In the train

July 28th, 2007

Lots of amazing adventures can happen in train…like this one, for example!

Helen got to the station just on time, the train was going to leave in five minutes. A rather sexy train conductor checked her ticket. Helen saw the second conductor and she noticed that the last names on the tags were the same, they must be husband and wife. It’s a pity, he is rather handsome.

Her compartment was empty, the train was leaving from the city so other passengers were to get on later. She wondered who her fellow traveler might be. Not a deaf old lady with her noisy grandsons, she thought. “Till then I can enjoy my privacy”.

It was already dark when the first fellow traveler entered the compartment. It was a man of forty, tall and good-looking. He took the upper berth under Helen’s one, he immediately ordered two glasses of tea and started treating Helen with chocolate telling her about his work, making various jokes. Kevin, as he introduced himself was on his business trip, his job required hem to travel often.
In half an hour Helen was laughing at the jokes and anecdotes he told her, she was amazed by the charm of the intelligent man.
It was totally dark outside, the compartment was lit only by a dim light coming from the lamp, his eyes were shining enigmatically in the half-dark compartment.

Helen stood up, she wanted to take something from her bag that was on one of the upper berths, the train was moving fast so she couldn’t hold herself and fell on Kevin’s knees, she apologized and was going to stand up when she felt his strong hands on her, with one hand he was touching her nipple and it got hard very quickly, she didn’t even try to get out of his hands now. She was melting in his hands moaning with pleasure. With his both hands he was fondling her nipples, he took off her sundress and she was naked, he could see her breasts, he fell to them with his lips, then he gave her a passionate kiss. Then he stood up and locked the compartment so that no one could enter. Helen was standing close, he embraced her and covered her face, shoulders and body with kisses. When he started fondling her nipples with his tongue, slightly biting them, Helen was moaning unable to control herself. With her shaking hands she was trying to unbutton his shirt, he helped her take his clothes off, his body was in good shape and it made Helen even hotter.

He rudely turned her over with her back facing him and dipped his hand in her panties avidly stroking her ass. With his right hand he was stroking her pubis, then he got to her clit, Helen could feel her panties get wet with excitement, her vagina was leaking. She was dreaming for his dick to fill her, although Kevin was taking his time, he slowly took off her panties and made her stand on her knees. Her round ass was all for him, he was stroking it, thrusting one and then two fingers into her vagina, deeper and deeper. With her hand Helen groped for his big dick, she started stroking it enjoying its hardness, she already wanted to direct it to her vagina when he stopped her, he turned her over to him, she was standing on her knees looking at his phallus right between her. She knew what she should do. She licked his head, then started playing with it with her tongue, Kevin sighed deeply. He liked the way she did it. She started licking all of his dick, going up and down with her tongue, she went back to his head again and again taking it all in her mouth. She was stroking his testicles and his groin with her fingers. His dick was going deeper and deeper into her mouth, she was trying to take it in as deep as possible, Kevin’s hands were on her head as if guiding and directing her. If it continued for another minute, Kevin would come right in her mouth but he stopped her, took his penis out and turned her around again, she was lying on her belly, Kevin was sitting close, he started fondling her vagina, then his finger dived in her ass, it felt strange in a way, but it was turning her on. He entered her vagina with his dick and started going deeper and deeper. She couldn’t hold her screams anymore. She hoped that the noise of the moving train wouldn’t let her screams be heard. Her tits were rubbing against the berth, it made her hotter and hotter, his finger was in her ass and his dick was going deeper and deeper in her, he was fucking her furiously. When he felt he was coming he took his dick out, Helen was on the verge of misery, the loss of dick inside of her was something she couldn’t bear, she wanted him to enter her again! But his dick, already wet with natural lubricant slowly started penetrating her anus, the whole that held his finger in was now feeling his dick, Helen was to excited to resist. She was ready to give herself to him, she was ready to do anything for him. First she felt pain. But even this pain was exciting and sweet. His moistened dick easily penetrated her anus and the pain turned to acute pleasure. He was going in deeper and deeper and she started to groan. She could feel his balls beating against her ass, that was so enjoyable. She really liked to be taken wholly by a man. Kevin shuddered and started moaning, he stuck his dick deep inside, stopped and a hot wave filled her he was shaking with orgasm unable to hold his screams, neither could Helen hold herself from screaming, Kevin put his two fingers into her vagina and she came leaking on them.

Trying to hold her loud screaming, she covered her face with a pillow.

Exhausted by overwhelming orgasm they both fell asleep. When she woke up in the morning she still had the feeling of his hard dick in her anus. That was a pleasant feeling. Out of the window she could see trees they were passing by, it was morning already. The memories of yesterday took her dream away. Usually in the train she used to sleep with her clothes on, but this time she was lying naked under the blanket, Helen was playing with her nipples feeling the excitement filling her body. With her other hand she was stroking her clit and vagina. She could feel the clit respond by increasing in size. She moistened her finger in the vagina then got back to her clit and started fondling it. Helen would often masturbate to get off pressure, but this time, it wasn’t enough, she couldn’t come so she stood up and looked at Kevin sleeping on the upper berth, he was lying on his flank side facing her. She dipped her hand under the blanket, in his underpants she could feel his dick that was starting to get hard and increase in size. With her left hand Helen was playing with her nipple while her other hand was stroking the dick of the fellow passenger. It was already hard and big. Kevin moved and sat up, he put the blanket aside, took off his underpants breaking his beast free. He took Helen and moved her to his dick, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it slightly. Her tongue was playing with it, her head was moving in the rhythm, up and down, after a while Kevin took his dick out, jumped off from the berth and stood behind her, he started caressing her teats, she was moaning rubbing herself against his mighty dick, it penetrated her easily. Kevin put her on her on the berth, on her flank side and lay close to her. He started moving harder and faster and in a few minutes Helen was shuddering with orgasm. Kevin took his dick out and started cumming on her thighs. It was still early morning, so they fell asleep again leaving the compartment door open, they didn’t even cover themselves with the blanket. Helen woke up with a strange feeling, it was as if someone was looking at her. She opened her eyes and saw a soldier. He was probably going home. His fly of trousers was open, he was staring at her naked body. Helen sat up, then she moved closer to the guy and took his penis in her mouth, she started sucking it, stroking his groin with her hand. First the guy startled with surprise but then calmed down with pleasure. Then he sat down, Helen sat close and kept sucking his dick. Kevin woke up, seeing this, he came close to Helen and started fondling her ass. He enjoyed looking at Helen sucking the guy’s penis, he put his finger in her anus and started playing with it, in a while he took it out and penetrated her anus with his dick, Helen moaned with pain and then started feeling the pleasure fill her. The guy whose dick she was sucking was looking at Kevin’s dick going in and out her anus.

- Have you ever tried anal sex? – Kevin asked.
- No
- It’s time to try it now, look her ass is waiting for you!
- Kevin lay on the berth and sat Helen on his thighs, his dick entered her vagina, Helen arched exposing her ass for the guy.
- What is your name? She asked in a husky voice.
- John
- Come here, John

John came up and started entering her ass with his dick. Helen helped him, after Kevin’s dick her anus readily took in John’s penis. Helen started moving, two penises were going deeper and deeper inside of her. Kevin was fondling her teats at the same time, John found her clit with his hand, he really enjoyed knowing that they were both fucking her. Soon, John couldn’t hold it any longer, so he took his dick out and came, leaking his sperm in her hole. He then sat on the berth next to them and kept looking at Kevin finishing the job. Kevin took out his penis from her vagina, Helen sat down and his dick found itself comfortable in her breasts, she started caressing his phallus with them, she was trying to catch his dickhead with her tongue and lick it. The sperm started leaking on her face, she opened her mouth inviting it in, swallowing it.

“That was a nice trip”, she thought, getting off the train. She could see Kevin and John waving to her.

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