My sweet mother in law

June 15th, 2008

A guy is married but he is really more into his sweet, mother in law, she is a hot, mature woman who can give him the real pleasure…

It happened last summer when my wife and I visited my in-laws in Texas. My farther-in-law is a farmer so he spent most time out in the fields. And my mother-in-law… She’s a beautiful 49 year old woman with terrific boobs and very svelte shape for her age.

So one day my wife wanted something special for dinner and went shopping to the grocery store. I stayed home with my mother-in-law. She was busy doing something in the kitchen. She was wearing some short dress and didn’t really seem to care about me. I must confess I liked her. I mean, I liked her as a woman, I was physically attracted to her. She was mature, she was experienced, she was beautiful, and sex-hungry!

I came in the kitchen to chat with her for a while.

“Do you fuck my daughter well?” She asked me suddenly.

It was a really unexpected question but I was bold enough to meet to her challenge:

“See for yourself!”

She was about to shout something angrily when she glanced at my erect dick bulging out of my shorts. She came up to me and knelt down.

“OK then, go on and show me.”

She pulled off my shorts. The dick was hard. She took it in her hand and started sucking the head gently. It was terrific! It was something brand new and fantastic. She was sucking deeper and deeper. Soon she was sucking it deep throat in a very lusty and hungry manner. I felt like cumming, she seemed to know it too, so she stood up and pulled me out of the kitchen. As soon as I crossed the threshold to her room she pulled off my short and pants and got undressed herself.

God! What a body she had! Her skin was so soft and smooth. Her nipples were hard… I threw her on the bed and started sucking her nipples. Her moaning made me even hotter. I entered her pussy in a minute. She sighed…

“Go babe! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m always ready for you anytime you want. Yes!”

It was such bliss to fuck my mother-in-law. Her loud moaning made my heart beat faster, blood was pulsing in my veins. She was crying like a really horny slut and that made me screw her harder.

“Please, no anal fuck,” she said.

I immediately entered her anus. She cried out trying to escape but she started impaling herself on my shaft in a couple of thrusts. I was ramming her sweet round ass, she was moaning, it was fabulous!

When feeling like cumming again I just took my penis out of her hole and started jerking it, ready to cum on her back and butt. My mother-in-law grasped my dick and sucked on it. She was sucking and licking it for another couple of minutes. Her blow job was so hot it made her cum again. I was spurting my cumloads on her face and in her mouth. She didn’t seem to be tired at all, she was ready to go on and on with the fuck.

We were sitting in the kitchen and drinking coffee in ten minutes. My wife didn’t know about our quickie.

My mother-in-law is my good friend now. We often see each other for a quick fuck in all of her holes. She likes when I treat her dirty during sex. By the way, anal is her favorite kind of sex now. She’s thinking about trying a threesome. Sure we’ll both love it.

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