November 19th, 2008

A girl has prepared a surprise for her boyfriend and it seems he is going to like it a lot, she wants to get to his ass and that’s going to be exciting…

- Hi, sweetie! – I heard Alice’s pleasant voice in the receiver.

- Wow! Hi, honey! I haven’t heard from you for ages! I’ve missed you loads!

- I miss you, too. I want to see you. Will you come to visit me?

- When?

- Right now.

- My workday is over at 5 p.m.

- Don’t you want me? – Judging by her voice she was a bit offended.

- Why, darling? Sure I do! But I have to think of a reason to leave work earlier. Hmm… I guess I have an idea!..

- That’s really nice! I have a surprise for you.

- What’s that?

- I’m not going to tell you anything. It’s surprise. I can say only thing to you. You’ve wanted to try something interesting in sex for a long time, and today we’ll have some sexual experiments.

- Ok, I’m on my way!..

Having collected all papers from the table and told my boss I had to come to an agreement with a contractor about something I rushed to my lover. “What kind of surprise has she prepared for me?” I constantly asked myself.

On the way to Alice’s apartment I bought a couple of sponge cakes and a bottle of champagne at a supermarket and some red roses in the street. She liked flowers and pastry a lot though many women could envy her slim figure. She wasn’t a model of course but looked very nice. We’d been lovers for a few years and suited each other very well in bed. Our sex was very special each time; it gave us something we couldn’t obtain from our halves. I think our spouses suspected we had a relationship but dropped no hints. I found myself in sex with the help of Alice and she also did marvels to satisfy me. We made love for hours changing positions and the ways of caress. And we never got tired of each other…

Now I was in a hurry to her being sure our sex would be as wonderful as usual.

- Hi! – She said letting me in and kissing on the cheek.

- These flowers are for you, – I gave her the bouquet.

We kissed and I immediately began pawing my girl stroking her waist and bottom.

- Stop it! No hurry! – Alice moved away. – Take the champagne and cakes to the kitchen, undress and go to the bathroom. I’ll be waiting for you there. Want to wash you… Haven’t you perspired during the day?

- I have, sweetie, – I started fulfilling her orders.

Having put my stuff in the kitchen I undressed and entered the bathroom absolutely naked. Alice was waiting for me wearing a bathrobe. Seeing I was nude she took off the robe. I pulled her to me and began groping her.

- No, you don’t smell very well… Come inside the shower cubicle, I’ll wash you, – she pushed me and I had to obey. As soon as I entered a warm water spurt was directed at me.

- Soap yourself, – Alice gave me a sponge and was pouring the water over me.

Then she took the sponge from me and began to rub my body with it. Watching Alice’s beautiful body and her plump breasts I brought my stiffening phallus forward and shook it from side to side keeping my hands behind my back. When I was covered with foam all over Alice grabbed my penis. Her hands were always so tender… She was jacking me off so nicely that I was ready to enjoy her moving the skin of my shaft here and there for hours. Now she was looking at me from below foaming my cock and balls, the cock was very hard indeed. I was moaning from pleasure and advancing it even more in front of her. Alice grinned and continued jerking my phallus and observe me enjoying the process.

- Stand with your side to me, – she stopped her caress.

I got down to earth… And turned with my left side to her. Now Alice was rolling my bollocks in her left hand as if she was soaping them and her right hand… Oh! The palm spread the foam over my buttocks and then went between them. It was easily sliding between my butthalves washing my hole. I divided my halves with my own hands, I don’t really understand why, it was an intuitive action. Her hand was sliding over the foam and gel fondling my shithole and giving me great pleasure. But here she stopped… I felt Alice’s little thin finger entered my ass. It was unspeakable sensation! I’d never thought it could be so nice when something was working in your ass. Alice moved her digit here and there. I had goose bumps all over my body.

- Go on, – I told her through my grit teeth.

- Does it hurt? – She was looking into my eyes with devotion.

- No, keep it on.

- Okay.

Saying that she added another finger. Her index and middle fingers of the right hand were manipulating inside and the palm of her left hand was jerking off my phallus. I was moaning from pain and enjoyment… I leaned against the wall with my hands and stuck the ass out allowing Alice to push her digits deeper into me.

- Fantastic! Don’t stop, honey!

And she wasn’t going to stop fucking me. She stopped for a second and washed the foam off me, then she continued jacking off my cock and the tip of her tongue began touching my nipple.

My nipples were very small but I liked watching my girl pinching and sucking them.
She was sucking them with all her might going on fucking my ass and jacking off my penis.

- Be more intensive, darling! Bite it! – For some reason I wanted pain.

She knew what to do. As soon as her sharp teeth touched my nipple and her teeth squeezed I felt sudden pain and waves of climax consumed me. When I began to shoot my cum Alice tried to turn me to her and take my cock into her mouth. She swallowed the head and started drinking my warm semen keeping on jerking the shaft. Some of the sperm was on her face and chest. When my spasms stopped she spread the cum all over her body and shook her head:

- You’re so impatient! Well, it’s Ok… Continue the washing. When you finish go to the living room and wait for me there. I must smarten myself.

She left. My knees became weak and I sat down on the floor. My butt and cock were aching but it was nice ache. I had a shower and went out of the bathroom.

Entering the living room I sank in the armchair covering my prick with a towel. Soon I head Alice’s heels clatter. She knew I liked her wearing high-heeled shoes and stockings, so she put them on when I visited her. Now she came into the room wearing high-heeled black shoes and black mesh stockings. This time she added a black corset and gloves. She looked more than sexy… She had two little bags in her hands.

- You look gorgeous!

- I know.

I put away the towel demonstrating my phallus and offering her to sit on my lap.

- You’re in a hurry. Would you like the surprise? – She grinned. – You wanted to try something new. We’ll have an opportunity today. But the experiment will go according to my plan. Put it on.

Alice threw one of the bags to me and the second one she put close to her on the sofa. I peeped in.
- That’s interesting! – Taking out and examining white stockings, lacy panties and shoes with metal stiletto heels I began realizing what she wanted. – Where have you managed to buy all these items to my size?

- Is that important? Put it on!

- Of course not. Listen, I’m intrigued.

I remembered the way women put the stockings on and crumpled one of them. Pulling it on I looked at my leg with fascination. Nothing to say, it looked sexy. I put on the second stocking and made an attempt to put on the panties. They were very erotic. Thin lacy thongs… The triangle in front couldn’t hide my cock and balls. Looked funny… Then I put on the shoes. They were exactly to my size.

I stood up awkwardly. Now I felt really sorry for women who wore them. I could barely stand. I couldn’t imagine walking in them and waking gracefully as women did.

- You look nice, – Alice took something out of her bag and came up to me.

She pressed to me and I gave her a soul kiss. She put her hand around my waist and I tried to put mine around her shoulder.

- No hands. Not today, – she said with a playful intonation.

I put my hands behind my back. It was the very thing she was waiting for! I understood she put handcuffs on my wrists.

- Am I arrested?

- You are. You’re going to be tortured to find out an important secret. Will you tell everything?

- No way! I’m not going to surrender, – I wanted to follow her game.

- As you wish.

Pressing to me Alice slid down. Being on her knees she was looking at my penis swaying before her face. Moving the thin panties aside her palm embraced the base of my tool, jerked it off a bit. When she began to push my head into her mouth I thought I’d be tortured by a blow job. “Yeah, and then I’ll be tortured by a cake…”

However, I was mistaken. Wild sharp pain flashed through my body and mind when Alice’s teeth squeezed on my cock.

- Oh!.. – I goggled my eyes.

- Do you want more?

- N-no… – I was speaking through my clenched teeth. And here I felt my balls were being twisted.

Seeing that my bollocks and dick turned red from that torture I said:

- I’ll tell you everything. Don’t do that any more, lady.

- Oh, you’re a weakling! Now I’ll punish you. There is no place for weaklings among us. Turn round!

I turned to Alice with my back. She pushed me and I fell on the sofa and somehow positioned myself in a doggy fashion. My head set against the headgear, the knees were on the sofa, the hands behind the back and the butt stuck up high.

I heard the rustling of the bag and tried to look what she was pulling out of it. But before seeing I’d heard it… Shrilly sound… and lash went at my back. Pain. One more time. Again. The back hurt. Now my buttocks and hips…
- And what’s this? – Alice touched my bollocks with the lash.

- No! – I was able just to utter and…

A sharp lash at both of the testicles. It hurt so much!!!

- It’s too much, honey… No more, please… – I breathed out.

Alice realized she’d overdone it.

- Sorry, darling… Does it hurt? I’ll fondle them now…

She sat behind me and began licking the cock and the balls. She took the head into her mouth and sucked it, then licked the whole shaft, kissed each testicle separately. I was enjoying my arousal, her caress and the fact it didn’t hurt any more. Her mouth was doing miracles. And while she was servicing my cock and the bollocks orally her nose touched my asshole.

This touch wasn’t accidental. Alice knew I liked her kissing and licking my butt. I turned on wildly feeling her rough tongue working between my asscheeks. And I liked the coolness around the hole after she’d lick me and remove her face. She sometimes blew at my hole seeing I was enjoying that.

This time she’d licked my bottom very well and a few times she’d kissed it. While I was coming to my senses after her oral caress I heard the rustling sound again. “What else is there?..” While I was moving my wet butt a couple of seconds trying to take a glance at her Alice was pottering about something.

Suddenly her hands lay on my asshalves, she spread them and something hard set against the hole. I looked between my legs and understood what it was. It was a dido. It wasn’t very big in size. I’d wanted my butt to be rammed for long, and it was relaxed now…

Alice pressing a bit was penetrating my shithole with an artificial phallus. It was sliding in very easily. I was enjoying it coming inside and even was impaling on it. Now it was fully in me. Alice was moving it forth and back fucking me.

- Does it hurt?

- No, not at all! It’s so nice! You also enjoy your ass being pumped.

- Your ass is virgin, don’t forget about that! Let’s change the position.

- Okay.

Alice took off the handcuffs. She sat on the sofa holding the dildo pointed up. I stood erect, took the panties off erotically imitating women’s motions. Then I sat on the dildo with my butt. Alice was behind me. I began to move up and down on the dildo. First Alice was stroking my bottom and then stretched her hand forward and took my cock into her palm and began to jack it off. The sensations were fabulous. I was building the tempo and increasing the amplitude…

Alice was watching over my state, she would stop jerking the phallus when I was on the verge of coming trying to prolong the pleasure. I liked that a lot and wanted it to continue as long as possible.
- Shall we change the position? – She offered again.

- Why not, – I agreed.

I lay with my back on the sofa. Raising and moving my legs widely apart I spread my asscheeks suggesting Alice pushing the toy into me. She immediately thrust the dildo inside and started moving it very fast. She was enjoying drilling into me and hearing my butt making smacking sounds. Alice was in front of me and I put my legs on her shoulders. I was surprised by how nicely the stockings and shoes looked on me hanging from Alice’s shoulders. Being sexed up a lot Alice was fucking me wildly.

My hands were free now and I could jack off my cock with one hand and caress the balls with another. I looked at my nipples, then touched them and noticed they were hard. I began rubbing and pinching them looking into Alice’s eyes. She smiled. After a few more thrusts she offered:

- I want you to be on me.

Without taking the dildo out of my butt I sat on Alice who was holding the toy in her hand. I was with my face to her half-rising and sitting down again. My hands were leaned against the back of the sofa. Pretty soon I was near my climax and when Alice’s hand embraced my cock and stroked it a couple of times I came. When I exploded my semen splashed on the belly, breasts and face of my lover. The spurts of my cum fell on my girl’s tender skin. She tried to catch some drops with her mouth. When my convulsions faded I collapsed on her.

We were sitting on the sofa and talking:

- Are you Ok? – Alice asked looking into my eyes.

- I’m fine. Absolutely fine… – My breath was normal and I could speak now. – Look, you haven’t had an orgasm.

- I guess I don’t want it really. I’ve fucked you so nicely today that I don’t need anything more.

We sat in silence for a while. Then I looked at the toy:

- This dildo… You know I like it… Can we use it in another way? – I grinned.

- Sure, we can. We can put it in some other holes… – She smirked. – Aren’t you satisfied? – She asked noticing my cock erected again.

- I think I am aroused again…

- I’ll suck you a bit…

Saying that she grabbed my phallus with her hand and began jerking it off. Then she stood over me with her knees on the sofa and kissed my lips. Our kiss was passionate and long, the tongues were exploring the mouths. I was fondling Alice’s thighs, bottom and back and she kept on jerking and jerking my cock…

- I prefer you instead of a blow job… – I impaled her on my cock.

Her crotch was so wet that it met no resistance and slid in very easily. She moaned from pleasure, rolled her eyes, tossed her head and bit her lip. I rose a little and began kissing her nipples flicking them with my tongue. Almost simultaneously I started throwing her up on my phallus. She was moaning and moaning.

She pushed one of her fingers into her mouth and was sucking it as if it was a cock. Then she passed this finger between her buttocks and slowly inserted it into her butt. I felt it with my penis. She even touched me through the wall inside her. It was incredibly nice!

We kept on fucking until I suddenly had an idea. I took the dildo lying beside us and guided it into Alice’s mouth. She began sucking it as a cock. I liked watching that. Then I took it from her, it was wet with saliva, and pushed slowly into her asshole.

- Come on, push it inside… – I heard her whisper in my ear.

I pressed and was amazed to see it entered quickly.

- A-a-h! – Alice moaned loudly.

I made a few thrusts and earth shattering orgasm consumed her. It was bright and long. She was shaking, twisting as a snake, scratching and screaming. She kept on moving her body with two phalluses inside and enjoying that. She squeezed her vagina so tightly that I burst out too. My third climax wasn’t as strong as the first two ones. This time we concentrated on Alice’s feelings.

When she stopped agonizing and fell on me I gave her a tender hug and started kissing her face. She was lying nearly breathless for a long time. I pulled the dildo carefully out of her butt. When she was finally able to put two thoughts together she sat beside me.

- Did you like the surprise?

- Sure! I hadn’t expected that at all.
- Actually I haven’t planned the end like that but I enjoyed it much. Can I order a surprise for me?

- What do you mean?

- I’d like it to be live, – she lowered her eyes feeling embarrassed and stroked the dildo.

- I guess you want sex with two men at the same time…

- You’re not supposed to do that if you feel jealous, – she raised her eyes.

- Why? I think it’s a good idea, – in my mind I was trying to think of some men who could participate in that. – You’ll have two or even three phalluses at you disposal, – I smiled mysteriously. Alice cuddled up to me and kissed me.

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