The strange day!

February 24th, 2009

The guy picks up a really wired girl who has a split of personality, on one hand, she is an innocent girl who wants to see no cocks, on the other side, she is a real whore who can fuck for hours…

This shit happened 3 weeks ago, I remember it was around 7 pm and I was off my work for a couple of days, going out in the night trying to find a girlfriend. So I walked down the street to the bar that I visited time after time. I walked in, there were 2 guys drinking at the bar. I walked towards the bar and got my beer, then I took a seat at the table and for some time it was quiet. At approximately 8 pm I was already drunk and the bar was being filed by visitors and clients.

There were people dancing and others playing billiard. A gay man and his lover were over in the corner table kissing and holding hands. Suddenly I found a girl sitting at another side of the hall. She seemed not to have any company. So I got up to walk over to this lonely girl and said Hello! She looked at me and said: “Sorry I am meeting someone” I looked at her, said Sorry and walked away. When I was heading to the bar for some beer, I stumbled over someone sitting in my seat. Well, I saw this red dress, tight fitting and looking great on her gorgeous body and I got into it at the very first sight! I really wanted to talk to this babe, so I walked over to her and asked if I could join her for a drink. She turned around to me and said: “Sure, why not!” “Wow, I’m gonna be lucky!” I thought to myself. I took the seat next to her and she turned around so I could see her face!

Jesus Maria, she had the tits, real king’s size tits! They were huge and they were poking out of her open wide cleavage! Here boob were virtually jumping out of the top of this mind blowing red dress! She called over the bartender and ordered some martini for her and what ever I wanted! Well, it was not normal for a girl to buy me a drink, so I suggested buying some for her, she didn’t mind. After some small talk about the work, fun and so on, I learnt her name: Vanessa. She was a hot Hawaii woman with hot lips and huge tits, her eyes were dark brown, her hair was long, past down her shoulders. She them said she had to excuse herself and got off the stool and walked to the ladies room.

The bartender walked over to me and said:

“Hey, buddy! You better not mess around with her if you want to be OK. She is one of a kind” I said:

“All right, thank you for the info!”

Just then she was back, she said she had to go home, because the alcohol was getting its way, so the she asked me what I didn’t even expect!

“Would you come home with me and give me some company?”

Sure I would, and with this we walked out of the bar heading to the taxi lot, we got one and went to the 89th Street.

We stopped at a big building and got off. I walked about a 30 or more meters and then I just blacked out. I think it was because I drank too much this night! When I opened my eyes, I woke in a bed room lying on a bed! It was a nice bed soft and the room was all white with lace every where. When I tried to get up I found my self not only nude but my hands were cuffed! What the hell was going on! I was lying there like some bdsm toy slave! Well, I finally managed to get up from the bed and walk over to the door, which was ajar! The door was open a crack, so I opened the door and walked down to the next room where found Vanessa lying on the carpet. She was also sleeping but not nude! I walked over to her Vanessa. I touched her face and she woke up. Shed looked at me with her open wide eyes and I jumped back when she started…. screaming!

“Hell, easy Vanessa, it me, you know me, we met last night in the bar! You remember?”

After a second of her looking at me nude she got up. I asked her what the hell was going on around here and why I found myself lying in her bed nude with my hands cuffed! After a second she found those hand cuff keys. I was unlocked but still nude. She asked me to take a seat and I did. She then told me her name was not Vanessa, but Megan and Vanessa was her split personality! Motehfuck! What the hell! I was caught and got to the bed by some mentally handicapped babe! Then she calmed me down and explained everything.

Vanessa is sex crazed and would fuck for hours till she has an orgasm, and only then she switches back to herself. Then she said she couldn’t do anything because doctors couldn’t help and buried her face in her palms and began crying.

“Oh, it’s OK, don’t do that!”

“Why not? I feel so bad!”

“Because it’s OK!”

“No it’s not! Megan said.

I was at loss what to say. Form one side, I was in a total stupid situation, absolutely nude and helpless, with someone I hardly even knew, mentally deficient, I had sex with last night. From the other, this girl needed help and she needed sympathy and support. She looked right in my eyes. I did everything I could to calm her down. After having a talk she made some coffee and we talked about everything. I then asked her where my clothing was, because I was still nude. Although it was nice and not cold at all, but being naked all the time was not of me! So we got up and looked for my clothing but could only find my shoes. She asked me what the hell she did with them! Then she came out to her balcony to find my cloths hanging over the tree outdoors! “Sorry” Megan said and with this I looked at the time. I was to be at work in 5 min. I asked her if I could use her phone and she said OK. I called to the work and told my manager that I was sick. Then I asked her how I was going to get back home. I looked at Megan and could see some thing has changed, she was looking at me like a peace of meat!

With that she walked over to me, took my cock and started licking my ear.

“Holy shit, Megan, what are you doing?”

“I am going to fuck you so hard that your cock would fall off!”

With this she dropped to her knees and her soft lips were around my soft cock! In a matter of a second I was hard and throbbing in her mouth! She saw me ready for her, and after a good 5 minutes of her sucking my cock and deep throating it to the balls, she stopped, got up and pushed me in to her bed! She jumped on top of me and walked over to my head on her knees. She told me it was now my turn! With that she removed her shirt and her huge tits jumped out! She did not have on any panties and her pink pussy lips were now pressing against my face! When she rubbed her wet pussy all over me, I could not help but to open my mouth and taste that delicious pussy! As I opened my mouth, her salty juice poured right over my mouth! I could not help but lick it over and over! Her pussy had no smell and was so soft and hot and salty! I was like a dog licking it over and over, again and again! I stuck my tongue in her deep, and grabbed her huge tits with my hands! She then moaned to fuck her hard and now! Then Megan or Vanessa, jumped off me and lay down next to me.

I got up, my cock was all throbbing and starting to hurt because I wanted it so bad! It was a long time since I had sex! I plunged right in to her and she let out a soft scream! I then fucked her with every worth I had and her juices were running down her legs! With each push, I was getting inside deeper and deeper! And more juices were coming over! Megan was so wet. Then she opened up her night table draw and pulled out a bottle of some gel. She asked me to fuck her in the ass. I was now like an animal, my cock in my hand was throbbing and hurting! I am not sure why but it hurt like hell. She was in doggy, and lubed her own ass. I walked on my knees to her and stuck my finger right in! I stack it in and pulled out for some time and after a minute or so, I knew she was ready!

When I couldn’t take it any longer, she told me to fuck her in the ass. She started to play with her pussy while I pushed the head of my cock in. She let out a moan, and I rammed it in all the way to my balls! I was banging her with all my worth in the ass and she kept on looking at me al the time and it seemed like she was going to pass out. When I was ready to cum she screamed out! I pulled out and my juice squirted all over her ass and her body! My cum just gushed out again and again and it seemed to me that it was never going to stop! She jumped out of bed like she was on fire and ran to the bathroom. I lay there for a second and walked over to the door. I called her: “Megan? You are OK?” I opened the door and she was lying on the floor! She said:

“Get away from me, it now me, it’s Vanessa!”

I picked her up, kissed her right on her mouth My juice was dripping off her hair down her face. Now she was that babe Vanessa I met last night in the bar!

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