Unexpected meeting

March 27th, 2008

A guy meets his ex-colleague and there’s much they can talk about since they haven’t seen each other for a long time, they have a lot more to do than just talking…

I live in Belgium. This story happened when I was on my business trip to the US. I was going to the States alone, so I was ready for a long lonely flight. When I got on board I saw my ex-colleague’s smiling face right in front of me.

We were sitting together. I was really glad to see her there, at least I had somebody to talk to during the flight. Besides, I was interested how things were going in her company. I can’t say I really liked Joan (that was my ex-colleague’s name) but there was for sure something really attractive about her. The sexiest thing about her was her smell, I guess. Maybe there were pheromones added to the perfume? It was hard to say.

We took whisky. We leaned closer to each other in a while, pressing our shoulders against one another. Soon I was holding her hand in mine, she apparently didn’t mind. Then I sort of accidentally touched her legs… In short, we wanted each other. But I couldn’t just drag her to the WC to fuck her there (though that’s what all romantic stories are about, right?). I could possibly do that to her too, but I wasn’t sure if she wanted the same thing as I did, besides, there was a whole week ahead of us, we didn’t have to hurry.

My fist and second days in the States weren’t in any way remarkable. We both we really busy with business meetings and didn’t even have time to chat. I decided to make our third day in the USA somewhat interesting. We had dinner in a restaurant, then I asked her if she wanted to go to my hotel room and drink some wine. She wanted to.

We were in my room. First we were just chatting and drinking wine, then I moved up closer to her, I hugged her caressing her hands, her legs… She was really tense.

“What would you say if I said I wanted you?” I asked her frankly.

“You know I’m scared. I don’t wanna cheat on my hubby, besides what if this sex ruins our friendship forever?” Joan replied.

“All right. Let’s have a deal. I’m only gonna caress your breasts, and I will go on fondling you only if you want it, ok?”

My words made her relax. She was calm, uninhibited, I felt her desire. Anyway I was taking my time. I was kissing her neck and ear lobes first, then I started kissing her lips, then I hugged her tight, and my hands touched her bra. I undid her bra, though her blouse was still on. I kind of set her boobs free. Her boobs were gorgeous! They were even better than I expected. Joan threw off her blouse and her bra, pressing her wonderful D-cups against my chest.

It didn’t take me much time to dress off either. I was longing to feel her bare skin against mine. There was a long passionate kiss then. I was thrusting my tongue deep in her throat, then I was kissing each of her soft plump lips. Then I focused my attention on her long neck, her bare shoulders (in my opinion, one of the hottest and tastiest erogenic zones is a place under the collar bone). And finally I got close to her Tits, yeah, exactly with a capital letter T! I just love tits, they’re my favorite body part. The size doesn’t even matter, it’s all about sensitivity. I do believe you can make a woman cum only if you kiss her nipples along with fucking her.

But that wasn’t the point that moment. I buried my head between her melons, I was licking them all over with my tongue, I was sucking her nipples one at a time and two at once. Joan couldn’t stand the caress for long. She stood up from the couch and went to the bathroom. I threw off my pants and followed her.

She turned on the tap, the water was hot. I told her I would wash her. I got in the tub and foamed the sponge. It was such great pleasure to caress her body, to touch her velvet skin. My fingers had access to all most intimate parts of her body. I was fondling her major vulva lips, the inner side of her hips. I was standing behind Joan. My hands were feeling up her tits, my fingers were fucking her pussy, I was pressing my hard-on against her back and buttocks. Her clit was swollen, she was hot.

I spread her butt cheeks with my hands. My fingers moved along the vulva lips and then I entered her asshole with a finger. It was my first penetration inside her fantastic body. It became clear Joan had never had anal sex before. She probably didn’t like the sensation but it did her good too. It woke her up. She took a towel and started wiping her skin. Well, we were no mermaids to fuck in water (at least not during our first sex)!

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