The guy she loved!

October 8th, 2008

When a babe falls in love with the guy who keeps ignoring her, she can always find someone who will compensate for him…

It’s been about 10 years now, I still can’t forget about that woman. She’s now married, obtaining an academic degree, though she has always been a cute chick, even scared me. We went to the same college. A tall sexy hot Latina babe. She was really OK, she was having a very good curves, sexy humps, big tits, round tight ass you would love to fuck!

Carmella was considered to be my friend. She was a local, while I had to rent an apartment in the town next to the college. At the time it occurred she got fallen in love with some guy, who paid no attention to her, so she used to call me at nights to share all of her feelings with me. I was once lying on the couch, listening to her complains again. By this time I was studying math courses and now I was paging one interesting book. At the moment her never ending complaints bored me to death. So I couldn’t help saying: “we should work something out with some drink… I’ll be in a few minutes! Shall I bring some?” She reacted immediately, I conceived a funny night with a heart-rending talks etc. So I guessed that my quiet night was totally ruined. “Take what you want!” was her reply.

About 20 minutes later my kitchen smelled a cheese, and some macaroni. We had some good meal with some salads. We drank red wine, for it was in a fridge. Carmella had already stopped lamenting bitterly over her past mistakes.

“Stay with me. I’ll put you up for a night” I said to her, for it was late, I hadn’t money for a taxi at all, didn’t even want to see her off. She stayed. Without any hidden motivation I laid a bed for 2 of us. Carmella went to the bathroom to wash up, I turned the music on, lay on the bed and waited for her to appear. She came out to the room wearing only my T short, which hardly covered her shaved pussy and hid the erect nipples. Then we had sex. Hot, furious and vehement. We enjoyed fucking, like mad rabbits. Tried different positions, missionary, 69, doggy style.

Carmella appeared to be exceptionally uninhibited. It was toward the morning when I, tired and worn out, couldn’t come while fucking. The drink muzzled my mind, the thick, hard, red, with long veins cock slid into Carmella’s wet squelching cunt, we suffocated with the passion, and I couldn’t come! “This won’t work! Hold on!” she said and rushed into the bathroom, then she returned fetching some gel. She oiled it onto my cock totally, oiled her ass, set in a doggy style poking out her ass to me, slapped one buttock and said: “Fuck my ass!”

I had seen the anal sex only in porn! I slid my dick in her butt hole slowly and carefully, apparently that was not a big deal for her, the gel did its work and the cock fit inside completely. The feeling of warm and squeezing differed form that of the pussy’s and then, encouraged by Carmella’s moans I set to fucking her backdoors.

I fucked her anus violently, thrusting my cock deep inside. Then I lay on my back, she settled onto my dick, impaling her cunt on my manhood and we went on fucking while she was flicking her clit with one hand. Carmella slapped her pussy, fiddled with the swollen clit, and slid her fingers into the pussy, spreading aromatic love juice around her stomach. I kissed these fingers, licking this sweet juice, Carmella moaned and roared like a beast.

And finally I came! That was the cum of mine! I managed only to pull out and position my throbbing cock to her face! One more jerk, and her beautiful lovely face was totally drenched in my cum! I was on my clouds! It was so good that I wouldn’t remember another sex like that in my life. You know, we had been dating long since that day, fucking whether on my bed or on the bench in the dark city park. Time went by, we were getting older, with our own problems, until she moved to another city with her parents.

I have never seen her again. I missed her so much, but couldn’t find her address. Not long ago I learnt that it was me, the guy she loved when we were in the college.

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  1. anonymous Says:

    awhh. What a cute story.

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