Two friends

September 29th, 2007

Two female friends meet and spend a night in a luxary house, there they make love and one of the friends learns how sweet lesbian love can be…

Ms. Jenny Lee was walking along the beach. It was a warm evening, cool breeze was playing with her hair. She liked to look at crowds of tourists, speaking all world languages. Nice thoughts crowded the head of the English teacher. She was dreaming of finding a great talent in one of her students, or of her as an old lady sitting in front of her small white house with a cute garden and waiting for her former students to call on her and bring her flowers or something. One of them became a world famous ornithologist (let it be like this), another one became a famous writer, the third was an ambassador… They all were grateful to her for the knowledge she shared with them many years ago.

The young woman didn’t let herself float in the dreams for a long time. She had to think about more trivial and prosaic things too. She sat down on one of the benches, opened her bag and counted the cash she had on. The room she was renting was rather expensive, but it was very cozy and clean, so she liked it. Counting her money, she decided not to spend too much on food, maybe to give up two or three excursions. Jenny sighed. Generally, all these things were insignificant. She could hear the noise of the ocean, she saw the Moon. She didn’t want to go home.

All of a sudden she noticed an attractive woman in a light suit that fit her like a glove. She had a bunch of flowers in her hand. She was going along one of the trails.

-Mini!? – Jenny cried out cheerfully.

-Yeah, – the woman turned her head and smiled, – Jenny? Hi! What are you doing here?!

-I’m on vacation. And you?

-I live here.

-I thought you went somewhere to the West.

-First I did, then I moved here. Where did you stay?

-Over there up the hill.

-Let’s go to my place. We’ll have dinner and talk!

-OK! I didn’t really expect to find you here! It’s so wonderful to meet an old college friend!

Turning over the corner, they found a posh car parked at the store. It was Mini’s car.

-The car is new. And it costs hell much.

-Yeah, – Jenny said thinking back on those times when Mini was a college girl from a poor family.

In several minutes the car pulled up at a mansion in an expensive district. The garden was lit by glass balls of different colors that were installed somewhere in the bushes all over the place.

-Your place is gorgeous! – Jenny said when they entered the hall made of wood and bronze. – is it all yours?!

-Not yet, unfortunately. I rent the place. The place is expensive, but…

-Yeah, I understand…

The friends went to the living room. It was very cozy here too. A small leather couch, glass table for candles, special shelf for music CDs and stuff. Jenny was more and more surprised. Mini was calling somebody.

-Fred, make dinner for two. Light soft drinks… Ok, thank you.

-Mini tell me are you married to a millionaire?

-No, I’m an independent woman!

-Are you a business woman or something?

-Not at all. I’m a teacher, just like you.

-But I don’t get then…

-Well, …. – Mini said, making two green and orange cocktails and lightening a candle. – I lead a so called depraved life.

-Are you a prostitute? You’re kidding me right?!

-No, I’m not. There are a lot of rich men longing for love…

-Listen, but it’s awful! You’re ready to sell your body to lead a good life?!

-Listen let’s wrap up the discussion. Let’s put it not like prostitution but like a free way of life. I like men! So what?! I’ve always liked them. And I love to have sex…

-But not when you’re paid for it! Sorry, but it’s just that I’m shocked a bit!

-You can be, it’s OK. But if you think it over, you’ll understand that I’m right. And you’re wrong. Think and you will see. All right, try the cocktail and forget about your lustful friend!

The cocktail was really very tasty.

-I can earn a week salary of a teacher by just a couple of blow jobs! – Mini continued.

-Blow job? To suck… it?!

-C’mon. Dicks re wonderful! I love to take them in my hand, exposing the dickhead. Cocks get hard right in front of your eyes. I always feel like a magician or something. I can’t wait to suck it into my mouth. OK, let’s stop talking about sex. It’s time to have dinner. You must be hungry?

When they came into the dining room, the table had already been laid for two. Jenny saw slices of freshly salted salmon, some other fish on a big dish, she also saw caviar canapés there. Lots of all possible fruits and a bar of different soft drinks were standing on another small table near by. A young handsome waiter was waiting upon them.

They drank to the meeting and started dinner. Jenny was perplexed, she didn’t know how to behave. Should she stand up and leave? It wouldn’t be very polite, though. Besides, everything was very delicious. And it was interesting for her, she had to admit the fact. Why not watch the life she would never lead? Though… she’s not a journalist or something…

-See, you don’t know how to react, – Mini said carefully, – I shouldn’t have told you that at all. I thought you would understand me as a friend… OK, forget it! Don’t rack your brains over it, all right? Drink wine in stead! The wine is great.

-Yeas, it’s true. – Jenny said in a quiet voice.

-I bet you’re thinking what you’re doing here, right? No, don’t interrupt me, let me say. I don’t really think that you’re here still just because you like the fish and the drinks. You’re still here cause you can’t make up your mind and come to the final conclusion. Yu still don’t know what to think about me, do you? You still can’t say if I’m a real bitch or not?! I don’t really look like it, do I? Something must be wrong about it. It is truly so. What is real life and what our parents, teachers and relatives have always been telling us are two different things. Completely different.

-Wait, – Jenny broke her off, – so you’re saying that its’ totally fine to fulfill men’s sexual whims when you’re given money for it?!

-Sexual whims… – Mini said. – OK, watch then!

The waiter turned on the dim light and was standing in front if their table as if on the stage. Jenny heard nice slow music. The waiter was dancing, undressing slowly. Jenny couldn’t stop watching him, she had never seen striptease before. The waiter was wearing just his pants now. His muscles, tanned skin and strong body could turn on anyone. He pulled off the pants and she saw his thong that was very narrow and made his phallus look very arousing. He turned his back at the friends and began pulling the thong off, exposing his narrow hips and small muscular buttocks.

He turned at them suddenly, and Jenny saw a huge cock. She never stopped watching him jerk off. The music was still on. She felt some warm wave in her lower belly. She pressed her hips tight.

-Fred, attend to the guest! – Mini ordered in a low voice.

The naked waiter got on his knees, his hot breath was burning Jenny’s legs, and she pressed the legs even tighter.

-No, you shouldn’t!

-Don’t worry! That’s a part of the service. – Mini laughed in content.

Jenny felt hot kisses on her calves, her knees and soft hips. The young man’s head was under her skirt. His fingers were playing with her bush, now and then they got deeper and touched her pussy. She felt dizzy and weak. God, is it really happening to me?! She thought.

The handsome man with beautiful body, his bare back, sweet lips…. She couldn’t resist anymore and spread her hips. Her panties turned out to be lying on the floor in no time. Long hot fingers were spreading her vulva lips, making her tremble. No one had ever treated her this way! She wasn’t sure she wanted it, but… it was so great and pleasant!

His fingers were very careful parting her lips. Suddenly she felt his hot tongue on her body, it slid between her minor lips, then disappeared, then he licked her again, pressing against her love button, pushing, playing with it. She had never experienced anything of the kind before. She was almost crying of the overwhelming bliss! The tongue was moving faster and faster…

Mini was watching them. She saw Jenny’s legs twitch, then her whole body was shivering. Cry, moaning, whining were heard from her parted lips. Then she was quivering sitting on the chair, tossing her head back, arcing her back, squeezing her hands convulsively. She hit the table. A couple of glasses and plates hit the floor breaking into pieces.

-OK, Fred, that’s enough, you may go, – Mini said silently, and Fred sneaked out of the room, grasping his clothes from the floor.

-And you say to fulfill men’s sexual whims… – Mini said to Jenny when she opened her eyes.

-I guess I must go…

-Where are you gonna go? It’s late. You can stay here. Tomorrow we’ll fetch Fred to bring your things, – Mini said persuading.

Jenny didn’t know what to say. She went up the stairs. The bed room was of sky-blue color, Jenny was amazed by the various make up things she saw on the bedside table. Beautiful pictures were hanging on the walls. Mini opened the wardrobe. There were so many different things there that they could easily make the great variety of goods in a small store. There was sexual lingerie, decorative things, jewelry, nightdresses, gowns there.

-You can try anything you like. Feel yourself home. I gotta make some calls. – Mini told her.

It was impossible not to yield to temptation and not to try some of the lingerie. Jenny took off her dress and decided to try some. Besides, there was a large mirror on the wall. Soon she found special leather lingerie deep in the wardrobe. Tight leather bra was holding her tasty boobs making them even more attractive. Panties didn’t cover the pubis and the pussy. They were very hot. She imagined her self walking in this lingerie before a man…. In a while she found other interesting things there. It turned out there were panties that could spread vulva lips wider apart. Getting them on, Jenny was standing in front of the mirror sticking out her butt and spreading her legs wide to see if her pink vagina could really be seen from the rear. Mini came in the room and saw her in that pose.

-I see you don’t waste time here!!! – She praised her friend.

-I … just… – Jenny was blushing.

-Hey, you’re just wonderful! – Mini said convincingly, – I didn’t know you had such a good body. Come over, let’s try this.

“This” turned out to be old-fashioned drawers. Women must have worn them in the beginning of the 20th century, it seemed. Jenny put them on obediently. Mini pushed some button and she felt the panties get hotter and then wetter. Now they were fitting her body tightly. She could also feel some sweet arousing itch under the panties. Mini pushed some other button and Jenny saw that some bulge began to be seen in the crotch. It was getting larger, heavier, and harder, moreover it was right in front of the pussy.

-What is it?! – Jenny asked in surprise.

Mini laughed, saying nothing. Soon the bulge turned into a small cock that was getting deep between the vulva lips, spurting some warm liquid into it now and then. Jenny felt her clit getting harder too. She tried to pull off the strange panties, but the fabric got stuck to her hips. She was walking around the room her movements made the dick move too, getting deeper and deeper into her flesh. She was seized by orgasm, unable to overcome crying. Them more and more…

Soon the itch between he legs became less perceptible. Mini was laughing cheerfully looking at her friend’s confused face expression.

-Don’t worry, there isn’t a woman who wouldn’t cum in these panties. These are special stimulating panties! They are for fun. – Mini explained, – It was good, wasn’t it? You just couldn’t fight the feeling! OK, it’s time to go to bed. Here is a water mattress. Here is the button. The switcher is here. You’re gonna like it, watch!

She pushed some button and the ceiling set into move. Soon Jenny saw a glass ceiling or a huge window, she could see stars in the night sky through it.

-OK, good night! – Mini went out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Jenny couldn’t sleep. She was still aroused. From time to time she touched the clit with her finger and then jerked her hand away. Sweet dreams never let her go. She imagined a naked man, or Fred’s frisky tongue, or saw herself in front of the mirror in all possible obscene poses. Finally, she pressed a pillow between her hips and squeezed it tight and rhythmically to release the tension. She fell asleep then. She wasn’t dreaming that night.

She woke up when the Sun was high up in the sky. Its rays touched her face through the glass ceiling. Putting on a transparent pink peignoir Jenny got downstairs to find Mini. She couldn’t find her anywhere. She was walking round the house, admiring the decoration and design. She found herself in a greenhouse. It wasn’t the greenhouse, actually, rather a glass gallery for walking, with beautiful plants that filled it with befuddling scents and fumes.

Then she saw a hall. She heard muffled water splashing and opened the door. It was a bathroom. But it was so large that seemed as big as three regular bathrooms. In stead if the bath there was a small pool in the floor. Mini was sitting in it.

-Good morning! Come and jump in here! – She said in seeing Jenny.

Green warm water, pink flakes of bath foam were so tempting that Jenny pulled off her peignoir and joined her friend in the aromatic bath.

-Sit here! – Mini pointed at the right corner of the pool.

Jenny leaned her back against the wet walls of the pool and suddenly felt strong water stream wash her hips and buttocks. The stream was so strong that it got between the legs, massaging and stimulating vagina. She couldn’t say that the stream turned her on in a moment, but its waves were tickling her non-stop, creating an illusion of arousal. She wanted to press her legs tight together and at the same time she wanted to prolong the pleasure… She closed her eyes and tried to compare her present sensations with those she had yesterday when Fred’s tongue was between her legs. The both sensations made her twitch and feel warmth in her lower belly. But if she could choose which sensation to prefer, she wouldn’t know what to choose… But… It’s more pleasant when a real man is making love to you!
As if knowing her thoughts somebody took her breasts in the hands and began massaging them, pinching nipples with the fingers. Jenny opened her eyes. Mini was standing over her. She saw voluptuousness in her eyes.

-I’m gonna wash you now, – she whispered, – you boobs are so attractive and your skin is so soft!

Of course, Jenny should have got out of the pool, but Mini’s hands were so gentle, and the arousal was so strong… Mini took a very nice sponge and began to wash her neck and breasts, making her nipples get hard. Then Jenny’s back. Mini asked her friend to turn and get on the knees. The sponge was caressing her waist, reaching the stomach and the bush. Warm stream was still fondling Jenny between her legs, getting surprisingly deep.

-Now your butt! – Mini said, draining the poll a bit and placing Jenny on a large flat pillow.

As soon as pink buttocks appeared from under the water, Mini started kissing them, washing the crotch with the sponge. Soon the sponge was of no use. Minis’ skillful fingers took its place. Mini was kissing her back from the coccyx down to her buttocks. Jenny felt her friend spreading them gently, thrusting her lips and tongue deeper and deeper between them. She wanted to press her buttocks tight together, but Mini didn’t let her do it fingering her pussy. Her slippy tongue moved round the cave and then Jenny felt her friend give her anus a long kiss. This strange, unusual, incredible caress was very arousing. Jenny could have never thought before that her own butt could be the source of such exquisite and sexy sensations. Meanwhile, Mini’s tongue accelerated the tempo and was getting inside the asshole. The pleasure was unbelievable. Jenny was no longer embarrassed by her more that obscene pose. Frankly speaking she forgot all about it!

Suddenly she felt that something else took the tongue’s place. It was smooth, thick and hard. It was getting in her butt slowly but confidently. Mini’s hands were holding Jenny’s buttocks, spreading them. The thing got deeper and deeper in Jenny’s ass, bringing about pleasant feelings. Suddenly it began shaking! In a minute the shaking echoed in every cell of Jenny’s body. She couldn’t even think that a butt could be so sensitive. The thing was moving to and fro in her asshole, working it out, stretching it. In several minutes of such manipulations Jenny felt like cumming. It was her first anal orgasm!

When she could think clearly again she opened her eyes and asked:

-What was it?

-Anal dildo, – Mini replied. – Yesterday I realized that your butt is very sexy. My congratulations, you lost your virginity for the second time.

-What if…

-… it were not a dildo but a man’s dick? – Mini finished her phrase. – It’s great, men love anal sex. But they’re not always good at doing everything correctly. Anyway, it’s better to get yourself prepared on your own or with my help. Men are very impatient they don’t spend much time on penetration; some even like to behave like rapists…

-Have they done it to you? – Jenny asked naively.

-Oh! – Mini sighed. – Look here.

She got on her knees and spread her buttocks apart. The anus was slightly opened, and even Jenny, being rather inexperienced in it, could say it was well worked out. Jenny moved her finger along the hole, it made Mini quiver, but she was till standing on her knees. Jenny didn’t expect she could do it, but she entered the friend’s butt with her finger. She wanted to fuck her friend’s big ass. Her hand found a thick knobby dildo behind the back. Jenny grinned gloatingly.

Meantime, Mini was swaying her butt lustfully, holding her finger tight by the anus or relaxing the muscles, letting the finger get deep in the hole. That’s what a man must be feeling, Jenny thought in delight. That’s what he feels when he enters a woman’s… my ass… with his dick!

Realizing that Mini was ready, Jenny took the dildo. She took her finger out of the hole quickly, still holding it open and penetrated it with the dildo. One mighty thrust and it was in Mini’s butt. Mini shrieked and twitched.

-Don’t move or I’m gonna tear your butt apart! – Jenny cried out.

She didn’t recognize herself. Arousal made her decisive and imperious, awaking a strict teacher inside her. Mini didn’t resist. She clenched at the pool edge with her fingers. It made Jenny feel like a man who was shamelessly raping a naked woman who was standing on her knees in front of him. She was ramming her friend’s butt, imagining a man’s pleasure. Mini cried out, arching her back. Jenny pulled the dildo backwards. Mini cried out again. Feeling pure pleasure, Jenny entered the butt again and did it as swiftly and powerfully as before. She didn’t care about her friend’s pleading, she was determined to enjoy the role of a rapist. Mini’s body lying in front of her was turning her on. She wanted to humiliate, hurt her old friend who had many things she couldn’t afford herself.

Jenny got out of water and mounted her friend, now Mini couldn’t escape her, and Jenny could go on and on as long as she wanted. She saw Mini’s buttocks sticking out of the water. Jenny pulled the cock out again, feeling Mini arch her back and shiver.

-Spread your cheeks wider! Wider! More! – She demanded.

As soon as the anus was opened again, she took the dildo as a knife and got it back in the ass turning it inside for Mini to feel its knobby surface. It made Mini creep out of water. She was beyond herself with pain and pleasure. She was creeping with Jenny on her back. She was creeping out of the pool leaving wet spots on the floor. Jenny never stopped ramming her. A strongest orgasm made them fall on the floor in the living room. Mini was lying on her side with the dildo sticking out of her butt. It was quiet for some moments.

-Hey, you’re a real rapist, Jenny! – Mini dragged, opening her eyes. – I haven’t been fucked like this for a long time. What’s come over you?

-I don’t know, – Jenny admitted guilty.

She really didn’t know. But, in spite of exhaustion and feeling of being drained she felt incredible pleasure.

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