August 9th, 2007

Two female neighbors, no men around, can they satisfy each other? It’s so nice and sweet when two ladies are having sex, they know what they want perfectly. Women’s licking each other’s pussies, what can be more exciting?

Once at night Jolly was at home reading a love novel. The scene depicted a man performing cunnilingus on the woman. The scene further described the unearthly pleasure the woman felt. Guessing the meaning of the word but still not been certain she took a dictionary and found the exact meaning of the word. Having read the article about cunnilingus Jolly’s imagination immediately drew a picture of her lying on the bed with her legs spread and the man licking her pussy. She felt her pussy getting wet and slid her hand down and touched her pussy and started fondling it. Suddenly she heard a door bell she started and opened her eyes not knowing whether to keep caressing her pussy or to go see who was there. The curiosity won and Jolly went to open the door. She saw her neighbor, Helen standing at the door. She was single, 36 years old with a nice, slim body. ‘Jolly, She said, ‘I feel so god damned bored, I have a bottle and I want to crack it with you’. Jolly didn’t feel like drinking but the thought of spending the evening all by herself was even worse so she agreed. They quickly made some snacks and sat at table, they were drinking and talking. As it always happens with women, the conversation shifted to men and that was their sore point. ‘Jolly, you just can’t imagine! I want a man so much, I haven’t been fucked for so long, that is killing me!’. Jolly felt something in her belly, not knowing why she brought a book where she read about cunnilingus and showed it to Helen. Helen read the part and looked at the neighbor with her eyes glittering with excitement, she said that she had had such experience before. Jolly’s eyes sparkled, ‘Tell me’, Jolly begged, feeling her pussy wetting her panties.

Helen enthusiastically started describing her feelings while Jolly was trying to draw a picture of it in her mind… ‘Hey, are you with me?’ Jolly opened her eyes and felt Helen shaking her by the shoulder. ‘What’s the matter? I am sharing my experiences with you and you close your eyes and slide your hand under your robe!’, that moment Jolly felt her neighbor’s hand on her arm and a wave of shivering ran down her body. Helen understood what the matter was. ‘Haven’t you had a man for too long?’

Yes, Jolly answered (as a matter of fact she had never had sex with a man in her life), Jolly’s body was shivering as Helen was gently touching her breasts. Her gentle fingers were fondling the nipple through the robe. Feeling her panties wetting Helen said, ‘Let’s go lie on the sofa’. Jolly was surprised and asked, ‘why?’.

‘You just need to lye down and relax’. Jolly’s breasts were tight, her nipples were hard protruding through the fabric of the robe. Helen fell to her neighbor’s breasts and started sucking her nipples one by one fondling Jolly’s buttocks with her hand. Jolly’s body received a wave of pleasure. Somewhere in her belly she felt some torturing sweet pain. Actually it wasn’t the pain, it was a kind of pressure that was growing as Helen’s hand got closer and closer to her pussy. Jolly started feeling the fire burning between her legs, that moment she felt as if she was burning inside and she clenched her legs not letting the love juice spill out. Helen was carefully nursing Jolly’s thighs under her robe. Soon Jolly took off the robe and threw it on the floor near the sofa. She could feel Helen’s hand going down to her belly, then down to her panties. Then Helen’s palm went further and stopped on the panties which were wet and the desiring vulva lips could be felt under them. Suddenly Helen took her palm away and started covering Jolly’s body with kisses. Her hot mouth was insistently looking for Jolly’s lips, Jolly felt Helen’s sharp, hot tongue getting through her lips, their tongues met and united. Simultaneously Helen spread Jolly’s legs apart and started vehemently fondling her pussy that was covered by wet panties, the only barrier to her yearning vagina. Jolly was obediently lying on the sofa receiving Helen’s caresses she was so hot that she wanted it to go on and on.

- Do you like it?, Helen asked breaking the silence. It seemed like her voice was coming from far away.
- This is wonderful…Jolly whispered with excitement. This is so great! I want more!
- Ok, Helen said in a calm voice, but first I want you to take all your clothes off. Jolly smiled slightly and took off her tiny panties. Helen arched like a cat and placed her head on Jolly’s belly. She reached her hand for her pussy and touched her swollen, pink vulva lips. She was touching Jolly carefully, slowly moving her fingers in circles spreading the pussy softly, then she stuck her finger into a hot burning hole.
- Do you like it? – Helen whispered.
- Yeahh, Jolly whispered half audibly, arching with sweet pleasure. – Deeper, please, deeper and faster!
- As you wish, darling, Helen said with a smile and pushed her finger as deep as she could and started moving it inside her.

‘Soon you will feel the pleasure you’ve never felt before! Soon you will feel it’. Jolly was moaning, first trying to keep it down but then louder and louder unable to take control of herself and finally she started screaming with sweet, sheer delight but Helen took out her finger.

- It’s not the time, she whispered into Jolly’s ear and embraced her buttocks, clenching them slightly Helen got to Jolly’s nipples, she fell to her breasts and started teasing her nipples with the tip of her tongue. Her tongue was like a small snake running around the nipple, running away from it, it was working on Jolly’s breasts so skillfully brining Jolly to the dome of pleasure. Jolly’s heart was beating fast and she felt it was going to jump out of the chest, the same was with her pussy the burning fire of desire was running down from her nipples to her pussy, then up again reaching her head.

Helen looked admiringly at Jolly lying in the nude. She spread Jolly’s breasts apart and fell to her cleavage wet with sweat. Helen moaned, she took out her tongue and spread it along the cleavage up and down. Every cell of Jolly’s body was feeling a wave of pleasure unknown before spreading over her body, Jolly was trying to prolong the sweet pleasure before completely losing control and falling into the waterfall of delight.

Helen tore herself away from the breasts, Jolly opened her eyes and saw her neighbor slowly taking off the robe. The robe hid a wonderful body. Jolly was astonished with Helen’s pussy it was neatly shaven, the vulva lips were so delicate and right at the top of them stood a tiny man in a boat. Helen sat on the sofa.

- Can you perform a request of mine? But please, don’t get me wrong and don’t be afraid. Jolly was looking at her neighbor, this woman was so beautiful, her body was glittering in the light of the night lamp, it seemed that she was emitting the blue light as if from a TV. Helen’s breasts were up and her nipples were hard. Jolly looked down at Helen’s buttocks. Helen turned to Jolly with her back and stood on her fours with her thighs up high.

- Lick me from behind!

Jolly again felt a wave of unknown excitement run over her body. She stood on her fours and pressed her face to Helen’s buttocks and spread out her tongue. She touched Helen’s hole and started making circular motions with her tongue nursing it.

- Oh, that feels great!, Helen exclaimed. – You are doing it great!

Now push your finger in there! Deeper! Move it! Do something! Jolly, trying to please the neighbor stuck her tongue as deep as possible in Helen’s pussy, then she gently pushed her finger inside, deeper and deeper, slowly and gently. She was afraid of hurting Helen but at the same time she knew that Helen was only enjoying it.

- Now, one more finger! – Come on, get my clit Helen ordered

With the finger of her left hand Jolly felt her pussy, it was all open, her finger pressed against a love button that was tiny and hard, Helen moaned.

- You got that, Come on!

Jolly clenched the clit with her two fingers and started caressing it with her two fingers, her fingers made the bump get swollen and grow in size. The area near it was all wet with Helen’s love juices. Now Jolly had her three fingers in Helen’s pussy which seemed bottomless and wide. Everything was burning inside, Helen’s body started to shiver, it was getting more and more intense and soon Helen was arching under Jolly’s fingers.

- Don’t stop! Don’t you dare to stop! More, more! Jolly bit her lower lip with excitement, she was pushing the fingers inside and outside Helen’s vagina faster and faster at the same time rubbing her clit. And suddenly Helen stopped still and arched back. Her belly got strained, Helen started moaning loudly then her voice turned into somewhat animal groaning, Ahhhhh!!’, she was groaning so loudly that Jolly got scared. Then Helen fell on her side, for a few minutes she was lying still without moving, it seemed she lost her consciousness. Jolly was sitting on the sofa looking at Helen, finally Helen did open her eyes, they emitted so much tenderness and peacefulness that Jolly understood everything. Helen had an orgasm. Jolly was happy for her, Helen moved to Jolly and kissed her, her kiss was neither erotic no passionate rather it was a kiss of gratitude. Jolly turned off the TV and the night lamp. They lay in bed, embraced each other and fell asleep.

The next day, when Jolly woke up and saw her neighbor sleeping next to her she couldn’t understand what that meant, but very quickly the memory came back and she remembered everything and went numb. She couldn’t believe that it was she who took part in that mad, ecstatic love game with Helen. Helen placed her warm hand on Jolly’s breasts and felt her nipple. Jolly started and turned to her neighbor.

- Did you feel…- she was going to ask Helen
- I felt terrific yesterday, Helen interrupted her with a smile. And you, poor girl didn’t get what you wanted. But this is easily fixed, you know, tonight, ok? And now we need to get up, clean the house and go to the market. So, let’s get up!

In the evening Jolly was at home looking forward to Helen’s visit, at last she heard a knock on the door. Jolly opened the door and saw Helen standing before her wearing a robe only. They entered the room and Helen took off her robe. She was wearing thin silk lingerie, a transparent bra, panties and somewhat like a lacy belt.

- Come on! Helen said, caress me, like you did yesterday.

Jolly smiled, pressed to Helen with all her body and kissed her lips. Helen unbuttoned Jolly’s bra and pulled up her t-shirt. Jolly took it off quickly tearing herself from Helen’s lips for a moment, after the t-shirt, she took off her skirt and panties. ‘Today, I am going to tease you slightly!’ Helen said. I will caress you, I will fondle you and bring you on the verge of pleasure, and then we will both feel the miracle. She pushed Jolly back on the sofa and Jolly obediently lay down and spread her legs. Helen lay near and started covering Jolly’s body with kisses. Then she carefully ran her hand all over her body stopped near her pussy and skillfully spread apart the vulva lips which were already wet with excitement. Then Helen pushed two of her fingers inside and started moving them until they reached sort of a barrier and it made Jolly shudder with pleasure. Jolly felt somewhere deep in her stomach a wave of pleasure covering her. The wave of sweet passion was growing inside her, the fire ran over her buttocks, her crotch, her anus and finally found its way in her vagina.

She felt her vagina contract inside, her vulva lips were swollen and hot juice spilled out running down her buttocks and wetting the bedspread.

- I want to suck you out! – Helen said to her ear. Don’t be afraid! She spread Jolly’s legs wider and dived her head between them releasing her skillful tongue that was caressing her buttocks, thighs and belly. Jolly closed her eyes and gave her whole self to the growing pleasure. Helen’s tongue was miraculous. It was sliding down the vulva lips, running along the crotch, going up and down, then again inside in the vulva lips and finally it stopped near a very sensitive magic spot right above the vulva lips. When Helen started licking her clit Jolly felt the electric waves of pleasure feeling her entire pussy, Helen fell to Jolly’s clit with her lips and started sucking it. Jolly couldn’t hold herself and started moaning, Helen was breathing hard working with her tongue which was running around the pink button like crazy.

Jolly wasn’t controlling herself any longer, she started moaning, groaning and shaking in ecstasy of satisfaction trying to break away from the tongue that found the spot of the highest pleasure that was now filling Jolly’s entire body. Jolly was screaming trying to stop this sweet torturing but she couldn’t do anything. Helen was tightly pressed against her pussy holding her buttocks in her hands she was sweetly torturing Helen with her hot and wet tongue.

This lasted for eternity, Jolly was too tired of shouting and she felt something different, the wave of pleasure spread over her groin and then over her body, Jolly’s body was shivering and arching and finally Helen let her go. Jolly lay still without moving with her hands clenching the pillow. That was the first orgasm in her life.

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4 Responses to “Neighbors”

  1. whitey Says:

    That has to be one of the most erotic stories I have ever read. Now something like that in a threesome would be nice!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a man and I wish I was a lesbian. I have a friend who lets me suck his cock when I want to, but he is not sexy like a women, and I don’t want to kiss him. But I do love the feel of a hot, hard cock in my mouth, and my ass!!I

  3. lava Says:

    I have never been with a women before, but after reading this story..I want to do it!!!!! It was HOT!

  4. want2comeout Says:

    i love this one, i played with myself the entire time. this story made me have a great orgasm

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