It is love…

August 27th, 2007

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It was bright Monday morning. Valerie opened her eyes. It was 7.30. She looked out of the window. It was a wonderful day. In some 10 minutes she stood up and slowly went to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror she gave herself a happy smile, washed her face, took a shower, and wrapped herself up in the towel.

On the way back to bedroom she noticed she was home along. It was strange as her brother was going to spend the whole day at home. In the sitting room she saw a note reading that her brother went to the pool and would be back after 7 pm.

For a moment it seemed the day would be extremely boring, but then she heard the phone ring. She did not recognize the number. She picked up the phone, the voice sounded familiar.

-Good morning, babe!

-Good morning. Who is it? – She asked being still sleepy.

-Sorry if I woke you up. It is Tim. – She was surely glad to hear him, hut she did not know what he wanted from her.

- Sorry, I didn’t know it was you. What’s happened? Why are you calling?

- What do you think of a meeting? I haven’t seen you for ages and decided to call. So, do we meet or what?

-I don’t know. I’ve just woken up…

-I’ll be at your place in an hour or two, well, maybe at 10, – Tim said.

-OK, but why do you need that? I don’t believe that it is just that you’ve been missing me…

-But it is true, I’m missing you.

-Fine. I’ll try to get in time, but you’d better pick me up, – replied Valerie.

-OK, honey, I’ll be there.

Valerie thought the day was not going to be very boring anymore. She started dressing. She chose the best lingerie; she couldn’t understand why she did that. It is just a walk, she kept telling herself. Valerie noticed, she chose the red lingerie, and remembered at once that it was Tim’s favorite.

She put it on. It fit her perfectly. Red color made her white skin shine. Beautiful red lace lingerie. “No, nothing’s gonna happen. We’ll be just walking,” she tried to persuade herself that she didn’t want something more.

She put on a short red tank top and jeans that made her body look gorgeous. “Let him see what he’s lost,” she thought to herself.

It took her an hour to dress up. Suddenly she heard the on-door speakerphone ring. It was Tim. “You can come in, but I’m not ready yet,” she said to him.

He did. He kissed her on the cheek and came in. Looking around, he got that they were along in the apartment.

-Are you along?

-Yes, but don’t think it is…

-You are so slim and beautiful. And the top is just wonderful, – he said thinking it would be better if there were no bra under it. “I can see everything, though,” he thought.

-Stop it. Wait a bit, I’ll finish with my makeup, and we’ll go. Anything to drink?

-Yeah, something cold, please.

Valerie poured him cola with ice and got back to her makeup. Then they went for a walk. It felt so good just to be by his side. She felt like a queen.

They were chatting.

-For how long will you stay? – She asked.

- Till about 10. Then I’ll have to get back, of course, if you don’t tell me to leave earlier, – he said smiling. – Max is somewhere here with another girlfriend.

-Why are you not with him? You could also have fun.

-I don’t want to. I have been missing my babe so much, – he said embracing her, but she made him stop.

-We’re just friends. You should not do it, – she seemed to be a bit angry with him.

-OK. Don’t be mad.

They bought some ice-cream. They were sitting in the park when he said:

-I want you baby, – he tries to kiss her but she poked ice-cream into his nose.

-Don’t even dream about it!

Tim decided to revenge and poked ice-cream into her face too. When they were through with their ice-cream, Valerie suggested going to her place, she needed to get clean.

They came home. She went to bath.

-You can watch TV or play computer. I’m going to the bathroom, I’m all dirty because of you.

-OK. May I go with you?

-In your dreams.

-Well, I can scrub our back, it will feel so good. I promise.


Valerie went to shower hoping he would join her. Through with the bath, she noticed she left panties in the room. Wrapped up in a towel she went to the room. Tim was sitting before the computer. He turned around and saw she wasn’t dressed.

-Try to seduce me?

-No, I don’t. I left something here.

-This? – He raised a hand holding her panties.

-How come you have them?

-I came in the bathroom and took them. I knew you would come out to get them. – He stood up from the chair walking in her direction.

-Why? So, you saw everything.

-Yes, I enjoyed every moment. It was terribly difficult not to join you in shower. Don’t worry, I was not standing there for long, otherwise you would have noticed me.

He came even closer to her.

-You haven’t changed at all.

-Yes, babe, I’m still the same. – He said making another step in her direction. Several inches were between them now.

-Don’t get closer, and give it to me! – Valerie wanted to get her panties back. She tried again, but Tim already knew what she wanted, and when Valerie reached for her panties, he pulled the towel off, and it fell on the floor. Valerie was confused and tried to cover her breasts with her hands.

-You look more beautiful now.

-Why? Why me? – Tears were falling down her cheeks.

-Sorry babe, I can’t handle it anymore, I just can’t stop, sorry…

-No, – she cried trying to run away, but he held her tight to his body, kissed her on the neck, saying.

-I’ve been waiting for so long.

-No, please, don’t, I don’t want it.- Valerie was crying.

-Don’t worry. I’ll be very gentle. It won’t hurt, I promise. – Tim said turning her around and kissing.

Valerie couldn’t resist any loner, she had to admit, it was something she desperately wanted herself. She cupped her hands around him kissing. Everything had gone: fear, insecurity, fright. The whole world shrunk to two of them. He kissed her vehemently, as nobody had ever kissed her before. He took her in his arms and brought to the bed.

He got undressed and lay on her. Tim was caressing her, she pressed tightly against his body. His kneading was so nice. Valerie couldn’t stop moaning, it felt so good. “You are such a sweet baby,” Tim said bringing her legs apart.

His hand slid up and down between them. He saw she was all wet. He entered her with one finger and started moving it inside her very slowly in order not to cause pain, as he promised. His other finger found a small knob and touched it. Valerie throbbed and moaned voluptuously. She took Tim’s dick in her hand and began jerking it. It was so big and rock hard. Tim aroused her more and more kissing her all over the body.

-Take me. I want you,- moaned Valerie.

-The time has not come, baby, – Tim whispered in her ear as tenderly as never before. He was fingering her while his lips were kissing her beautiful body.

In about five minutes he understood she was ready. He moved her legs a bit wider apart, got even closer, and started entering her very slowly. Valerie was moaning. In feeling some barrier he stopped, kissed her as gently as he could, and whispered:

-Don’t be afraid, baby.

He entered her with one single thrust. She shrieked, her nails pierced into his back. He stopped for just a sec and then continued accelerating the tempo. She was happy, she was in heaven. Valerie had never felt anything similar to this. She liked it and didn’t want it to stop. They came together. It was her first time.

Tim held her close hugging, kissed her, and gave her some time to rest. He was happy to be the first, to be her teacher. He knew she loved him.

He watched her sleeping. She was like an angel, she was smiling in her sleep. He was looking at her and thinking that this angel was the most important person for him in the world. In an hour she woke up, he kissed her and said:

-How was your sleep, honey?

-Am I still dreaming?

-NO, you’re not, and I’m real. You can touch me if you want…

Suddenly she looked very sad.

-What’s up? – Tim asked kissing her cheek.


-C’mon, what’s wrong, tell me.

-It was so great, but I’ll never see you again, – she was almost crying.

He squeezed her tighter.

-Do you really think I can ever let you go? You belong to me. Of course, if you don’t want to leave yourself… you know, I won’t let you go, anyway. We belong together now!

-I love you, – she said quietly.

-I love you too, – Tim embraced her tight, – tell me, was it very painful?

-No, it was good. Well, maybe it wasn’t that painful, – she smiled and pinched him.

-Oh, you’re my baby.

-You know, I liked it, it was something very special. I even want more.

-No, that‘s enough for today. Besides, your parents will be back home soon. But if you are ready for a kiss, then you are welcome.

She kissed him. It was an absolutely special kiss – Valerie knew he loved her. They stood up and went to the bathroom. It was 5 pm, parents were about to come.

-Let’s go for a walk, – said Tim.


Valerie dressed up, and they went for a walk. They were so happy together. They were walking till 10 pm, when he had to leave. He saw her home. He didn’t want to let her go, he wanted to stay with her forever.

-You’re mine. I won’t let anyone take you away from me. I’ll come tomorrow, – he said.

He hugged her, not willing to let go.

He didn’t lie. He came the next day just like he had promised. Valerie was happy, the man she loved was by her side…

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4 Responses to “It is love…”

  1. MY MOM HAS A DICK!!!! LMFAO Says:

    oh my lord. these stories never end…. real love stories dont have “wants’ they have “needs”
    greedy ppl xP

  2. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    so romantic i want him he will be mine

  3. Sumarno Says:

    Very nice story,I like it! Tell me more about love,please:-)

  4. sunita Says:

    I love the story thanks

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