Fun might have ended

January 19th, 2009

Ralph has sent us one more story about his adventures with his mother in law, he keeps fucking all of her holes but suddenly, things get screwed up…

We extend our thanks to the author Ralph.

This might be my last story about my sexual adventures with my Mother-In-Law. Sometimes things take a wrong turn and earlier this week it did.

After my last writing my MIL said we should meet at her place just for something different. She said her mother was going out with some of her family members and we would have the house to ourselves. She called around 6:00 to tell me her mother had left and she would be expecting me around 6:30. I arrived promptly rang the doorbell and was greeted by my MIL in some very attractive lingere. She asked how I liked it. I couldn’t help but like it the bustier really showed off her tits, and the “T” back panties made her ass look fabulous.

We made our way to her room closed her door (to keep her moms annoying poodle out)got on her bed and just started with some tender kissing and fondling. This went on for almost 30 min during which time we had gotten each other undressed. I was looking forward to a nice session of love making but she had other plans. She told me all she wanted to do was “fuck”! She grabbed my dick and started to masturbate me very rough, so as a payback I pinched both her nipples , lifted her tits off her chest and began to jiggle them. She then started to suck me letting her teeth graze my cock and giving light bites as she went.

I realized she was wanting it rough so I swung her hips over me and went to work. First I stuck 3 fingers straight into her wet cunt and started to slap her ass. I knew by her reaction she loved it. Then I forced 3 fingers into her ass,I wanted something else to fill her pussy so I grabbed her hairbrush off the bedside table and pushed the handle in to the hilt. This really got her going. As for her the light bites were getting a little hard so I told her to stop. Without even an apology she got up repositioned and sat straight down on my sore dick. She was fucking me like a woman possessed. It was so hard I thought I might get injured. I started to squeeze her bouncing tits fairly hard pulling down every time she went up. She threw her head back and moaned. I let go and started just slapping them like a speed bag.

To protect my dick from injury I rolled her onto her back and took control. I was fucking her as hard as she was doing me. We were both into it now . I told her if her tits were sore to suck and lick them a while she did just that. This gave me time to come up with other ideas. I dismounted got out of bed headed to the door and she wanted to know where I was going. I told her I had an idea I thought she might like. I opened the closet door got one of those pants hangers with the built in clothes pins and headed back to bed. When I got back to I clamped each nipple under a pin and roughly stuck my dick back into her.

She wanted to change position and got up to all fours with nor clamped tits now dangling. I know she thought I would just what I did. I pushed my erection into her ass and started the same hard pace. She was frigging her clit and starting to orgasm. I had never really heard her orgasm like that but my wife had told me stories about hearing her mother when she was yet a girl living with her. It just kept building and she was getting louder. Even the stupid dog was joining in. All of a sudden she had the biggest orgasm I’ve seen. I felt my own cum moving and said over her noise “I’m comming”. My mother in law told me “oh yeah shoot it in my ass.” All of a sudden her door burst open with a “are you” that was all her mother got out. I guess her mother never thought she would find her daughter with her tits in a clamp being ass fucked by me. Her mouth flew open and her eyes got big . She just stood there, but I couldn’t stop. I was past the point of no return, I pulled out and shot a load on my MIL’s back and ass. My MIL told her she was OK get out and she would explain this to her later, but she just stood there like a stature. She finally left us and it was really uncomfortable leaving.

As a note most of this has happened after the untimely loss of my wife to cancer. I guess this was a strange way for us to comfort each other, but it worked.

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  2. ibram shampion Says:

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