Where to go?

October 25th, 2007

When you are over thirty and you fall in love with a chick who is hardly 20, you are in trouble cause you gotta think up ways to get her into bed.

Their meeting wasn’t a pure accident. Stephen used to run out of the office pretty often, and he always met the same two girls on his way. In a while they began to greet each other. Soon they met. The black haired Ronnie soon quit the job, and he could only see Helen on his way. They used to spend some time talking now and then. Stephen was 35 that time and he was sort of interested in “youth” stuff. They were talking about all different things, but it was nothing special, actually. Until once. Stephen didn’t remember the exact date when they started chatting about sex.

-You’re too young to know much about it. I often hear teens say something like “five times during the night”, it’s nothing compared with the one that could last the whole night. – He said thoughtfully.

-How’s that? – Helen asked him cheerfully.

-It’s simple, you spend the whole night making love non-stop.

-Can you do it?


-What about trying IT with me?

-No, sorry, I can’t.

-Why not? – Helen asked.

-Sorry, I gotta go, – Stephen said running out of her office.

Firstly, his break for lunch was over, secondly, he’d already said too much. Helen decided to continue the talk the next day. Before saying anything that he could then be sorry for, Stephen asked:

-What do you want?

-I wanna see what beautiful sex is. – Helen replied calmly.

-OoooK, – Stephen drawled, – So what is the beautiful sex in your opinion?

-Well, it’s like in the movies…

-Yeah, that’s a popular opinion, but positions have nothing to do with the beauty. It’s not about “techniques”, you know. The most important thing is that you give all to your partner.

-What do you mean?

-I mean that if I have sex with a woman, I love this woman. Otherwise none of us will enjoy it.

-You know, I always thought ejaculation was the most important part for men.

-I knew you would say that, -Stephen said derisively.

He was about to go, when Helen touched him by the hand, saying:

-Can we talk about it later, sometime after work?

-As you wish… – he replied shortly.

He couldn’t figure out how come he agreed to meet her after work. He was seeing a girl home, though she was almost 15 years younger! He tried to find excuses, assuring himself that he liked her not as a sexual partner, not as a woman, but as an interesting interlocutor, a young, pretty interesting interlocutor… He said to himself he wanted to understand her and help her not to make mistakes.

They were walking through the park. Then they decided to sit on a bench and talk.

-Stephen why don’t you wanna have sex with me? You don’t like me? – Helen asked quietly.

-I do. You’re very beautiful, you have a wonderful body. But I can’t really imagine us making love…

-I can do everything you like….

-Well, maybe you can, but you don’t know HOW to do it right.


-Hm, you know, I’m not an angel. I see different women now and then. But they’re older than you… We don’t need to explain what we want, you know. We know what we want, and we can get it within 5 minutes, or we can prolong the bliss for the whole night. It’s dependant on certain circumstances and stuff. But I can’t do the same thing with you. – Stephen said seriously.

-But why not?

-Cuz you don’t even know your own body yet!

-But you can teach me! I’m looking for a good teacher.

-Do you know there can be no sex teacher? It’s a myth. It must take time to learn things… Teacher… You’ll find him someday. The most significant thing is to know yourself, know every single cell of your own body, to know what this or that position or movement makes you feel. That’s how you can choose your favorite positions, your shortest way to delight. You’ll understand that your porn video is bullshit. Have you read Kama-Sutra?


-Once a wise man said: “In bed you can do everything.” That’s what Kama-Sutra is about. It’s about getting pleasure, not copying positions.

-Kiss me…

Stephen didn’t know how to react.

-Here? In front of all these people?

-What if we had a place to go? – Helen asked him in a frisky way.

-Well, then… why not. – Stephen couldn’t believe it was He who was saying that.

He didn’t notice Helen become something more than just an interlocutor for him. Now she was a young, pretty luring woman he desperately wanted. He couldn’t admit the fact that he’d been sitting with his legs crossed to hide the bulge ripping through his pants. He wanted her.

-You think up something, – Helen suggested.

-Well, let me think. We can’t go to my place, cuz my wife is at home now, I can’t turn to my friends, cuz my wife will know about it later anyway… I can’t afford spending time in the hotel…

-All right, then I’ll think up something. – Helen broke him off, standing up from the bench.

He had to stand up too. Her exultant smile made him blush. She noticed, he thought.
They were going to Helen’s place. When they were standing at the front door of her apartment she cupped her hands round his neck and kissed his lips. Stephen was all trembling with desire. His hands were caressing her slender body, getting closer to her firm butt hidden under very tight jeans. Helen’s hand slipped down to his fly and started fondling his aroused cock. It was so nice! Suddenly she pushed his away and said:


She ran up the stairs and opened the door of her apartment. Stephen had to go home. He was very upset. He was absent-minded and not attentive. He told his wife he had a terrible workday. He went to bed early, but couldn’t sleep well. His wife thought he was sick. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Helen. She was so luring, so sexy. He thought back on her kissing his lips. He was dreaming of her sucking his stem, caressing him. She was insatiable and wanted him to please her, her fantasies were so pervert and naughty. She was so….

-Hey, – Helen told him next day.

It wasn’t the Stephen she used to know. He was madly in love with her. He was all shivering thinking she was so close to him, thinking he could kiss her and could… He wished he had a place to go! It was his only concern now. This thought was very disturbing, though it made him feel so good.

-Will you see me home? – She asked.


-You know, I wanted to ask my uncle to give me the key to his apartment. He used to do it before, but not now, unfortunately… OK, everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Stephen was absent-minded all day long. His boss thought he was sick and let him go home early, he wished him to have good rest on the weekend. Stephen was waiting for Helen to come out. He had to be very careful for nobody to see him. He didn’t have to wait for long. They went to the park again.

-Let’s go to the beach.

They felt free. The weather was fine, the sand was dry, and there was almost no wind. So, it was pretty nice to walk there.

-So what’s on your mind?

-Helen, I told you…

-But you’re a man!

-Yeah, I’m a married man! I have a family!

-OK, don’t be mad… Let’s kiss.

She pulled him to a lifeguard booth, it was empty that time of the year. When they were in, they started kissing each other. His hands got under her blouse, caressing her back. Her cold hands were roaming under his jacket. They got under the shirt, Stephen’s back was very hot, that made her hands get warmer. Then one of her hands slipped downwards, unzipping the fly, getting under his pants, grasping at his hard dick.

-Can I see it? – Helen said, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants.

Stephen unzipped Helen’s jeans, trying to pull them off, too. Well, maybe the jeans were too tight, maybe he was too excited, but he couldn’t do it. Then he just got his hand under the jeans, reaching for her hot bosom. His two fingers were caressing her. She certainly liked it, as she tried to spread her hips wider, squatting down a bit. Two more fingers. His thumb was fondling her clit, the other fingers were vehemently ramming her pussy. Helen was squeezing his buttocks with her one hand, while the other was busy with caressing his shaft. She was breathing heavily, her eyes were closed. Stephen felt she was on the verge of cumming, so he asked her:

-Kiss IT…

Helen bent her head down, still jerking the cock. Hardly had she touched the throbbing dickhead with her lips as a huge stream of semen spurted in her throat, hitting her palate. It was so unexpected that it made her shudder and turn her head to a side. She covered the cock with the shirt, making it wet through in a sec. Stephen didn’t let her think the whole thing over, he started kissing her, they both were drinking his love juices. Several more minutes passed, and Stephen felt Helen contract her vagina muscles, cumming.

-God, I didn’t know it could feel so good! – She said in a while.

She looked at the sperm soaked shirt.

-Sorry… for not swallowing.

-No, it’s OK, it’s my fault. I was in such a hurry. I should have told you, warned you, sort of…

-Guess you’re right. You know I’ve never swallowed cum before…

-Will you do it again?

-Yes. I want it. I must try everything, right?! Well, next time just tell me when you cum, ok?

-OK. Take off your jeans, they’re too tight.

She did. She was still having her panties on. Stephen squatted down, pulling them off.

-Has anybody ever kissed you here before?


-Do you want me to?


He was feeling up her boobs with one hand, while his other one was caressing her buttocks. He was kissing her hot, wet, tasty pussy. He was kissing every inch of it, feeling every cell of her delicious bosom. He could feel her erogenic zones, making Helen tremble with delight. He was thrusting his tongue inside her snatch, massaging her swollen clit, drinking her heady love juices, drop by drop. Soon she was seized by another huge orgasm, it was even brighter than the previous one.

-Let’s have a break, my head feels dizzy. – Helen said lighting a cigarette. – Let’s have a real sex.


-It’s like it’s only oral.

-I don’t know if we can…

-Hey, don’t be afraid I’m not a virgin!

-I’m talking about your hymen. I gotta know if I can cum inside you or not. If not….

-You can. I’m on the pill. – Helen said smiling.

-Well then it’s just perfect. You know I hate when I gotta think about this stuff while having sex. You’re a smart girl!

-Can we try again? Well, I guess we can. – She added, caressing his hard cock. – Do you think we can make it here?

-At least, we’re gonna try.

Stephen squatted down and spread Helen’s hips wider. He entered her vagina.

-Well, try to help us. Sway for you to feel good. If anything goes wrong, tell me, OK? – He said quietly.

They were ramming each other vehemently, changing the tempo, holding each other tight. They couldn’t cum anyway.

-Steve, maybe I should turn round?

Helen was pressing her hands on the wall, arching her back. Yes, it was the position she’d always been searching for. The pecker got inside her at its full length, massaging her womb and her love button. It seemed to last forever. An orgasm gave way to another orgasm. Stephen kept in mind he’d promised her not to cum for long, so he never stopped drilling her pussy. Helen was apparently tired. She slipped off his dick.

-You wanna cum? If you want you can cum in my mouth. I’m ready for it. So what do you think?

Helen got on her knees. She started sucking his stem, which was wet of her own juices. She wasn’t really good at sucking, though she was trying really hard. Her caress caused pain and discomfort. But after several remarks of her sex instructor, she was doing it much better. So, Stephen was cumming. She was waiting for him to ejaculate in her throat, then she swallowed all his semen. She didn’t like the taste.

-So… – Stephen asked in a while.

-Well, not really tasty. – Helen confessed. – I made myself swallow it.

-You’ll get used to the taste soon, it usually takes time. – He noted philosophically.

It was late when he got back home. He was thinking what to tell his wife. But there was something else too. He was racking his brains thinking where to go next time.

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  1. Dairren Says:

    Those motherfuckin young sluts have no dignity at all! When I was young it was hard to get a chick into bed but nowadays it’s easy! No moral values, no decency! It’s a bad thing and it will destroy our community soon, we should do something good for the mankind instead of reading this shit!

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