An old pervert fart!

August 1st, 2008

Can you imagine what a life in a nursing home is like? What do old men do there when they want to have some fun? Read and enjoy!

It was another boring night in the nursing house. Alexander, an old man, who had lived here for about 2 years, was angry because he was finding it difficult to make friends. He had no similar interests with anyone here. He couldn’t get friends with his room mate Andrew, who was 77 years old. The women did not appeal to him at all. Even at his age of 69, Alexander was not impotent at all. He had awoken many nights with a hard, throbbing cock. At these moments he didn’t know what to do with a hard on. Time after time, he would sneak into the women’s sleeping side. Once upon a time, he had placed his throbbing member into the mouth of one sleeping woman. She was an old lady he liked. When he began thrusting in and out of her mouth, the poor old Granny had awoken, and screamed, alerting the staff of the nursing home. The house personnel were laughing at him softly.

A few days ago, there appeared a new care assistant. It was a young tall black raven haired woman, with tall large breast and tight ass. Marry, her name was Marry, started working in the nursing home. She was about 21 years old, with nice slim legs, and soft skin. She was a type of girl who would make any man get an instant hard on! Alexander enjoyed rare times when she happened give him his medication. He really enjoyed when she was giving him massage. When she leant over him, her breasts were so close to his face that eh could reach up and take them into his mouth! When he was lying on his back and she was rubbing his chest, he could see her young fresh boobs bounce back and fort in rhythm. Alexander became really excited! At these wonderful moments his big bulge would obviously form on his trousers. The young lady looked at Alexander’s bulge, and then she would usually look at his face and smiled. And though Alexander was old, but he knew the signs of lust. And this girl wanted to be fucked. He just knew it. One morning, after both Alexander and his room mate Andrew awoke, Alexander decided to have a conversation with Andrew.

“Listen” said Alexander: “One night, I’m gonna fuck that young and hot assistant. And it’s going to happen in this room! I can’t drive you out, so you can fall asleep soundly, or stay silent and see everything! But what you really should do is to keep your fucking mouth shut!”

“Ouh!” replied Andrew, “You think I care a fig? Or you think I’m stupid? I’ve seen the look on her sluttish face. She’s just itching to be fucked! I just wish I could do it myself. However, I can’t let it go, but I really want to see her in action!”

“So, what do you suggest?” asked Alexander.

“Well, I suggest that you and I grab this young slut, and we will have some fun!”

“Great idea! You are fucking old fart!” he wagged his finger at his room mate playfully: “But remember, if things go wrong, we don’t know anything! We are both imbecile and do not remember anything!”
The next morning seemed to last for eternity. The day went so slowly. Alexander and Andrew smiled at each other, knowing that this night would be fun of the day! Alexander became erect at the thought of the forthcoming events. At 19 pm, the gorgeous assistant started her work as usual. All the residents of retirement house were sent to bed. It was time of evening doctor’s round, when assistants would enter each room to fulfill the medication procedures. As usual, Marry entered Alexander and Andrew’s room. Approaching Alexander, she smiled and leant over him as usual, her breasts in his face. Looking down at his crotch, she saw the bulge that always made her smile, and she looked at his eyes and smiled. Instead of opening his mouth to receive the medicines, Alexander just looked at her. Without warning, there suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and placed her face down Alexander’s bed!
Andrew had pressed her to the bed, holding her down, and placed his hand across her mouth to keep her from shouting. Without hesitation, Alexander got off his bed and ordered Andrew to turn her over, so she was lying on her back. When his roommate did it, Alexander grabbed assistant’s breast and began to undo her bra down, releasing her big, pendulous tits out. When her beautiful boobs revealed, Alexander had an overwhelming desire to suck them! He put his tongue to work, and soon her nipples got really hard and perky. Then he looked straight in her eyes. She was not afraid. She was watching him, waiting for him to make his next move. Alexander could barely contain himself. Even Andrew, his impotent room mate was breathing heavily. Alexander grabbed her big tits and put his tongue into her mouth. She responded. He kissed the young woman with passion and she was enjoying his love. He pulled his tongue out of her mouth, he moved down to her big nipples. He began to suck on nipple, playing with it and giving it some good suck job, while flicking another pink cherry with his fingers. Oh, how much he loved the feeling of young meat in his mouth. He had missed it so much!

Alexander took his pajamas off, revealing a long hard cock. Marry looked at it, and licked her lips. Was it an evident invitation to put his cock in her mouth? Alexander climbed onto the bed, and settled himself at her head. His cock was hanging up and down at her face. In a second, her mouth opened, dying for his big cock. Marry seemed not to refuse take that fat cock in her mouth. Immediately, Marry took up sucking his dick as if it was the most delicious thing in the world! Alexander had to clench his muscles to stop himself from cumming too fast. At this moment Andrew stopped gripping her hands, and joined them, sitting on the bed. Marry pulled her skirt up, opening her fat white thighs. Andrew pulled aside her panties, revealing her cunt. Spreading her fresh pussy lips, he found them soaking wet! Andrew found her clit, and began to tongue fuck it. Marry loved the feeling of this old man’s tongue on her clit. It was heaven. She could feel the steps of close orgasm. Finally, she came, releasing a big load of juice into this old man’s mouth. Andrew was on his clouds! He wanted more of her juices, so he spread her ass cheeks again and continued to lick her, his tongue was just examining and exploring this young woman’s hole.

Marry carried on sucking Alexander. Now, he was not just sitting stiff, but started pumping her mouth furiously! His hands wandered over her young tits, playing with her big hard nipples. This sent Marry wild, her sucking became more intense. She took the shaft out of her mouth, and let her tongue run all over the head of his cock. A small amount of precum emerged from his dick, and Marry licked it instantly, enjoying the taste of his old cum.

Marry ordered Alexander to sit astride her breast! Alexander obeyed and settled himself over her tits. Marry grabbed his cock, and placed it between her big boobs. Wrapping her gorgeous boobs around his shaft, she started to tit fuck him violently. Alexander really enjoyed this. He grabbed her tits, and started pumping his shaft between them. When the head of his cock got near to her mouth, Marry would stick her tongue out so that she could lick it for a second. This bitch was really a dirty slut!
Meanwhile, Andrew continued to tongue her. Her cunt was really wet now and he couldn’t believe how wet she was. He moved his tongue from her open hole, to her clit and back! Her legs started to shudder, Andrew knew she was cumming again. He placed his mouth over her hole, wanting to catch all the juices she was gonna release! He was waiting for her sweet juice, this old fucking pervert! Eventually, her whole body shuddered; she started and just pushed out her fluids over his mouth! God! Andrew felt its warmth and swallowed it all violently. Alexander was still enjoying tit fucking this slut. After some good tit fucking her released his cock from her tits clench, and pointed his organ at her mouth. Marry wrapped her lips around his rod and began to suck it again! Alexander could now feel the familiar signs of his orgasm close! He needed to cum. He wanted to cum in her mouth.

Time was running out. It was time to cum for it was getting really late. He was feeling his old balls tighten and build up a good amount of cum to be free! This old man had not had sex for quite long time, so he needed a good eruption! Oh, God, how good it felt! At the very last moment, he managed to pull out of her mouth and shoot his load all over her face! Her face, distorted with lust! She loved this! Long hot streams of cum blasted her face. It dribbled down her cheeks, and covered her mouth and chin! Marry moaned excitedly. Her hand grabbed his cock and gave him a few hard strokes, draining his organ! Then she opened her mouth and started sucking on him more intense! This sent him over there and made him cum again! A second stream of hot sticky mass erupted from his cock, and landed over her lips and chin. Her tongue was trying to catch every drop! Alexander’s cock soon became limp, and he climbed down off her…

Marry got off the bed, wiped herself down with a towel, smiled at 2 old perverts, and walked away. She had enjoyed the session! Dirty slut! Alexander and Andrew looked at each other and exchanged smiles. They both knew that the fun had just begun. This slut was a real whore, and Alexander knew he would be fucking her again soon. Very soon.

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