Bathing box

January 17th, 2008

A student comes to the beach after classes in college, he wants to bathe and relax, but that’s hardly possible when a horny, 40 year old woman spotted you.

The sun was getting to be purple red, hiding behind the horizon. Its light was still seen on the sand. The wind smelled of cool water plants. We came to the beach to swim and enjoy ourselves after classes in college. I was dreaming of swimming in cool waters. I saw a mature woman of 40 by the bathing box. I smelled expensive fragrance. Her face was unseen from under the hat. I was standing silently waiting for my turn. The lady lit a cigarette. Then she got in the box. I decided she would spend much time changing clothes so I turned away to look at the waves. Then I heard silent moan or a cry.

I turned to the box. My friends were sitting several yards away, so they didn’t hear the noise. Then I heard the voice from the box:

- Don’t be such a fuckwit, can’t you see I need your help!

I was too astonished to be offended by her words.

- OK, how can I help you?
- Open the door first. – The woman said impatiently.

When I did I saw her standing with her back at me. She was still wearing her gown, or dress, or whatever it was. When she turned around I stopped dead. I saw her big tanned boobs several inches away from my face. Her bikini was hanging over her shoulder.

- Charley horse in my left leg. – She uttered quietly. – Yong man, can you help me? – She turned round again and raised her dress rim. I saw her buttocks with white semi-crescents.

I asked her what I had to do.

- Massage my left leg… You’re so awkward…

I squatted down and stared massaging her leg starting with the ankle and getting up. Soon I felt her bending her knee, she squatted a bit too and I reached her hip. I was a sportsman so I knew a thing or two about massage. The upper my hands went the more she squatted. Finally, I reached her crotch. She moaned and said quickly:

- Can you speed up! I’m tired of standing this way. I’d love to sit on a bench or something.

I knew what I had to do, so I started massaging her slowly. As the lady was squatting I had all access to her pussy. I stuck my finger in it. It was wet and sticky there. She started swaying her hips impaling herself on my finger. Then she turned at me and said:

- Young man, why don’t you put on a condom on your dick?

She took the condom out of her pocket. I put it on.

- I’m ready, – I said.

The woman turned her back at me and ordered:

- Now raise the dress and fuck me.

I felt weak in my knees.

- Do you have a cigarette? – She asked me.

I made a step up to her butt and raised her dress rim. She moaned so loud and lusty that I almost came on hearing her sounds. Well, I put myself together and entered her hole with my hard prick. She was impaling herself on it swaying her butt at the same time. I was feeling up her firm buttocks. Her voice made me over aroused, so I only managed to thrust about 10 times. She came squirting liquid on my scrotum.

- More… – she whispered.

My dick was still hard so I was glad to please her. I reached for her melons hoping to feel them up. I pinched her right nipple, fondling her stomach with the other hand… I was about to cum again. But how could I do it if the condom was already full? Seemed she knew what I was thinking about. It was fantastic. She took off the condom and said she had a pill of aspirin in her bag. She squatted down and placed the pill in her vagina. It was very hot! I couldn’t wait for her to turn around and let me fuck her again.

So I fucked her another time without a condom. I had a very strong orgasm, I even felt dizzy cumming. I was hoping she wouldn’t ask me to fuck her more. She turned round. I felt her boobs pressing against my chest. She squatted another time and impaled herself on my dick. It was a wild drill with passionate kissing. We came together. I pulled up my pants and wanted to caress her boobs more but she pushed my hand away:

- What else do you want? Come over tomorrow… If my husband is still out of town we’ll have a fuck, boy. I would really like to suck you now, but I guess you’re already drained, babe.

I went back to my friends. They asked me what took me so long. I didn’t answer, I was thinking about the next day.

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    that was an awesome story couldnt have turned out better

  3. zayed Says:

    im the guy from india.if any girl want to have a fuck e-mail me at [email protected]

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