The first time!

June 23rd, 2008

This guy hooks up a babe at a dating site and goes to her place, that’s the first time he tastes a pussy in his life and he sure luvs it!

Hey! My name’s David I’m 20. It’s been a while since I lost virginity. And that’s how it happened.

I’ve always been a pretty shy guy. Ever since I became a teen I’ve been dreaming about sex. I was jerking off several times a day and I just wonder how come I never got caught. It seems to me I’ve already visited all kinds of dating sites the world knows. One day I found the one that suited me perfectly. I was 18 that time and was eligible to register at the site. I wrote my interests included “sex, sex games, and hanging out with cute girls.”

I visited the site every single day hoping to meet the one I liked. But there were none. Well, of course there were girls who got interested but all of them lived pretty far away from my place. It was getting to be pretty distressing. Once I got a message: “Hi! My name’s Mary Jane. I saw your profile and decided to leave a message. Here’s my email, and here’s my site. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Her site was cute. I thought she was into drawing. The site was full of all kinds of pictures. I registered at her site and joined the forum. I saw her there. Her nick was “M.J.” “Hey! See I’m here! I’d like to know you better.” I wrote. She answered. She asked me to join the chat. We were talking about all kinds of things there. I didn’t recognize myself, I wasn’t shy at all. Some of the themes we discussed were really naughty. But it seemed to be ok with her. She told me a lot about herself. Her name was Mary Jane but her friends called her MJ. She was a college student and said she was pretty, kind, smart, and was looking for a guy she could be herself with. We were meant to be together!

We arranged a meeting. That was almost the thing I wanted. I was so close to my dream. I was really nervous on that day. We arranged to meet at 4 but I decided to come earlier and wait for her there. There was a problem. I didn’t know how to tell her I wanted to get laid with her. And there was also another problem. In my profile I said I was 20, when actually I was only 18.

I had to wait for her for about 30 minutes for her to finally show up. I was wondering if I would ever see her at all. But here she was. She was strolling down the street staring at people. She was looking for me. She was probably looking for somebody 20 years old. I should have told her everything beforehand… But it was too late, anyway. I stood up from the bench I was sitting on and came up to her.

“Hi MJ!” I said, though I didn’t know if that girl was MJ at all. Turned out I was right.

“David?!” She stared at me not knowing what to say.

“Listen, I should have told you I was 18…”

“And I was hoping to see somebody older,” she replied smiling.

So we went to a café where I was planning to tell her about my real intentions.

“Why did you write to me? I mean there were lots of other profiles there…”

“We have a lot in common – sex.”

She said the word “sex” with some really special intonation that made me feel chills up and down my spine.

“I’m not virgin. I lost virginity just as I turned 18. I haven’t had sex for about a year now. I just want sex. I want an orgasm. Why did you create the profile at that site?”

“Just the same reason. Wanna feel my first real orgasm.”

“So you’re a virgin?”

“Yeah, I am. I’m dreaming of sex.”

I saw her stare at me with interest.

“Here’s my proposal MJ…” I didn’t know what to say.

“I agree. It’s so arousing to have sex with a virgin who’s younger than me.” MJ said suddenly.

It was so hot! My dream was coming true. I just couldn’t believe this beautiful girl was gonna be the first I’d ram. I couldn’t think of anything else but the future sex.

“Hey, do you hear me?” MJ asked. She was saying something but I wasn’t listening.


“You’re probably thinking about me. So where are we gonna go now? You know before you say anything… We can go to my place. My room mate is out of town, so it’s fine.”

“All right.” I blurted out.

MJ laughed. Her smile was charming. Her snow white teeth, her plump lips…. I wanted her so much.

We went to her apartment. She lived not far away from the place. We were chatting all the time. I asked her to tell me about losing virginity, and she said she lost it too early and it was the wrong person, the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong everything but anyway she didn’t regret it because it showed her the way to real pleasure.

She took out the key and opened the door.

“Come on in.”

It was cozy in there.

“Come to my room,” she took me by the hand. She didn’t have to ask me twice.

Her room was full of all kinds of pictures and drawings.

“See you’re into drawing.”

“Sort of. I used to go to an art school. So shall we begin?”
She pulled me closer. I was all at her disposal. She started kissing me softly. I was responding to her kisses. It was some new sensation for me, there was something really great about that kiss. MJ tasted sweet. We were thrusting tongues in each other’s mouth. I was holding her close, caressing her body.

“You’re so impatient.” MJ said when I put my hand on her butt.

She started pulling off her blouse. She was doing it slow and arousing. She was wearing a red bra under it. She had really beautiful boobs. They were of perfect size, not too big, and not really small. She pulled off my shirt. We were trying not to break the kiss while doing it all. She was biting my lip gently, it made the kiss even spicier.

She pushed me on the couch. I couldn’t stop admiring her body. She had a great body, really! She came up to me slowly and got on her knees in front of me. She pulled off my pants.

“You have a really huge one! It’s sooo big!” MJ exclaimed when saw my 8-inch long penis.

She touched my dick with a finger. Then she moved her finger up and down the shaft. Then she started caressing the dickhead with her finger circling it round the flesh. I was ready to cum but tried to hold on and prolong the pleasure. MJ licked the head. She was impaling her mouth on my stem, trying to get it all in her throat. She started sucking it. She got her hand in her panties and was jerking my dick with the other hand. I was moaning. I just couldn’t help it – I came in her throat. There was a lot of sperm so some of it spilled on the floor. She swallowed the rest of my semen. Then she licked my shaft clean.

“Soooo?” MJ asked me, sperm was still dripping off her chin.

“It’s awesome!”

“Now I want you to fuck me. It’s your turn to suck me.”

“But I’ve never…”

“It’s easy,” she cut me short. “Just use your tongue, that’s all.”

MJ got on her back and pulled off her jeans, her bright red panties, and bra. Her boobs were sticking high, her nipples were erect. Her cave smelled wonderful. I licked her slit and started pleasing her hole with my tongue. She was moaning, holding me tight with her legs. She was squeezing her boobs and pressing my head to her pussy. She came in several minutes.

She took a short break and then turned on her stomach.

“So what are you waiting for?” She asked me.

I directed my hard dick in her bosom. I started frictions. I was fucking her. I was screwing her cunt! I really liked it! MJ was moaning louder this time, impaling her slit on my dick. When feeling like cumming again, I started moving faster and fucking her harder. After several more frictions I ejaculated deep in her womb. We flung ourselves on the couch and went on kissing and fondling each other.

P.S. I managed to cum thrice while writing it. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!
This is a real story, I haven’t changed anything at all. Even the names are real.

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