Thailand adventures

May 30th, 2008

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster, as the song goes, well, one thing you should know for sure is that all of your sexual fantasies can come true in Thailand…

We were strolling down a busy street in Pattaya. Crowds of people were passing us by. It was evening, so it wasn’t as hot as several hours ago. Jim gave me naughty glances now and then but I was too tired to think about sex. On the other hand, he couldn’t do without sex for long. I glanced at a gaudy flashing sign.

Go-Go bar was the place where everyone could get everything he wanted. There was the most permissive atmosphere there. Fat German guys were feeling up short legged Thai chicks, Chinese men gathered at the stage to enjoy a petite slim Filipino dance round the pole in white smoke.

I passed the counter by and headed to the center of the hall. A Thai with a “manager” badge came up to me, smiling.

“Do you want a boy?”


“So? A dance?”

“No. Just a girl for my man”

“Oh! Wait… Come here so you may choose her.”


Surprised? Shocked? You shouldn’t be. I just wanted to please my Jimmie, to spice up our life a bit. Wasn’t it the adventure we could then be talking about when we wanted to make something crazy and dirty? The manager showed us to a small room and then gave somebody a sign. Girls came inside the room. I liked one of them, she looked really innocent unlike most of Thai hookers. I pointed at her. The manager nodded, the rest of the girls immediately went out of the room.

“She’s a virgin. Two prices,” He said slowly.

“Well, okay.”

A virgin? WTF!? I couldn’t wait to see Jim screw her! I could pay even more to see that. The girl came up to Jim. He looked her up and down and told her to turn round.

“So, what are you waitin’ for? Undress!” He told her.

She took off her clothes hastily and then got on her fours. She was apparently nervous. Jim came up to her from the rear. He decided to lick her first. She was so tasty, unlike other sweaty sluts over there. The girl shivered when he caressed her slit with his tongue. I giggled, I knew what a fantastic pussy licker Jim was.

Her vagina was wet either of his saliva or of her own juices. He started fucking her with his tongue; the slut was moaning and swaying her butt. Her face was blushing, her nipples were hard, she looked so natural and so strain. None of experienced American and European sluts could do that when imitating an orgasm.
Jim stood up enjoying the view of her gushing slit. He just pounced on her then. His giant red dick was hard. He was trying to enter her snatch. The girl shrieked when he poked his dickhead at her tight virgin slit.

Jim had no mercy screwing the chick. Jim is a real sex machine and he’s so difficult to stop when he’s hot. He’s unstoppable and insatiable. Anyways, Jim faced some problems depriving the girl of her hymen. She was crying and moaning. He had to try it another way.

He told the girl to get on her back and spread her legs wide to sides. I saw her badly shaven wet slit. He mounted the slut and entered her with a mighty thrust. The girl shrieked again, but Jim didn’t stop. “He did it,” I thought.

Jim was fucking her deep. His 12’’ shaft made her vulva lips stretch a lot. It was so hot for me! It turned me on to see my lover drill a young slut, to see him fuck her deep and hard, to see her moan and buck with pleasure, losing control. I watched her turn into a dirty slut… Oooh. My hand slipped under my skirt and panties. My fingers were fondling my pussy catching Jim’s tempo in the slut’s twat.

He was insatiable. The girl’s body shivered. He was groaning. He didn’t intend to please her or to prolong the bliss he was just fucking her and trying to cum as soon as possible. He finally erupted. His white juices were spilling over her vulva lips, Jim took his dick out of her pussy and came on her stomach. I climaxed too, watching the action.

“That’s enough, you can go now. You’re free, go!” I told her when she looked at me.

She ran to shower. I looked at Jim. He was lying on the bed. His dick was wet with juices. He was happy. I saw a red spot on the bed sheet.

“Have you fucked virgins before?”


It was so arousing to look at him. I felt like having sex too, but there was no time. And it wasn’t the best place for that.

“OK, let’s go back to the hotel.”

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  1. Rob Says:

    that was fucking hot.

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