In the country

August 20th, 2007

A husband and a wife take their friend to the country house, they have fun in the day time, but the real fun begins at night when a husband’s fantasy of seeing his wife getting fucked comes true…

Once in November we decided to get away from the hectic pace of the city and go to the country for barbeque. The autumn was surprisingly warm (as warm as it is possible in November). However warm it might be in the daytime the nights were still cold. Our company included myself, my wife Laura and my friend Richard. Richard was well built as well as I am. My wife, in contrast to us was rather slim, with a slender butt and petite tits. Richard had no girlfriend at that time, though being a merry fellow, it seemed that he didn’t care and didn’t let it upset him. We went to his summer house in the country.

The house was small, a nice garden, several houses near by, a sun porch in the garden and an attic in the house itself. We didn’t care for the accommodations though as we were planning to party all night. Soon we had enough of barbeque meat and beer and decided to go to sleep at three a.m.

The only furniture in the house that could be used for sleeping was a huge sofa, old and squeaking. Being a real gentleman Richard offered us to take the sofa while he himself was going to sleep on the floor. Although all his arguments like “it’s ok” or “I am gonna be fine” didn’t help. And we lay on the sofa together. Richard lay close to the wall. My wife Laura was sleeping on the other side close to the fireplace, I lay in the middle, we made some jokes about Richard sleeping close to me and after a short talk started falling asleep. The first one to fall asleep was Laura (she really enjoys sleeping). Then I heard Richard snoring softly. I could do nothing though to make myself sleep, moreover I was afraid to move not to wake them up or to push Laura on the floor.

The fire in the fireplace was dying away, so I slowly crawled out from the sofa trying to make no noise at all, put some wood in the fire place and sat near it waiting for the fire to burn again. The beer that I had was asking me to release myself so I went out of the house to have a leak. The scenery outside was breath taking, bright stars in the dark sky, the trees in the moonlight, the houses nearby, it was all so beautiful and the silence around, all being so peaceful! I stood like that for about twenty minutes until I got really cold, clenching my teeth I went back to the house. While I was gone, Laura moved to the middle of the sofa in her sleep, although I pushed her back to where she was lying and lay in the middle myself. She, while sleeping threw her arm around me and pressed her leg to me. Her hand was in the immediate vicinity of my “friend”, my dick frankly speaking got to cold while I was outside but soon it started gaining size and grow bigger. Richard was still snoring, lying with his back to us. Laura was lying close breathing into my ear, I was lying in the middle with my shaft up dreaming about her hand to go down and touch it. I could wait long like this but I was too impatient so I directed her hand to my dick myself. I wasn’t even thinking of “fucking” it was just pleasant for me to feel my wife’s hand on my penis. I was lying like this, trying to relax and fall asleep but my sleep had disappeared entirely, I was getting hot instead. My dick seemed to be pulsating with excitement. For a couple of times, in her sleep, Laura moved her hand over my dick and I nearly exploded with desire. I took Laura’s hand and started moving it along my penis. Laura just let out a sigh and pressed herself closer to my body.

Then I decided to play a bit and directed Laura’s hand on Richard’s dick, noting for myself that his relaxed dick was bigger in size than my erected shaft. I nearly came with excitement. I placed my hand on top of Laura’s and started moving it along Richard’s crotch feeling his dick getting erect. In about three minutes Richard’s dick increased by half but still couldn’t gain its full erection, probably the pants and underpants he was wearing prevented from this. Now I noticed that Laura’s hand was moving without my help and she started breathing heavily into my ear, now Laura was rubbing her pubis along my crotch, fondling Richard’s dick at the same time.

In a couple of minutes Richard stopped snoring and soon he was shivering slightly. He was afraid to move as he thought that I was sleeping, not knowing what was happening and Laura’s hand on his dick was her initiative. In a minute he started breathing heavily though he was trying hard not to “wake me up”.

Laura’s hand moved over to my dick and tried to slip in my pants but I didn’t let her do that and directed her hand on Richard’s dick again.

“Hey, what’s that” – we heard Richard’s scared voice in the dark, but Laura made him shut his mouth by kissing his lips. I got up from the sofa and went out to turn on the light on the sun porch, I wanted the room to be half dark so I could see everything. When I came back I saw Laura unbuttoning Richard’s shirt, his shirt was soon on the floor and she started kissing his hairy breast playing with his nipples, and kissing his belly. I positioned myself behind Laura and started fondling her pussy through her pants.
She was sitting right between his legs so it was easy for her to undress him. When she kissed him all over she started taking off his pants, when she took off his underpants, Richard’s wet and huge dick fell out immediately and fell on his belly. He wasn’t fully excited yet as the foreskin was hiding his dickhead. His dick was lubricated with his precum the smell of which filled the room immediately. Laura fell to his dick and started liking his precum off his dickhead. While doing this she was groaning like a tiger, for sure she was hot as hell enjoying this.

When she licked him clean she started watching and admiring his shaft, as I said Richard was well built like I am but my dick was a far cry from his.

Richard was lying on his back with his head raised a bit looking at us. His mighty hairy chest was moving along with his breath. His huge dick (about 9 inches!) was on his stomach. Laura looked at him one more time and whispered:

“oh, my stud!”

She started fondling Richard’s legs, belly, breast, his crotch feeling his dick up making it sway from side to side.

I don’t know what happened to me but I reached my hand and took Richard’s dick in it and exposed his dickhead. His dickhead was big and red and his dick started pulsating even harder in my hand. I took Laura by her head and pulled her to his dick. She opened her mouth and half of his dick easily penetrated her mouth. Then she stopped as if not knowing what to do. I grabbed Laura’s breasts through her t-shirt and whispered:

“Suck it, slut!”

Laura was as if waiting for me to say this. She started carefully sucking Richard’s dick caressing his balls with her hands. I got really hot and started undressing my wife, Richard meanwhile tore Laura’s t-shirt from her body and started rubbing her tits, playing with her nipples. They were both groaning. I raised Laura and placed her on Richard’s face (she immediately swallowed his dick again). Richard spread her vulva lips apart and started licking her clit and then thrusting his tongue into her vagina. Then he started pushing his fingers into her small cave that made her moan even louder. In about twenty minutes Richard’s palm could easily penetrate her vagina.

“Your wife’s got a hell of a pussy!”- Richard said giggling and started thrusting his fingers into her asshole. Laura tried to resist but Richard snapped at her saying “Don’t you fucking resist me, you bitch!”

Laura stopped resisting and tried to relax to make Richard’s fingers easily penetrate her. Very soon, three thick fingers of Richard were moving in Laura’s asshole. Probably Laura was enjoying this as she started moving her ass in the rhythm with his fingers sucking his dick.

“Oh, fucking bitch, you are sucking good!” – Richard mumbled.

He got tiered of fucking my wife with his fingers so he asked me.

“Put your wife on my dick”

I didn’t have to be asked twice so I helped my wife raise a bit and soon she was impaling herself on his shaft. When his huge dick was fully inside she started moving herself on it. Her petite breasts were swaying so sexually that I couldn’t help and started fondling and caressing them. Laura was moaning loudly pressing her hands against Richard’s mighty chest.

After a while Richard stopped her and ordered:

“Now, give me your asshole, give it to me!”

Luara got off his dick, took it in her mouth, lubricated it in her saliva and then started slowly impaling her ass onto it. The dick was too big and they wouldn’t make it but for me. I came up to them and spread her buttocks as wide as possible and soon Richard’s dickhead was in my wife’s anus. Laura started moaning with pain but didn’t stop, she started moving very slowly first, then gradually picked up speed and soon was galloping him as fast as she could with her eyes closed. I was near, rubbing my wife’s breasts and playing with her clit with my hands, I was sticking my fingers into her vagina which was wide with Richard’s dick.

Suddenly Richard started and shouted:

“I am coming!”

Laura stopped moving and Richard himself started driving his dick deep into her ass, soon his thrusts got less intense and I head the squelching sounds inside Laura’s asshole.

- “Lick it over”, Richard ordered and Laura obediently got her ass off his dick and fell to it, she started licking it. I saw my wife’s two wet holes and they made me so hot that I immediately fell to them with my mouth and started licking and drinking her love juices mixed with Richard’s sperm. Then I stuck two fingers into her two holes and set to exploring them, it was so soft and wet inside, Laura meanwhile spread Richard’s legs and started licking his hairy balls. She was licking them so vehemently that Richard’s dick was swaying from side to side. After licking his balls Laura got down to his anus ring and started licking it too, trying to thrust her tongue into it.

- “Oh, Good!”, with these words Richard started jerking his dick while Laura was licking his anus.

Laura reached for my wet hand and placed it on Richard’s dick, Richard clenched my hand as if showing what I was supposed to do. I started jerking his dick slowly while my left hand was still fondling Laura’s pussy. Richard spread his hands and legs apart and was lying like this enjoying as never before. I was jerking Richard’s dick and fondling his crotch at the same time. Me and Laura were working good and in a few minutes Richard came again poring the sperm all over his belly. Laura left his anus and started gathering his sperm in her hands and letting me lick it off. Then she licked his body clean and pressed her face to his dick, Richard was exhausted and soon he fell asleep.

I came outside and started jerking in the cold of the night. That was humiliating but it excited me even more. I came in about 10 seconds, my sperm fell on the ground.

Then I came back to the house, put more wood in the fireplace and covered Laura and Richard with a blanket. I looked at them sleeping happily close to each other and fell asleep soon.

In the morning we continued our sex adventures, although they were not as spicy as they were at night.

Richard still doesn’t have a girlfriend. Why? He’s got good friends willing to help him always.
Yesterday he called on us with two friends of his and they fucked my wife right in our house, right on our bed. I brought the camera just in time to shoot all this. After that they decided to play genealogists and started exploring Laura’s pussy, all three of them, they were thrusting their fingers into her holes, rubbing her clit, making her cum several times and she was always begging them to go on and on.

Richard and his friends fucked Laura so hard and when they left she had no strength left for me so she just jerked me off and we fell asleep.

And this is not the end!

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2 Responses to “In the country”

  1. tina willis Says:

    Such a hot, hot story. I can see me & my boyfriend & another friend doing this. In fact, I think I’ll suggest something like this for the weekend.

  2. teddy Says:

    Nice sexy story, Tina do you need a hand with your fantacy.
    e mail me [email protected]

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