well as ur wife but u shd av made it more sinful

  6. Aj Says:

    this is like legal “rape” ahahaha

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