Erotic Nurse

August 21st, 2008

An 18-year old guy gets a nice birthday present, wanna see what it’s like? Read and enjoy!

We extend our thanks to the author MATT.

On my 18th birthday I went for my physical, and had a new nurse (doctor) I had never met b4. I had not jacked off for a few days b4 my physical so I was pretty horny when I went in for it. when I saw my doctor my jaw fell to the floor. She is 25 and a smoking hot brunet, her name is Caroline.

The physical was going fine until she took my pants off to examine my penis. she started to rub it and pull the skin back. I instantly got hard. she asked if I lost my virginity yet and I said no. she told me I was about to lose it.

I took off her over coat and then I slowly removed her shirt. She was wearing a sexy bra, and her tits felt amazing. I then slowly removed her pants and was surprised to see her wearing a sexy, lacy black thong. I rubbed her ass and pussy as we made out, and I then slowly took off her thong.

She told me to eat her pussy, and rub her clit. she then suck my penis some and rubbed my balls. then she had be caress her butt hole. She told me she wanted me to fuck her in her ass and then stuff her pussy with my 7inch cock. I rubbed her ass and her butt hole slowly relaxed for my dick to penetrate it. I slowly forced my cock into her ass, and she yelped with joy. I kept butt fucking her until she told me to stop.

She then sucked on my cock some more and she then got on top and inserted my virgin dick into her tight wet pink pussy. She started moving up and down first going slow then speeding up. I felt her pussy contracting on my dick, and she then stopped and had a wonderful orgasm, that squirted quite a bit. She then started fucking my cock again, and rite before i was about to cum I pulled out and shot my load on her face.

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