My girlfriend

February 25th, 2008

It’s nice for a babe to have a girlfriend, she can share her secret fantasies with her and have real fun. Lesbian love is the sweetest thing on earth why not enjoy it.

Hi, I’m a girl. My name is Natalie and I’m 18 years old. I have nice breasts 34-C cup. I’m slim and my ass is delicious and tight. I love wearing clothes that shows the best parts of my beautiful body. Just like every normal human beings and especially girls I think of sex a lot. I know a lot about sex. I know what passion, excitement, intimate caresses and masturbation is. I really love rubbing my pussy when I take showers or lie in the bath. I masturbate when I get turned on from watching porn videos or hot pictures. I masturbate when I do webcam. I also finger my pussy when reading sex stories. I know your site for a good while and I go in to read the hot stories. Thank you, btw.

I just love masturbating! I love my pussy so much. I love jerking my clit and flow juices. Then I dip my fingers inside my lil pussy… I push them inside and take them out to lick them off and taste my own pussy. I love grabbing and squeezing my breasts. I love caressing my nipples. Oh, girls will understand what pleasure I am talking about… Mmm, it’s so awesome to be a girl.

I have a friend. She’s my best girlfriend ever! All girls have one best girlfriend and Vicky is that for me. She’s my age. We’re both 18. She’s a super girl! She’s the closest person I have. We always hang together. We go shopping, to movies and go over to each others’ houses. And surely we talk all the girl-talk about guys, “female” issues, pms, clothes, and self satisfaction… Vicky uses dildo. She lost her virginity herself. She told me all about it! And she heard all of my masturbating details. You may think we’re not supposed to talk about it, and its “personal”. But who else is going to listen and share the experience. Only my best friend never judges and always takes me the way I am.

Once, I happen to pass by her house. Of course I went in to see my girl and say hi to her. She was so happy to see me and she told me we could hang out over at her place. We cooked ourselves milkshakes with bananas and strawberries! Mmm, I love those! And went upstairs to her room. We were talking about everything and giggling. Of course we ended up talking about “it”. She put her hand on my cheek and said “Nat, let’s “try” each other!” I was like “what? What do you mean?” She was like “S.E.X.” I thought why not but didn’t say anything. Vicky smiled and said “Let’s watch some porn!” I was totally in and told her to go ahead.

Vicky went to her computer and put on a movie she downloaded from some network site. We sat down on the couch. The guy was licking out some hot girl’s pussy. Five minutes were enough to get us horny and start looking at each other. Vicky started moving close up to me and kissed me in the cheek. Than she sat down on my knees and started kissing my lips and I kissed her back. Mmm I liked it so much! That moment I was so full of desire and passion. I was kissing her softly but deeply. Vicky started pulling off my sweatshirt and I was sitting there wearing only a bra. She stopped, got off of me and told me “why don’t we get naked?”

And so we did. We took off our clothes and lied down on the couch. Vicky started licking my nipples and kissed all over my entire breasts. She went further down to my pussy and asked me to pull my legs apart. I did… Her fingers touched my tender pussy. Mmm… I liked it… my body got a wave of shiver! It felt so right…

Vicky started moving her tongue with more confidence. She was licking the clit. Her lips slightly moved around. I could hear the champing sounds and it turned me on even more! Then she got up and went to the drawer to get the dildo. She came back to my pussy and softly put the thing on me. She was moving it slowly and not too deep so that it doesn’t hurt me. Did I tell you I was still a virgin back than? Mmm, I liked it so much. I was ready to cum but Vicky would stop and I would make me come down. Than she would do it again. Slowly she would insert the dildo inside my burning pussy. Oh, yeah… I still get wet when I think of it. Now, when I’m writing you the story my panties got so wet. I should take them off… Hold on…

I was moaning and feeling my tities while Vicky was working on my cunt. When I reached orgasm she bend down and began to lick my cum. Mmm… than she kissed me with my juice inside her mouth… two of us were smacking the savour.

We rested a bit and I left to the bathroom to wash my pussy. Vicky joined me there. When we got out she told me it was my turn to fuck her. She lied down on the couch and opened her pussy for me. I sat down next to her pussy and licked her once. Vicky shook. I kept on caressing her…. To be honest I really loved LICKING her pussy! Her clit swelled and I kissed it. The rich moisture was cuming down a lot and a lot and I licked it off. I looked at Vicky’s face. She was moaning like some dirty bitch and her hands were rubbing her huge nipples.

I took the dildo and inserted it inside Vicky’s vagina. I moved it half way in and then slowly moved it around. It was so good she wasn’t virgin and she knew her hole very well. I started fucking her. She was curving and moving her ass up and down. I took the fake dick out and shoved it back inside. Vicky whispered “I’m gonna cum now…” I started fucking my girlfriend faster and faster. She screamed and finally had an orgasm. Juices were shining on the dildo and all around her pussy. I bent down and did the same thing as Vicky did to me… I licked her cum and drank her juices.

Silence… We lied there quietly until Vicky said “I love you so much! You are wonderful, Nat!” She got up and left to the bathroom. I stayed waiting for her. She got back in like ten minutes.

- “Do you want to try to fuck me in my anal?” she asked me. I was in. Vicky took out lubricant and bent don like a cat. Her ass was sticking out waiting for me to do something. I put lubricant on my finger and stuck it inside Vicky’s ass. She curved even more. I was moving my finger slowly but surely. Her bum looked fuckin delicious. My girlfriend was breathing hard and her moans were telling me she wanted more. I took the magic dildo and put some more lubricant around her anal hole. Vicky moaned. I pushed it in just a bit. I slowly pulled it back. And I kept on repeating those moves till Vicky’s ass hole became soft and welcoming. When her ass got used to the toy I increased the speed and fucked her harder. After five minutes of crazy fuck Vicky’s ass was ready to explode from orgasm!

Vicky was shaking her ass and moaning like a bitch. She liked it! Her hand was down at her pussy rubbing the clit. She was fingering her pussy so madly fast… And finally she reached orgasm. We lied on the couch cuddling like two kittens.

Then we watched a movie. Later we took shower together. Vicky made us coffee and we dressed. We talked about the thing that happened between us. I was about to leave and Vicky gave me a kiss. Not the usual one on the cheek. She kissed my lips.

After the incident our friendship got even stronger. Nowadays we regularly please each other.

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14 Responses to “My girlfriend”

  1. kira Says:

    this story was hot i fucked my bff

  2. wetinside Says:

    wow im so horny any takers

  3. wetinside Says:

    im soaking wet…..i want to please another girl

  4. needagoodfuck Says:

    I want to eat a pussy really bad…. I guess i will have to go suck my husbands big cock!!!!!!!!

  5. Miss-Sexy Says:

    My God this story was good. . .i would like some hot girl to come and lick my tight wet pussy. . .

  6. lilbs Says:

    if any woman would like to be my gf and lives in GA… email me … [email protected]

  7. Jenna Says:

    This was good I would love for a girl to fuck my pussy…any takers in KS hit me up [email protected]

  8. Ted Says:

    When we were younger i used to love to watch my wife eat pussy. She always shared with me though.

  9. needyv Says:

    good story am so wet, my pussy is dripping some one help out.. I want to be licked so bad

  10. demiki21 Says:

    neddyv, i’ll lick that pussy

  11. SoExotiic Says:

    Ima viirqn and omyqee my bf does a qud job ii wana b ate out so bad riite now omq lol

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I cummed just reading it

  13. Licking.king Says:

    Oh my clothes r so tight nd nw it’s wet badly inside. I also want 2 lick sum hot girls pussy nd fck it tightly. Plz help me out.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I’m so fukin wet right now I want some fukin hot lez to eat my pussy

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