Vera (continued)

November 2nd, 2007

You’ve got a wife and once her female friend pays her a visit and stays over, wouldn’t it be an interesting night?

After our sex became much more extreme, now she let me own her ass, before it she got used to giving me head and her nice lips squeezed my penis very tight, so it made me feel damn hot! She always made me cum and received all my cum inside. Moreover she took real delight in doing it at that.

Once, in the evening, after work she told me that one old girlfriend of hers, Ann, is supposed to visit us, she was hailing from Ukraine; my darling invited her to visit us for a couple of weeks. They first met 8 years ago and since they have been in very warm and friendly terms. We both went to the airport to meet her. To tell the truth she was a very pretty girl. After late night meal I left girls alone, and made my steps to the bed, as for women, they left in the sitting room to talk a lot. Vera said she would join me later.

After a while, when I was half asleep I heard the bed room door opened. I thought it was my honey, so kept sleeping. Soft hands caressed my back, shoulders, neck, and then these hands made her way down there to my erect cock. To my surprise, palms began to jerk me off and this couldn’t be my wife as Vera had never masturbated my penis by hands only with her mouth! And these hands began to jack off; lips kissed and licked my skin. I made myself more patient and waited for what would happen next. However these hands made me turn around. A body under the counterpane started moving to my penis slowly. Damn! The door suddenly opened and there appeared my Vera smiling spitefully. What the!!! She crept under my pane also and joined that women, I started realizing who this might be! Frankly, I didn’t mind. My penis appeared to be welcomed by 2 mouths at the same time. One by one they sucked me on. They licked it along and licked my balls. All this time they never stopped sucking it.

Soon I felt my balls began to build up a load, so I came and my shot poured in somebody’s mouth. That was terrific! Girls were happy. After that they put me in dog style, my wife (I knew it was Vera) laid under me and got down to sucking my cock back again whereas Ann settled behind my ass. In a few minutes I felt my ass was became wet, I figured out it was Ann licking my asshole with her nasty tongue. It was so fucking hot and nice! It turned like I was fucking somebody’s mouth and someone another was drilling my butt hole with his tongue! After cumming in my wife’s mouth once again I pulled her up and decided it was now my turn to handle situation.

Girls’ faces looked very happy. Vera said she was very glad to see her old friend and apologized to me for disturbing me from my sleep. She also said Ann was divorced and had not had sex for a quite a long time over.

Then talks finished, I put my lovely wife in a dog style and pulled in. slowly increasing my speed. Ann watched me bang my wife and her hand was masturbating as well. Then she approached me from behind and I sensed her nice mouth fondle my balls. After 5 minutes of this race I stopped to conserve my strength for my loveliest part of love games.

My wife asked me to please her girlfriend. I asked her to set in a dog style as well near my wife. She obeyed and left waiting. I pulled in her and sensed her muscles tighten my cock and squeeze it much. Her vagina was tight, very tight, may be because she hadn’t had sex for long. While banging Ann I kept kissing my wife at the same time. She came pat and I resolved to make her cum back again. When she came twice I pulled out and asked Vera what she though could happen next. She told me now it was time to start my favorite game. She was gonna lay on the bed’s edge and Ann was supposed to settle over he, so I had a nice opportunity to see and fuck 2 marvelous holes at the same time. Any holes, at my wish. And I started from my wife; I fucked her ass severely and vehemently. In 3 minutes my wife started crying, in 2 minutes later she finally came.

Ann asked to be gentler as she turned to be ass virgin. What’s aid is said: I thought and came up to her. I began from licking her anus; it took me several minutes to make her ass ready for my attack. All this time my wife continued sucking me on jerking it as well. When at last Ann was ready I made my first attempt. But I failed. Then I asked my wife to help me. Ann took up giving me head, while Vera was trying to widen her asshole with her fingers, one more minute passed; I was ready to explode and told her to stop!

Ann turned her ass to me and opened her buttocks as wide as possible. My wife settled under me to lick my balls. I pushed my cock in Ann’s ass; I realized how painful it was, but continued pressing cuz I knew she just had to stand it to receive more delight. I asked her girlfriend to relax and went on pushing in there, slowly, inch by inch my dick penetrated inside; my penis made this tight ass ring wider, it squeezed my shaft and felt so good. Then, in time when her pain got better she became brave and now moved her ass towards me, speeding up soon I sensed my balls were ready to shot a load, then I gripped her hair and began to pull her impaling her ass on my dick. I conceived as if she was my slave and pretended my wife was my slave too. And I came in her ass. She was on her clouds. She was very happy and when my wife asked her what was the reason for her enjoyment, Ann said when I clutched her by hair and pulled on she got excited a lot, and it looked like her best girlfriend’s tough husband was owning her. In response, my wife smiled and said she also excited when lying under me and feeling my penis penetrating her mouth.

I suggested that Vera stand in dog style and have my cock, while Ann sitting near her to get her turn if I want. I got down to my personal duties, fucking my wife’s ass without a trouble, grasping her hair and repeated the same technique with her what made her feel crazy. She was uttering staccato cries every second. She sent a shudder down her body, at this time I turned to her girlfriend, and pulled in easily, as her hole hadn’t closed completely yet. I grasped her hair as well. Then I asked both girl to stand closer to each other, so that I fucked the by turn, one by one, putting my penis in their holes at my please. When each of them came several times they suggested that I should grip them by hair and pull their mouths on my cock by turn making them give me some blowjob. This idea was great!

My wife wanted to be first; I took her by hair and began to impale her mouth on my shaft. I fucked her mouth severely, forcing her suck it deepthroat. Later I turned to Ann to make her mouth filled with my meat. Thus, it lasted about half an hour when I owned their mouths. Finally I came splashing my sperm all over, most of my load fell one Ann, and her face was totally covered with cum. They started licking my clots cleaning one another faces. Exhausted but satisfied we fell asleep in a while.
I was woken up by my wife sucking on my penis and Ann licking my balls. It was about 3 am, girls said they wanted for more and were very excited. For this I replied if they didn’t stop I would fuck their asses out! Vera exclaimed: “This is juts what we want, honey!”

A story goes silent on what happened next, but it to be continued….

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6 Responses to “Vera (continued)”

  1. Josh Says:

    My wife would kill me if I even tried to hint at getting it on with her friend. I think this story is exaggerated.

  2. sweet Says:

    I wish my husband agree to do so…I’m afraid he’ll leave
    me..I like this story..since I usualy have fum with my girl friend..she wishes we have my husband with us…

  3. lusty girl Says:

    wow, very impressive! i don’t know if i could ever try something of the kind, but the story is very hot!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    diiS StORY iiS fAkE. ii MEAN iit COUld hAPPEN bUt NAW. iitS tOO EXAGERAtEd, StUPiid N GROSS.!?!!,.

  5. rockstar Says:

    jus wanna fuck u..sweet.

  6. naaany Says:

    its too hot to hav a virgin and our experienced wife at a time…..muaaaaaah

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