This is what Sessile like…

September 2nd, 2008

Do you know how girls become whores? It’s all here, read and enjoy!

My name is Sessile. I turned out to be a whore.

It was May and I and my friends were in my apartment. We were drinking wine, talking. I drank too much. One of my friends suggested inviting Bob. She had met him in summer. I was drunk and agreed.

Bob was a handsome guy. We drank for meeting each other and a lot of other things. When we ran out of wine Bob went to buy some whisky. I drank a glass of it and soon became tipsy. I don’t remember what happened after that.

I came to my senses lying on the bed. Bob was sitting beside me. Feeling a terrible headache I couldn’t think properly. Suddenly Bob moved closer to me and put his arms around. I lowered my dizzy head on his shoulder. He started kissing my lips. I tried to stop him but he began kissing my neck and was going down to my breast. I have a big bosom, so I felt his lips immediately.

His hand went under my skirt and then under the panties. I started moaning. I wanted more, that’s why I pulled my skirt higher. He smiled and told me I had to come in for that. I was drunk and aroused and I didn’t care much. Unzipping his fly I pulled his jeans down; he pulled my blouse off. Suddenly a fit of dizziness came over me and I put my head between his legs. It met his hot cock. Bob put it away and I found his hairy balls. I began licking and swallowing them. He was moaning.

“Ok… whore.. continue..”

I went up over his prick and started sucking the head. It wasn’t enough for him. He grabbed me, raised from my knees and seated me on the sofa. I was sucking his knob and his hands were working in my panties and with the breasts. It was so nice.

“Yeah.. I want more caresses, please…. Please…”

I guess I was telling that aloud. He replied:

“Your business is sucking, bitch”.

Gripping my hair he began fucking my mouth. His dick wasn’t big, about 6 inches, it was going through my throat easily. I squeezed my lips to embrace the stem tight and my hand went under the panties to fondle the clit. Suddenly he slapped my ass.

“Don’t do that until I come, bitch!”

I started moving my lips faster. Two minutes later he stopped, stood up, took a condom out of his jeans and made me pull it on his meat with my mouth.

Oh, God, What am I doing! I’m a beautiful proud girl and doing this!!!

While I was putting the condom on he moved my panties aside and was touching my pussy with his hands.

“Oh, it’s so pleasant…”

I began moaning. He raised my head from his prick. I wanted to kiss his lips but he slapped my face.

“I don’t kiss with suckers! Is that clear for you, bitch?! Sit on the dick, quickly!”

Having tears in my eyes I sat on his lap, moved my panties aside, found his penis and pushed it into my pussy. It wasn’t difficult to do as I was moist out of arousal.

“Move your butt, I don’t want to work myself.”

I had to twist on his cock, and he was pawing my bosom while I was trying to enjoy the process. About 5 minutes later he grabbed my legs, raised them to his shoulders and began ramming me. I couldn’t bear the tempo and began screaming. He kept on doing that paying no attention on me. He came fast. Making a few frictions in me he fell on the sofa. Now I was lying on the floor with my legs moved apart and could understand nothing.

A bit later a thought came to me: “I’ve just been fucked, brutally…” How could I do that? How?

Suddenly he kicked me.

“Slut, come here and clean the thing you’ve just enjoyed.”

I hissed:

“Fuck you!”

He kicked my face. Crying I climbed the sofa and began taking the condom off and he hit my hands.

“Bitch, you should do it with your mouth and then swallow! Do you understand???”

I obeyed, I was broken. I swallowed his cock and finding the edge of the condom pulled it off and tried to chew it.

Seeing that Bob squeezed my lips and hissed:

“Now, drink everything out of it!!!”

I didn’t want to be hit and I swallowed. Then I cleaned his dick and heard a part of a telephone conversation:

“Actually I’m doing nothing important… Yeah… fucking a bitch who has her own apartment. I can come here now from time to time…”

I didn’t know what to wait…

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2 Responses to “This is what Sessile like…”

  1. Jackoff Says:

    Fuck bob

  2. fuck bob Says:

    wow wat a jack ass no women deserves that kinda shit no one and im sry for any women that has to :’(

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