This guy has a big crush on his aunt, who is a horny Milf, but that’s not an easy thing to get to her pussy as she is a hard nut to crack…

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It was when I was a young Teenager that I started developing sexual feelings for my Aunt Tammy. Aunty Tammy was always the flirty open sexual type. She has long dirty blond hair, she was always on the thick side, not fat, thick. Nice big ass and big beautiful tits and all the meat in the right places.

The good things started happening when I moved in with her, my Uncle, and my Cousins. Living with people eventually everyone becomes comfortable around each other. Ya can walk around in your underwear and one time or another you are bound to walk in on someone naked or something.

Like I said I always had a thing for my Aunt. I think mainly because she was my ideal type of woman and she was only about 12 years older than me and always looked way younger.

Well one day I came home early from work and my Aunt was always home all day by herself. I came in the house and she had just got out of the shower and I walked in the living room and right in the middle of the room their was my Aunt butt ass naked watching something on T.V. while she was drying off with the towel. She didn’t notice me for a good minute so I just stood their in awe. She turned around and jumped a mile and I said I was sorry. She looked at me and said that’s ok because I didn’t think anyone would be home this early. But I think anyone could have noticed my eyes were 3 times the size they ever were and I had a huge hard on and I mean beaming threw my shorts. I think Aunty Tammy noticed cuss as she was covering up she looked startled when she seen my bulge and my eyes popped out of my head.

I immediately went up to my room and whipped it out and started jerking off hardcore Cumming twice. I just laid back and closed my eyes and just took it all it by seeing my Aunt naked in my head. Those tits were so big and beautiful and that ass was so hot. She had some hair on her pussy and I was never one for hair but on her it was fucking beautiful.

Days went by and I had these gut busting butterflies in my stomach like I had to talk to or tell someone because I kind of felt bad but good and I had to get it off my chest. I talked to my Cousin Missy who was Aunty Tammy’s Daughter. Me and her were real close and cold tell each other anything. I told her and she laughed and said it was funny to hear me talk like that about her Mom. But Missy told me to talk to her Mom and tell her and that Aunty Tammy wouldn’t get mad.

That day I asked my Aunt if I could talk to her for a minute and it was really important. We went in the kitchen and everyone else was in other rooms or wherever. I told her that I walked in but I was watching her for about a min before she noticed me and I got aroused so much that I had to go upstairs and masturbate twice. I said I hope you’re not mad, I just couldn’t help it because you’re like everything I love on a woman and that you’re so damn hot and I shouldn’t think like that because you’re my Aunt. Then I said if you weren’t my Aunt, Uncle would have some competition. She just looked at me and smiled and said of course I’m not mad, why would I be. I think it’s flattering that you would find me attractive in that way.

I felt so relieved like a huge weight off my chest. But when I told her that it kicked my feelings into hyper space for her. Right then and their she was the number one girl on my fantasy list, the girl that I would have sex with over anyone else in the world.

As a couple years went by, I noticed that she got a little more distant from me. Before when one of us were in the shower, the other one just could come in and go the bathroom. She started locking the door when she was in the shower. When I was in the shower she wanted to use the bathroom but she said she would wait. Then it went from her walking around in her underwear to wearing pajama pants. We still would have good conversations but she would be more distant in other ways because she already got the fact that I thought she was hot and attractive.

Well my hours got cut and I was only working 2 days a week and me and her were home during the day by ourselves. My Uncle was at work and my Cousins in school. We were talking and she noticed my eyes keep looking at her chest because of her v neck pajama top. She covered it up with her house coat and seemed startled but keeps talking. I then asked her if their was anything wrong? She said no why, and I told her everything about her getting more distance, the same stuff I just wrote here. I told her if I knew it was going to make you feel uncomfortable around me I would have never told her that what I did and what I thought about her. She said that she was sorry and that she didn’t want to lead me on and give me any temptations and if I was cool with her walking around in her underwear and all that, she was also. Of course I said yes and things were back to normal but a times she noticed me checking her out.

What she didn’t know, after I seen her naked for the first time I just had to see more. I started sneaking out of the house late at night when she used to shower and put a chair up to the window and watch her take a sponge bath or a shower. I even peeped in her bed room window watching her dress and undress. A couple of times I hid my digital camera in the bathroom and hit video record just before she went into the bathroom. I used to love sitting their jerking off watching the videos on my computer of her stripping and washing up. The shitty part is I always had to delete it right after just in case someone found it.

But this broke all the boundaries one day. Every morning she used to come up to my room and walk right in and wake me up and asked to use my car to run some errands. I woke up every time as soon as I heard her coming up the stairs and it was always 10 minutes right after everyone left for the day, just like clock work. So I set my alarm 5 minutes before and got naked and started jerking off and just when she got to the door I cover myself up and chicken out. So I got bold and this time I layed on top of my covers this way I had nowhere to hide. I jerked off with my heart beating a mile a minute and she walks right in and just stops and says ohh I am so sorry and walks out. I did it again for the next few days and she knocked before coming in and of course I covered up. So I started leaving my door open just enough for her to see in.

So I am jerking off and I hear her get to the top of the stairs and to my door and that’s it. I continue to jerk off with my eyes closed and I am peeping out of my squinted eyes and I see Aunt Tammy looking threw the crack of the door. I start jerking off really hard knowing that my Aunt was watching got me so fucking horney that I came all over my stomach. My Aunt stood their for a good 3 to 4 minutes and she knocks after I cum. She came in with a startled voice asking to use the car and I knew she liked what she saw because she wouldn’t have stood their watching her Nephew jerk off for 4 minutes.

The next day came and I did the same exact thing. This time 2 minutes go by after she started watching, I started moaning ohhhh Aunty Tammy out loud. I think it startled her after I said it the 3rd time cuss she must have almost lost her balance and the door came open and she said OMG I am so sorry, I was going to knock I swear. She said I thought I heard you calling me so I didn’t know. I told her that I seen her standing their watching me and seen her yesterday also. She blushed all over and tried denying it but she then apologized.

At this point it was go or bust if I ever wanted to score with my Aunt. I uncovered myself and got up and asked her if she ever thought about having sex with me. She just stood their speechless and then said recently yes. I then took her hand and gently kissed her. She stood their in shock because of her naked Nephew kissing her. She then kissed me back and then it was a blur because we were on the bed and I was unbuttoning her shirt and she was stroking me.

This point in time I was 30 years old and she was 42 and both in the right place at the right time.

It was surreal finally I got to suck on her big beautiful tits. I knew Aunty was a kinky girl so I turned my body around with my bottom end toward her head and I started kissing and playing with her hairy pubic area. She then throws her leg over my head rolling on top of me and next thing I had this 42 year old hot hairy pussy and big ass in my face. She took my cock even though it had babe oil on it from jerking off and shoved it in her mouth and started sucking me off hardcore.

I took a big whiff of my Aunt’s ready for sex aroma crotch and dove my tongue deep into her wet pussy. I sucked that pussy so much that my tongue was getting cramped. Then I looked up and their was her ass, it was big but the most beautiful thing I ever seen less than an inch from my face.

I kissed her ass cheeks and spread them apart to expose her asshole. I kissed it and licked around it and dove my tongue deep into her asshole. The taste of her was out of this world, between her ass and pussy it was so tasty and sweet. I got so excited that I blasted a load in her mouth but I keep sucking until she came, the taste of her cum was unforgettable.

I stayed hard as a rock as she kept sucking it and running her tongue up and down my shaft and balls and around the head of my cock. I continued to rotate from eating her pussy, fingering her asshole to eating her ass hole and fingering her pussy. She came 3 times before we were done with our 69 time which was a good 45 minutes. My tongue was soar but I didn’t care because I had it in my favorite, now best Aunt’s ass and pussy.

Now we were well warmed up and ready for the main event. We get up and she looks me in the eye with the sexiest look I ever seen and said fuck me.. I jammed my cock in very slow at first, I just wanted to soak this up enjoy every second of the sight of my cock going in my Aunt Tammy’s pussy. We fucked in every known position until she came and then she gets on all 4’s and sticks her ass out wide. I got my face in their and licked her pussy to taste her fresh cum. Then I started to lick every inch of her huge ass and I ran my tongue down her ass crack and sucked on her asshole for a few and started fucking her ass with my tongue and fingers.

I then licked her pussy some more and got up and slide my cock in her pussy. I fucked her doggie style just like I always fantasized about. It was a perfect finish because of her ass was so big, not fat but big and firm. I pumped her so hard, all you can hear is her moaning so damn loud and my stomach and balls slapping relentlessly against her ass. I screamed out OHHHH AUNTY TAMMY several times and then I pulled out and blasted my load of hot cum all over Aunty Tammy’s asshole then smeared it all over her ass with the head of my cock.

When we were done I thought it would have been an awkward moment but she got up and we cleaned off and she told me she hasn’t had great sex like that in years and thanked me. I told her it was the best I ever had and she was flattered and said don’t you worry babe theirs a lot more were that came from and giggled.

We ended up taking a shower together but we got aroused and ended up fucking again but this time on her bed like I always wanted to do. My cock was so soar by the time we were done but it was well worth it.

We continued having sex consistently on those 3 days a week for a good year or two when no one was home until they had to move and I ended up moving back home again. By that time we already had done just about everything but anything sexual with each other. She had an ass fetish, she would have me eat her asshole and fuck her in the ass as hard as I could. I tittie fucked her and blew my load all over her face and tits. We did every position possible. Then after moving we went over a few years without fucking because of my new job and the way things were we never had a chance to be alone.

Just last month me and Aunty Tammy started fooling around again. She uses an excuse that she goes to the gym so we can get a cheap motel room for a few hours and fuck. I am now 34 and she is 46 and she taste better than ever. Out of all the girls I slept with, there is no better feeling than screaming OHHH AUNTY TAMMY and blowing my load all over or inside my Aunty Tammy. I think the most fun thing to do with Aunty Tammy is 69, just having her asshole and pussy at my tongues disposal and my cock down my favorite Aunt’s throat.

My Aunt tells me that she is getting a divorce because she found out that my Uncle has been cheating on her for over 5 years. She never told him about us so she is going along with it and I am getting my own apartment and she is moving in. Everyone thinks it’s just a nice Nephew helping out his Aunty but it’s a Nephew secretly dating his favorite Aunt.

Last but no least, my Cousin’s Evan, Stacy, and Missy found out about us and they surprisingly accepted it and told us that they support us in whatever we do and if we want to date. I plan on going to Vegas next year and marrying her. Both my Cousin’s think its weird but they said they will gladly stand up for us and support us as long as were both happy. But marrying your Aunt is illegal so that’s why were going to keep it on the DL.

Things only got better in the last few months because not only I fuck my Aunt but my Cousin Missy who is now divorced from being married for a couple years and my other Cousin Stacy is in on the action. They both just came up to me and Tammy and asked if she would get mad if she had sex with me. Aunty Tammy said go for it, he is really good in bed and loves to eat pussy. Right away they both fought over whos pussy I was to eat first.

I fucked my Cousin Missy and Stacy hard that day, its been a couple months so I can’t wait to get this apartment so I can have my Aunt at any time and my Cousins Missy and Stacy coming over for a taste once n awile. Their both just like thier Mom in every way except instead of D cup they have a C and a bigger asses, big in a good way. I try to get a family orgy but they never are up for it. I do get to fuck Missy and Stacy together on the same bed but since their Sisters they don’t touch each other. Variety is great, especially when you have a hot Aunt and 2 hot Cousin’s to fuck anytime you want.

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  1. michal jhone Says:

    Its a great story……

    Its the one that can fulfill yhe lust of the reader…….

  2. woot Says:

    damn that was good i feel exactly the same about my aunty but i doubt ile get as lucky as you m8 lool

  3. Ray Says:

    Good story but your spelling and grammer are lacking.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    good story I always felt that kind of way about aunt and i’m able to tell she tried some moves on me and I felt her nice round ass before but I feel weird cause she’s like twice my age but she looks young

  5. crazy Says:

    hi ive been reading these stories there great i jerk of once in a while to these but yea i have the same feeling for my couzins i wish it could come true this is a great couzins are so hot i want to fuck them so bad

  6. usickfucks Says:

    you are all sick fuckers that is family you are all pervs who cant get a real girlfriend

  7. cougar 307 Says:

    its a family afair, all in the family

  8. Imake cougars beg 4 mexican sausage Says:

    The shit my nigg! Rump time with aunty!

  9. papi Says:

    the was a good story idk about marriage with aunt thats some jerry springer shit

  10. MUSICMAN257 Says:


  11. Boifun Says:

    Gud story…even i wanna fuck my aunt like in d story even i hav spied on my aunt while she was takin a bath more over when she is havin sex with my uncle i sit outside their door jerkin of wishin it was me fuckin her..can any1 giv me some tip to get into my aunts panty

  12. KRAZY Says:

    wow thats interesting

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