Money Talks!

October 3rd, 2007

When you’ve got a lot of money you can get whatever you want for yourself, you can pay the hot chicks and they will arrange a lesbian show for you, you can see and enjoy!

- Yeahh, girls, yeah! That’s right! Do it. Kiss, kiss again! Oh, great! Enjoy yourselves! Uuuuu, cool, babes! I love you! Yes, so nice! So fucking nice!

Jenya, young Russian businessman, was sitting on the broad sofa, enjoying the sight. He was fond of these 3 babes, 3 contact sluts who appeared on his first call. He was very rich; he had 5 lover girls within the city and always offered a bounty to each of them. But anyway, he had some interesting feature that characterized him most, he loved and really enjoyed watching lesbo games, seeing 3 or more babes lick, suck and fuck one another with their tongues and dildos, fingers and lubs. That was fucking terrific! He loved to see them moan and cry, tremble and pulse…

And now, 3 cute sexy hotties, graced with perfect bodies, were at his service doing whatever he wanted to see, 3 of them: a sultry blonde, suntanned brunette and puffy ginger were having fun in front of him, a blonde was sitting in armchair with legs spread wide and fingers in her cunt to masturbate, while ginger one was lying on her back, and hot brunette settled on her, moving her hips like if she was gonna fuck this slut. Their clits touched one another what made them moan repeatedly, the brunette was kissing her partner’s neck, face and lips, then, very slowly, she moved down her stomach, after then when her tongue touched ginger’s pussy lips, she just arched her back and closed eyes, brunette began to lick her pussy like it was an ice cream… Jenya looked at the blonde:

- Hey, honey! Why are you sitting like that? Don’t you wanna get some money? He continued: o, girls, I love you doing fun! Go on, don’t stop!

He took the blonde babe by hand and led her to her girlfriends, – the brunette lay on her back whereas the blonde settled onto her in 69, each of them faced one dripping wet cunt, and that was enough to turn on: they got down to sucking these holes like never before, both babes sweated over and their bodies glistened.

As for the ginger girl, she didn’t miss a chance to have fun as well; she lay on blonde’s back caressing her shoulders with one’s tits, then she whispered in her eras something, her partner looked at Jenya and smiled:

- It’s OK, honey! You are cute, nice plan!

After that they swapped places, the ginger babe lay in 69 position to her, pussy lips of 2 girls were rubbing one another, the brunette started moaning louder and louder, she began to move her hips faster, the ginger, meanwhile, settled onto blonde’s head impaling her pussy on her tongue, her sexy lips absorbed in her pussy. Soon, they all changed position, the ginger set in a dog style, the brunette settled on her like that, and the blonde copied the same, so that now 3 fucking wet asses turned to Jenya turning him on. Unable to tear his eyes from this scenery, Jenya just jerked off, with all his force.

Then, girls found some other fun, using a dildo in metallic cover, they masturbated it one by one: the blonde was put on the table, the brunette settled her wet pussy on her face, squirming and moving restlessly over it, while ginger slut was putting this dildo in blonde’s cunt. Jenya couldn’t even dream of this, he hadn’t expected if it. Meantime, the dildo slid in blonde’s ass and a trickle of a juice poured out there. Wild groans of these hotties resounded the whole room, they arched, nursed, necked and snuggled up to each other. In short, they did those things women usually do when they want each other.

This show was awarded generously. Jenya granted them with a bundle of money and sluts had gone away. When he left alone, he thought: “What the hell! That is what money talk is! You can buy and get any chick you want and this whore will do anything for your money, whatever you ask!”

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4 Responses to “Money Talks!”

  1. Addison Says:

    Why the fuck didn’t he join them? Only watching is no good, I’d fuck all their holes if I paid money.

  2. demizzr Says:

    hey i want me some me pleas.and send some pic.

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:


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