The boss

August 14th, 2007

Affairs at work, it’s so corny, but this story is not like the others, it’s here where she understands what real sex is and the boss shows her everything there is to sex.

I never got along with him. I didn’t like him in a professional sense. He is kind of weird. Although I know perfectly what he lacks in order to be an ordinary man. He’s got an inferiority complex. Once he understands it’s just a myth that he made up for himself he will surely become an interesting person. But I don’t care, just giving you the background information about him. Once he invited me in, said he needed to talk to me and told me to close the door behind him. Why is that? I am swamped up with work, not time to think and he wants to talk now!

‘Come in, have a seat’, he said looking at the table, not at me. ‘Ok, I can come in and have a seat but I have nothing to talk about’ I thought to myself. I am talented employee and who are you? I may wouldn’t hate you so much if you were different, with these thoughts I moved to the chair.

‘How long is he going to keep silence pretending to be reading something on the computer screen? Suddenly he gave me a lasting look, usually he can’t look at me for a long time. I pretend that I am surprised and keep silence. What a freak! I want to go back to my office, I am tiered of playing the role of the naive girl.

‘What?’ I asked being tiered of waiting
‘What do you think…?’ he said and stopped as if being afraid to ask.
‘What do you want, tell me fast, I have no time…’
‘Why are you talking to me like that? Do you think you are the smartest?’
‘Yes, and the sexiest and the prettiest!’
‘You’ve got a high esteem, huh?’
‘But for my high esteem, I wouldn’t have achieved anything in this life, and don’t you like me’.

I am not a flat girl, and my legs are slender and nice to touch and sex with me is just great!!! – I thought, but didn’t say that.
‘I like you and that is the point’ I was astonished. I wasn’t ready for him to say this. I am looking at him with my eyes wide open. All my anger, my fury, my hatred stopped in time.

The boss came very close. ‘No, this isn’t going to get me, I won’t believe it’, I think to myself and feel my heart pounding.
He takes me by the hand. I can feel freezing shivers running down my back. I feel I am blushing. He places my palm to his check, my hand feels numb and not listening to my mind my hand starts going down.

‘What am I doing????? Don’t look at me this way, my thoughts are running through my head but my body is not listening to me. I have difficulty breathing I want to take off my clothes, oh what am I saying!? I’ve been to long without sex and it’s not doing me any good I feel I can have an orgasm right now. I can’t think of anything else and I feel like biting his lip. Oh, I gotta calm down, I am getting carried away.

I need to take control of myself, oh, God I can hardly resist him. He reached his hand and took me by the chin, I half-opened my eyes, I don’t want him to see my look. With a jerk of his hand the boss pulled my face closer to him and I looked into his eyes. I have never seen such a look, there’s so much desire, they are so deep I can see a mixture of animal passion and divine tenderness. I can feel my eyes filling with tears, my desire is getting as intense as it could be. I feel like I am going to explode now. No, what is he doing with me and how does he know that neck is my most erogenic zone? And when it’s caressed by the hand I just go mad. I love seeing the face of a man who wants me so much. He keeps caressing my neck then he embraces me and starts fondling my back – my second most erogenic zone – how the hell does he know that? Unable to stand it I dive my hand under his jacket and drive my nails into his back.

We are both not free and with all this passion we try to restrain ourselves and not to leave traces. What am I thinking about? This won’t bring me any good so I push him away from me and turn my back on him. My breath is so fast my face is burning, how can I walk out of his office like that? The secretary is going to see me what will she think? Trying hard I collect all my strength and willpower and turn to him with a question ‘Did you want to ask me something?’

‘I would like to discuss some issues with you, but there are too many people in the office, are you free tonight?’ he says behaving as cool as a cucumber.
Why did I say ‘yes’ I should have refused. My brain starts working, it’s not that easy, what does he want from me?
‘Why should we meet? I am against affairs at work and we have no urgent issues to discuss’.
‘Why are you starting this again, are you offended? You are a rather promising employee, I just want to compensate your financial losses that occurred for my fault’. The boss said, taking his seat near the table.
‘I am a promising employee but I don’t earn money for sex!’
‘This is not what I am talking about, sometimes you are very stubborn’ I see his face is red with fury. I thought he would kill me right on the spot if he could.
‘What should I think about your invitation to meet?’
‘My invitation to meet just means that I feel for you’
‘Feel what? We are at work!’
‘So what now? Do you think it’s easy to look at you every day? You are different from others, it’s strange that there is so much charm in one person, you have so much inner light, so may feelings, although I just can’t stand it when you are angry. Although now I feel that you are positive about my feelings and I can forgive your anger. You are a kind of women who want sex everywhere. I can’t be with you for a long time but I miss you when I am not with you. But this is not the point. I see no one can refuse you, you can get whatever you want but you have no authority and I can help you with that. But not here, stay at work later and when the secretary leaves we will talk’ He finished his monologue at last.

I can do anything! I am very ambitious. But should I go or not? I don’t want to deal with him although he is right. If the boss helps me I can earn good money and so will he we can actually help each other. He knows my ability to negotiate with the contractors, but what if he wants to set me up, I am really confused and don’t know what to do. I haven’t had a man for a long time and I can’t tell for sure what he wants from me. It really turns me on. I started and felt shivers running down my spine and I recalled his touches.

Ok, I decided, we will go to my place and there we will see what he wants. But, what if we have to stay to long and my house is not the best place for it, and why should I be worried about the place to meet, it’s for him to arrange it. ‘
‘Ok, I will stay later than usual,. But don’t get at me, I said ‘oh, if he could feel what I am thinking about now. I shouldn’t think, or…

We met near his car. He opened the door for me and I got in.

‘Look in the glove may be there’s something there that you would like. I don’t know what you like so I got almost everything.’
I looked and found several cocktail cans, huh, so thoughtful, probably wants to get me drunk, well I am not so silly.
But I took one can just to relax. No sooner had I opened it than the car moved and I dropped the can on my knees and then it dropped on the floor. ‘Well, I am just a bit nervous’ I thought to myself.

‘We it starts so soon, you are no drunk yet’
‘You shouldn’t jerk the car when I am opening the can!’
‘Women’s logic!’
‘Ok, stop the car, let me get out!’
‘Ok, ok, calm down, let’s go to some place we need to clean your clothes’
‘Clean yourself from dirty thoughts and I don’t need you to care for me’
He suddenly pulled on the brakes. ‘You are just impossible, get out!’
‘And I will!’ I opened the door and started getting out, but may be it wasn’t my day or may be I was rushing I fell out of the car.
He helped me get in. ‘Now sit and be silent until you do something wrong’

I bit my lip trying not to cry. I turned to the window and started gazing at the cars and buildings passing by.
We stopped at the quay, the ship was near by it seemed to be sort of a floating restaurant.
‘Do you want to clean me in the river’ I couldn’t help gloating over. The boss gave me an exhausting look and I could see that he regretted starting it with me. So, he will know how to mess up with feminists!

We went to the deck. Then down the lobby and he opened the door with his key. Where am I? I felt like running away but he didn’t let me. With my head down I stepped in the suit understanding that there was nowhere to hide. I took of my fur coat and my shoes and went to the bathroom. Nice! He sure knows nice places! So, I really need to wash it off. I got in the bath, the water was so pleasant. After a while I went out wrapped in a white towel. The bed that I saw took my breath away, the bed took up almost all the space. The black linen reflected the light shadows coming from the light lamp on the bedside table. The most terrifying thing was the ceiling which was totally made of one big mirror. I must have looked very silly because the boss laughed.
‘We can leave this place now if you want’ I don’t want to leave the place but I am ashamed of admitting it.

I am really a smart woman because I answered:
‘I needed to washed my clothes, let it dry and then we can go. ‘That was a nice excuse not to admit my desire to stay there’
‘May be we should have some wine to get warm’
I was tiered of my own shyness and of his indecisiveness, so I made the first step.
‘There are other ways to get warm’ I cam close to him. He was looking at me in astonishment waiting for what was going to happen next. I took off his jacket and dropped it on the floor. I took off his tie, the boss didn’t resist and let me do it. I liked it and went on. I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing him trying to find out where his erogenic zones were concealed. I felt that he was enjoying it. May be not at the seventh heaven but we were just starting. I unzipped his pants.

I know what to do here. I kissed his belly and got on my knees. I slowly started caressing the most sensitive part of his body trying to delay the pleasure. My goal was to make him so hot as to attack me and fuck me right on the floor. Some women think that blowjob is something terrible and learn to overcome to disgusting feeling. For me blowjob is something that makes me hot so I am enjoying it too. I like to play, making experiments, slightly biting the dickhead with my teeth (very slightly) I just love watching and feeling what ‘caresses’ are most enjoyed by men. I was sucking his dick with my lips, my tongue was working hard and at last I got what I wanted. Unable to stand it anymore he quickly took off the rest of my clothes and pushed me to the bed. Probably now he wants me to lose control but I will try hard to be as cool as a cucumber. He has no idea what my favorite position is and I won’t tell him. It’s odd I let him do it but can’t tell his what I want. But there are other way to let him know of my preferences.
’Wait’ I patted him and got out from under him, then I stood on my fours with my butt facing him. He understood everything and simply drove me mad. For a few minutes there were no thoughts at all, I just felt that my soul flew away from my body and found itself in paradise.

We came simultaneously. The orgasm was so strong that I couldn’t distinguish between the fantasy and reality. I didn’t hear myself screaming and as a matter of fact I was screaming and groaning like a wild cat but I wasn’t hearing myself. I didn’t see anything but I could feel his body. It’s hard to explain but for a split of a second we became just one whole. I fell on my belly as soon as he let me go. My legs were shaking, my head was dizzy, the only thing I saw was a glass of wine on the bedside table.
‘You are just reading my mind’ the wine returned me to reality and I closed my eyes enjoying the moment.

Several days passed. At work we pretended that nothing had happened. I will not take the initiative one more time. He won’t do that either.

This is the end I know. It won’t happen again. It’s a pity that it is like this.

I can’t fall asleep I keep thinking of him. I come to work and I look horrible, I don’t put on my make up, don’t think about what to wear. I am suffering and I feel really bad. I feel like crying and crying. The most offending thing that I just need him, may be for half an hour a week but I want him to be only mine during these thirty minutes. I don’t need him all my life, I want to love him and keep love alive and my unlucky marriage made me conclude that living together kills love.

The phone ran and took my sad thoughts away I grabbed it to quickly and dropped it on the table. I can imagine what noise it brought, I picked it up again and said, ‘Hello’.

That seemed a really bad day for me, it was my director general who asked me to come to his office and hung up. What to do? What if I was betrayed? But I can’t feel any worse. But why is that so?

I knocked on the door and entered the office. The director general was speaking to someone in Spanish on his mobile phone, he made a gesture with his hand inviting me to take a seat. I took my seat and started trembling, I am really afraid of him, he is so strict what should I expect? At last he hung up.

‘I had a discussion with our partners from Petersburg, they want to work closer with us. Why don’t you and Mr. Travis go and visit them. He is a technical specialist while you will deal with financial issues.

You have four days. But your business trip should be favorable for our company, do you understand me?
Do I understand? I nearly fell from the chair with happiness. The director looked at me but said nothing.

‘So, when do we leave?’
‘The secretary will reserve the tickets and the hotel. Go and talk minor details with Mr. Travis.

I stood up, my legs were shaking. No sooner had I got to my working place than Travis stopped me.

‘Have you seen the Director?’
‘Yes’ I answered with my voice trembling.

He bent over to me and whispered. ‘We will set on our way tomorrow. Go home and have a sleep, you won’t get much sleep during this business trip’.

I rushed home to pack up. I can stay up for the whole week just to be with him. I need to go to the shop, that to the salon.
The flight was long and tiring, the thing that saved us was the champagne and talks. We talked about everything, work, life hobbies. The director of the company in Petersburg accommodated us in his house as he didn’t want us to stay at the hotel. When we arrived he was still on a business trip so we went to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we checked in two suits, to make it seem that we are just colleagues. I went to my room, dropped the bag on the floor and went to the bathroom. It’s so nice to have a warm bath after a cold weather. I came to myself feeling someone touching my breasts. I nearly jumped up.
‘hush, hush. That’s me, you shouldn’t sleep in the bathroom you can drown’. Travis was sitting on the edge of the bath looking at my body through the water.

Only now I noticed that the water got cold. He gave me a hand and I got out of the water.

I wrapped myself in a towel and went to the room. The boss followed me. I came to the window and saw the other building across from the hotel. It was raining outside but I could see the silhouettes in the windows.

‘Can you imagine someone is looking at us through the binoculars, he is bored and you are standing and doing nothing’
He was saying something else but his speech was like a distant music for me as he was speaking and at the same time taking off my towel. Touching my body with his hands. I could feel the cold weather out of the window and the heat coming from him. The contrast was driving me mad. I wanted to turn to him and get warm but he didn’t let me, he embraced me and pressed me to himself. He was a wonderful man, we were both tired so we didn’t prolong the foreplay. The quick sex has its good sides. It seemed like you are falling down from a high mountain. He was a bit rude but when I came he made me sit on the window sill and started working on me more gently. I wanted to give him the pleasure that he never felt so I pressed to him and started caressing him with my hands, I was slightly biting his ear, kissed his neck, his lips. Soon I felt that he was close to orgasm. This made my body shiver and the muscles contracted inside of me I tilted back my head and fell to the state of no thoughts. He placed me on the bed and lay close pressing his body to mine. My heart was beating like crazy, and he wanted to play with ice from the ice bucket. The only thing I can say that it was unexpected and exciting. The piece of ice is sliding down your face, and the stream of water is running down your neck and breasts. And from the belly down to my pussy, I wanted to play with him too so I sat on him and started torturing him, increasing the speed then slowing down, I don’t know what happened next the only thing tangible was the fire burning inside that took me far, far away. Sometimes I felt like I died.

I had no thoughts until morning. I was waken up by the smell of roses, everything around was covered with rose petals, the cocktail with ice was on the table and a note which read: ‘I am fine by myself. Tonight we are having a business meeting, be ready’.

Oh, I am always ready!!! A gentle cocktail ran down my dry throat….

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