July 14th, 2007

Try to talk your girlfriend to waking you up with a blowjob. And if you talk her in to letting you fuck her ass and cum on her face…I’m sure you won’t be able to live without it.

I met Helen in 1996, but won her only in 2001. She had already been married and divorced by that time. That was good, because she got quite experienced.
After some partying with friends, drinking and watching porn, I came to her place late at night being very horny.
My desires went further just a standard sex, I wanted more (porn was the reason). After dinner and shower we went to the bedroom. As always I started fondling her tits, neck and other gorgeous parts of her body. Later I slipped down to her pussy and started licking it until she came two times in a row. Next I let her know that I wanted some relaxation, too…like a blowjob, for example. I should say that before I had never come inside her mouth, I always said that I was cumming, so she could pull my dick out and direct a flow of my sperm to her chest, stomach, and legs. This time I decided to act as like I was too excited and forgot to tell her. She was sucking on my dick very tenderly, hugging it tightly with her lips and licking it at the same time squishing my balls in her hands. Then she got lower and licked me all over, taking my balls inside her mouth by turns and licking them with her tongue. She returned to my dick and continued sucking it. I taught her to blow me the right way, so she didn’t resist as before when I tried to lower her head or grabbed her hair to imagine myself being more violent. So that time I was holding her head, and when I was cumming roughly I didn’t let her pull out her head, and all my sperm spilled inside her beautiful mouth. She got very upset about swallowing my sperm and left. I followed her to the kitchen, got on my knees and started licking her pussy. In three minutes she forgot about her offence and said that if I always licked her pussy standing, she would swallow my sperm and blow me when I stand (I like it that way – I feel myself more important).
Later I took her to the bed and put her on her stomach, raised her ass a bit and started licking her pussy clean, sometimes traveling to her hole with my tongue. She didn’t resist and even liked it, but we had never had anal sex before. A bit later I started to massage her tight asshole with my finger and she enjoyed it, but when I tried to push my finger inside, she asked me to stop and offered to fuck her in her mouth and cum there.
But I already was overexcited about idea to fuck my sweet girl in her ass. I put her on all fours as if I was going to fuck her regularly and easily entered her pussy, at the same time fondling her as with my finger. After several minutes of fast sex I understood that my girl didn’t even remember her own name, and when I pushed my finger inside her ass she didn’t notice it. A bit later, when she was close to orgasm I pulled out and started licking her pussy again. When she was almost cumming I quickly put some saliva on her tight asshole and tried to enter it, pushed my finger inside, than another finger, and entered it at last, but not all the way in. After orgasm she understood what I was doing and started to tell me stop immediately. But I couldn’t hear even my own thoughts. Having my dick stuck inside her ass to the hilt I began fucking my babe girl’s virgin ass slowly, but roughly. She was on all fours and couldn’t push me away, and I was holding her tight. She had to put up with it (she told me later that at that moment she was thinking about telling me off in the morning). A bit later she started moving towards me, so I could cum faster. As soon as I came inside her ass and spilled my sperm there, she turned and told me not to touch her. I didn’t answer her. I went down to her ass and started fondling her pussy. First she pulled up her leg, later she turned all the way to me. And she said an amazing thing. She said that she would suck my dick every morning, every evening and every night, and anytime I wanted to fuck her mouth, she would always swallow my sperm, and if I wanted I could cum on her face. And she was even ready for me to fuck her in her ass every two days until she got used to it, if. I would get it all if I made her cum when she stood with my tongue three times in a row. That wasn’t a problem for me.
After two months of such sex, here’s what we have. At first my girl has three orgasms, than she sucks my dick and swallows my sperm, then I fuck her pussy, then her ass, then I cum on her face, and after it in the bathroom she kneels, takes my dick inside her mouth, sucks it fast and swallows. For some reason now she loves to suck my dick. It’s better than candy for her now. Sometimes I wake up having my dick inside her mouth. Try to talk your girlfriend to waking you up with a blowjob. Trust me, it’s unforgettable. And if you talk her in to letting you fuck her in the ass and cum on her face…I’m sure you won’t be able to live without it.

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