Granny of my wife

February 2nd, 2008

This guy gets married but his wife doesn’t turn him on, he’s more attracted to her granny, a mature, horny lady who is willing to recall her youth…

When I was in hospital I met a cute young nurse. Her name was Allen. We married in several months. She was 24, I was 32. I can’t say I loved her, maybe I didn’t even like her, it was just that I was longing for having my own family, my own home, real home, you know what I mean, I was longing for love. I was still a virgin, you know. We moved in an apartment that was very close to my wife’s granny’s place. Granny was my wife’s only relative. Her granny was 58 that time, she’s 68 now. She looked great and younger her age. She was attractive, I can say. Her body was still firm and looking gorgeous.

There’s one thing you should know about me, I like mature ladies more than young chicks. Mature babes have great bodies, they’re not hiding their sexual desires and fantasies. I love mature asses. Whenever I looked at mature women I imagined spreading their big buttocks and entering their assholes with my dick…

Moreover, Allen was absolutely frigid. She didn’t care for sex. She was too afraid to get pregnant so we almost didn’t have sex at all, just petting, oral sex, those were all we did. As for anal sex – she said a firm and uncompromising no. I was suffering, I was humiliated and offended, but everything was in vain.

Once my wife and I were to have dinner at her granny’s. I left work earlier that day and went to her granny’s place. I opened the door and heard Mrs. Sassfield’s voice from the bathroom:

- “Allen is that you? Have you got everything?”

I was very excited. I sneaked up on the bathroom. The door was unlocked. And I saw her. She was lying nude in the bath. I could see her big tits and hips well. I was shivering with excitement, my dick was ripping through the pants. We were looking at each other in surprise and puzzle. Finally, she started covering her boobs and her pussy with her hands. Then she got she only had two hands to cover all those intimate places so she just covered her nipples and her bush with her hands.

- “You know I decided to take a bath, I was cold. Allen is out shopping she’ll be back any minute”. – She murmured shamefacedly.

I was standing still, looking at the mature lady. I couldn’t stop looking at her, she was so beautiful. My dick was still getting bigger in size, making the pants swell. I really wanted to come up to her and kiss her lips. I heard the front door open. Mrs. Sassfield stood up and locked the bathroom door. I never called on the granny for a week. I was thinking about her all the time though. I couldn’t forget the picture: a nude chubby lady in water. Oh, gosh. I even couldn’t work well, I was unfocused and awkward.
But it just had to happen. We were in granny’s place again. All three of us were sitting on the couch watching TV. Then granny left to take a bath. It was the turning point. My dick was getting hard, trying to set itself free of the pants. The granny left and I started caressing my wife’s legs. My hand reached her panties and got under them to feel her bush and her slit. Allen was aroused too. All of a sudden we heard some noise from the bathroom. Allen jumped off the couch and set her dress right. Somebody knocked on the door. It was a neighbor, she wanted Allen to help her with some stuff. So my wife went to help and I was left alone with granny.

I sneaked up on the bathroom again. Mrs. Sassfield wasn’t taking a bath, and the door was unlocked again. She bent over the bath and I saw her dress getting in her huge butt. “Isn’t she wearing panties?” I thought. I couldn’t help it and came up to her to fondle her huge buttocks. I was afraid she would yell at me or something saying what a piece of shit I was, but I was wrong. She didn’t seem to notice what I was doing. Then I got fresh enough to get under her dress to fondle her ass, her hips. Then I spread her buttocks and found the anus. Unlike my wife’s, it was wide, soft and pliant. Looked like the granny used to be a nasty girl when she was younger. Mrs. Sassfield stopped doing what she was doing. She wasn’t moving. But for her heavy breathing and muffled moaning I would have never said she was aroused.

I felt her anus muscles contracting and it just made me give vent to my feelings. I raised her dress rim and packed her asshole with my pecker. It was so wonderful! My cock could finally do what it wanted! I was fucking her butt feeling great arousal. The orgasm was on its way. She was moaning louder. I came too. Mrs. Sassfield straightened her back and my flaccid cock fell out of her stretched hole. She turned round and hugged me. I felt her lips on my lips. I hugged her too. Still I couldn’t believe my biggest dream of having anal sex had just come true!

- “Don’t stop!” – She whispered. – “It was a great beginning…”

I started kissing her face. Our lips found each other, it was a long passionate and crazy kiss. My dick became rocky hard again.

- “Your dick is so strong”, – granny told me, – “fuck my butt again, it’s been longing for a hard cock…”

She pulled off the dress and turned round for me to see her incredible bottom. She spread her cheeks inviting me to pack her anal depths. Yes, madam! I directed my prick in her butt lubricated by my own sperm. It was sheer bliss!

It was it. We fell in love with each other. Our love was based on plenty of sex, anal sex mostly. Oh, we tried so many new things in so many new places! It was fantastic experience! Allen didn’t know abut our affair as we had sex when she had night shifts. I bought a camera to photograph Lucy (that was granny’s first name) naked during anal sex. She told me her husband made her get used to anal sex since their wedding night. First it seemed to be so pervert and wrong, but in about a year she couldn’t imagine her life without anal sex.

She also said she thought she had such a huge butt cuz of anal sex (she used to be slender before marriage). She also confessed she seduced her son-in-law when her husband died. Allen’s dad used to fuck her butt every night when his wife fell asleep. When Allen’s dad died too she decided it was too late for her to get married again. She was masturbating every day and having rare one-night stands with strangers. She didn’t want Allen to see how many men her granny had. She really loved her grand daughter. And I loved Mrs. Sassfield for making my secret dreams come true!

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