Arousing massage

July 24th, 2007

Linda is the best, especially when all your girlfriends are away. Linda has a very skillful mouth and a perfect asshole…Linda is always ready to be fucked!

I met Linda by chance many years ago. There was nothing romantic about our relations, only sex, and it wasn’t too often. I just fucked her from time to time during emergencies, when there were no other chicks to have fun with. She is ten years older than me, but in my youth I always wanted to have women older than me. She looked quite good, slim body, not a drop of an excess weight, with tight round butt, nice breasts; she took good care of herself and was very particular about her look. She fucked really perfectly, the only disadvantage I can think of is that she was insatiable. That is why she didn’t like sucking, though she was good at it, she was just worried that her pussy would get less if she sucked me off. That night was an emergency; I couldn’t get my girlfriends on the phone so I decided to call a woman I can always fuck – Linda. When I called her she was home so I made myself invited, brought a bottle of wine, some snacks and called at her. Linda was very happy to see me as we had not seen each other for several months. After a short talk we exchanged the news, had some wine, and when there was nothing left to talk about, Linda stood up and started washing the dishes bending over the sink. The jeans fitted her butt perfectly and my organism reacted. My full balls gave an “attention” command to my dick and my dick reacted immediately. It stood at attention. I came closer and embraced her from behind; I started fondling her breasts, her belly, kissing her neck gently. Soon Linda started to soften with my caresses but when I tried to slide my hand into her jeans she stopped me.

- Don’t, I’m having my period.

I was pissed off, why the hell did she let me in if she knew that fucking was the only thing I needed from her?

- Linda, can you feel what’s happening to him? – I pressed my dick to her, let’s calm it down.
My voice could never be sweeter as it was that moment. I didn’t have to ask her long. She turned around, faced me and slid her hand in my pants; working on my dick skillfully she was looking into my eyes as if waiting for me to say something. I took her hand out of my fly and released my dick, which was as hard as a stone. Linda crouched and started licking it. I was so hot that I didn’t want any foreplay so as soon as my dickhead got to her mouth I grabbed her head and impaled it on my dick. She choked and tried to break free, but I rudely shoved her up against the sink and fucked her in her mouth. When she licked the last drops of my sperm she rose up and lit a cigarette. I took out a cigarette, too and sat in the chair. The beginning was good but I didn’t feel like finishing the party. An idea occurred to me – why not to get anal sex from this slut? I hadn’t fucked her asshole before, though once when she was drunk I tried to fuck it but she broke free saying that it hurt.

-Do you want some massage? – I threw away the dog end and offered her.
-You want to please me, too? – Linda looked into my eyes wantonly.
-Why not, but we need some cream so that my hands would be sliding down all your body.

In the bed room Linda handed me the bottle of oil and took off her clothes. Her pussy was delicately shaven. I lubricated my hands and started massaging her. Linda was really enjoying it, moaning silently. After massaging her back I started going down, got to her legs, massaged her toes, heels, I got to her butt again. My dick was hard and I felt like sticking it somewhere. I kept massaging her but with one hand, with the other one I pulled on the condom. Then I poured more oil in my palms and gave all my attention to her butt and asshole. Working on her butt my finger was massaging her asshole trying to get deeper. I was lubricating it with my finger making her asshole more and more open. The reply to all this was her sweet moaning. In a few minutes after that I couldn’t hold it anymore; I wanted to fuck, to fuck that ass hard.

-Linda, I really want your sweet ass, – my voice was so sweet and tender that it was impossible to refuse.
-Ok, but don’t rush, – she said, ok? – and she turned on her side, lay close.

I lay close and embraced her tits, and pressed my dick against her anus, Linda took it in her hand and aimed for penetration.

- Just be nice, ok? – she asked again.

I pushed it in slightly and my head slid into the lubricated asshole.

- Oh, – Linda moaned.

I tried to push my dick deeper.

– May be this will do? – she asked, when I moved an inch deeper.
- I am afraid that might hurt! – and she clenched my dick in her fingers as if trying to stop if from going deeper.
- ok, as you like, – and I slightly took my dick out to push it in again.

I took it out again and pushed it in, it went deeper, and you can’t imagine how enjoyable it is to fuck the tight anus! Linda reached her hand to my balls and started massaging them. I couldn’t hold it, so I took my penis out, waited for a few seconds until the anus ring shrank and pushed my dick in again, our moans mixed, Linda was moaning with some sweet pain while I was in heaven. I was cumming long, and then my dick got soft and went out of her asshole.

- Your ass is just a miracle, – I kissed Linda’s neck.
- Thanks, but you nearly tore it apart, – she said jokingly.

After some rest we went to take a shower, I felt like it wasn’t the end, I liked it very much.
When we got back to the bedroom we were lying in bed listening to some music. My hands kept caressing her body and she again started breathing heavily.

- Next time I will ask you for a massage like today’s one, ok? – With these words Linda bent down and started sucking.

Her lips and her tongue, her hands were caressing my dick, it was in her mouth, it was so wet and nice there that I was just lying and enjoying it. In 15 minutes Linda got tired and took my dick out. Ti was wet with her saliva.

- Can I just jerk it off?
- Yes, you can, but I would prefer it in your ass, I really liked it there.

After a pause Linda pulled a condom on my dick. I reached for a tube of oil. I handed it to her and watched her lubricating her anus, it was so exciting!

- I want you to sit on my dick, I want you to look at you sitting on my dick, – I lay straight inviting her to take the initiative.

Linda turned her back to me, spread her buttocks with her hands and started slowly impaling herself on my dick.

- Come on, I was really hot.

Slowly but surely, her asshole was impaling on my dick millimeter by millimeter, that was really something! When 3 inches were inside her, she rose up again and then sat on it down, ‘deeper’ was all I could say. I was as hot as hell and I really wanted to push my dick up to my balls inside her.

Linda tried to sit deeper than usual, but stopped, probably felt some pain, but I couldn’t wait, I grabbed her buttocks and arched forward pulling her onto my body. And I could feel her ass touching my pubis, my dick was fully inside her anus, it was so nice there and I wasn’t going to take it out, Linda tried to rise so that my dick would go out but I held her tight, and I was working her ass hard until I felt myself coming.

-Hold on a bit, honey, I am coming- and I pushed my dick again in her asshole.

After I came, Linda got off me and instead of getting huffy and stuff like that she took off the condom and started licking the sperm off my dick. She was licking my penis as if it was a lollipop. When she licked it all clean, she went to the kitchen to get some cigarettes. We were lying in bed and smoking, and I was thinking about how good it was. I will never forget the feeling of my dick penetrating inside.

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10 Responses to “Arousing massage”

  1. ~wanna-fuck~ Says:


  2. Andrea Says:

    i wish i had such a girlfriend of mine with relations full of sex and no obligations at that! to find some young chick to have fun with is a nice deal!

  3. Ishaan Says:

    REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    itwas MUCH better than the other ones i read on this site!!
    it was GREAT!!

  4. what a complete jerk Says:

    how much did you pay this woman to have sex with you?

  5. Azamat Says:

    I love butt-fucking, that is so arousing! I fucked all my women in the ass and they enjoy it too.

  6. Bond Says:

    Yeah, some women are put off by ass-fucking and it’s hard to get them to do it, but once they try, there is no stopping them, and much also depends on you, you shouldn’t be to hard on her ass the first time, otherwise it will hurt much, you should go easy on her as speed up slowly but surely.

  7. Alexander Says:

    Butt-fucking? It’s not so great, I love pussy eating and there’s nothing better!!!

  8. 69inkid Says:

    haha of course a teen like me had to check this out

    well have fun my first was in the ass…like nuthin ahh haha

  9. 9884449740 Says:

    waiting for u

  10. q Says:

    good one, but the question is why do we like ass fucking? i always wanted to know why. is itbecause most women say no and we want that no to be yes or is it something really good i really dont know.

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