January 28th, 2008

A girl is having fun with her boyfriend and suddenly his business partner appears, after a couple of drinks he suggests playing strip-poker and that’s when the real fun begins…

My boyfriend’s name is Sean. He’s 32, very fit; his eyes are aqua blue. He’s totally hot, especially when it gets to bed.

That night two of us were hanging out over at his place. We were drinking hot choco and watching a movie. A good friend of his came over without a notice. His name is Jesse, he’s 28; tall guy with dark hair deep blue eyes.

- “Jesse, you always do that! Listen, man, you’re not on the right time, I’m with Cassidy. You should have called beforehand.”

- “I’m just dropping by! Chill, man! It’ won’t take too long! Here, just take a look at those documents.”

For a while they talked about their business and all that. They were done in 20 minutes and Jesse was about to leave. I caught myself on the thought that I really didn’t want him to go. He is such a handsome guy and his killer-smile is so warm and sexy! He’s the real soul of any friend circle.

- “Stay for a drink. It’s always nice to see you. Come on, Sean, tell him to stay for a drink.”

We opened a bottle of wine and were having a nice and fun conversation. Boys went outside for a smoke and I sat down and started having thoughts with some erotic fantasies. I must admit, I really liked Jesse since the first time we met.

- “How about a strip-poker, ladies and gents?” said my boyfriend.

We sat down on the floor and got more drinks. I was the first one to lose so I had to take off my top. I was sitting there in my Victoria’s Secret bra and Jesse was definitely checking me out. He practically didn’t take his eyes of me at all. That started turning me on.

The next one who lost was Jesse. He took off his shirt and exposed his build chest and tanned shaped shoulders.

- “Guys, how about a new rule in the game? The one that loses must take off a piece of their outfit. Plus perform a wish, which we write down before the game? We put wishes in the pile and take out one each time! So, what do you think guys?”

Sean had to take off his shirt, than it was me again. I took off my skirt and sat there in my lacy lingerie. I let the guys tell me all kinds of compliments about my body and they were starring at me… my legs, my long hair that was falling down on my shoulders.

I picked a roll of paper and read the wish. It said: “a French kiss, Jesse”! I sat down on his lap, put my arms on his shoulders and kissed him. I did my best. I tried to work all of my skills and senses in that kiss. I slightly touched his upper lip with my tongue…such inimitable luring taste. My wet lips started kissing his neck.

Sean was watching. But I didn’t see a slight sign of judgment or jealousy, instead he looked interested. When our eyes met each other he said:

- “Go ahead, I wanna see that.”

His words definitely got Jesse surprised. I pushed the hot guy on the floor and got on top of him. I pulled away his jeans, kissed his chest, his abs, took his hand and put it inside my panties.

His soft skillful hands were caressing my entire ass squeezing my buttocks. Jesse’s wet fingers touched my nipples and he slightly fiddled with them.

- “Lick her out…” said Sean.

I pulled my legs apart and Jesse went down kissing my belly, my hips…his fingers started touching my puss…and finally I felt his tongue going up and down. His lips started sucking on a clit. He was working his tongue persistently all over my wet pussy and I felt so much… I felt raging in that fever. My back was curving and I moaned again and again.

Sean got up and took off his pants. He took his hard dick right to my face. I moved towards him and grabbed my stud. I caressed it with all the passion Jesse was giving me down at my clit. I played my finger on Sean’s dickhead.

I swallowed his dick and moved my tongue around and round basically repeating what Jesse was doing to me. By that time he has already given me an orgasm. I was burning in that sweet insatiable euphoria and kept on pleasing Sean. It is so pleasing to feel the soft velvet skin of his flesh in my mouth. Those swelling veins like a ripe fruit that is about to explode its juices on my lips. I know the taste of Sean’s sperm but I wanted to taste Jesse’s as well. But it wasn’t getting there…

We switched places. Jesse lied down and I sat down on him. I got so wet and juicy and he was having such a hard-on that it made me lose my mind. I jumped on his dick all the way down.

Sean was standing behind me and was caressing my back and kissing my neck. I’ve never felt four male hands caressing my entire body before.

Sean stopped me and told me to hold on and stop riding Jesse. He went down to my bum and started kissing it, oh! He kissed me there and his wetted finger entered my ass. He put some lubricant on it and slowly pushed his dick inside: half way- so that I could get used to it.

From the sensation of two huge dicks inside me I lost control over my own self. Pain and pleasure mixed into one. Sean stated buggering me going all the way in. The increasing pain like a wave went up my body. He is so huge! I don’t think about it when we have the usual sex, but the moment he was ripping my poor ass I had to point that out in my dirty head.

I was going up Jesse’s dick while Sean was shoving me from the back. It seemed they could almost feel each other through the thin septum. Sean ejaculated first, than Jesse and I felt sperm filling up both of my holes. Their sweaty bodies, so hot, the smell of their skin lingered on me and excited my blood.

We took turns to take a shower. Somebody called Jesse’s mobile and he left. My Sean came out from the bathroom so fresh and so clean. I put my arms around his neck and my nose on his cheek to smell my dear boyfriend.

- “Babe, I lost the game and haven’t made your wish come true yet. What would you like?”

- “Show me how you please yourself.”

We went upstairs to his bedroom and I lied down on the bed. I curved my back, sucked on my middle finger and than put it on my nipple. My nipples got hard and were sticking out. I put my hand on my belly and started caressing myself. I was touching my hips and slowly got to touch my clit.

Two fingers started flitting on my swelling pussy lips. I closed my eyes, let out a snob and let all of my obsessions fly…

I took out my favorite silver dildo and slowly put it inside. My rhythmic moves made me moan louder and louder and I saw Sean starring at me and so was his hard dick.

- “Sean, cum over here and finish me up” I begged him.

- “No, don’t stop, babe. It’s a one-player-action and I ‘m just a spectator.”

Okay, I let him enjoy. I came closer to him and turned around. My hair was lying on my back and it felt so nice against my silky skin.

I took out the dildo from my vagina and stuck it in my anal. Right in front of his face. I felt him starring through my skin. I intentionally stuck out my bum; slowly and softly I was moving back and force. I looked behind and saw him touching his dick.

Sean got up and started jerking faster and faster till he cum all over my bum with a dildo inside. I took it out feeling exhausted and kinda empty. It was a bit painful in there, to be honest.

- “You know, actually I asked Jesse to write down “a French kiss” with you. I saw you guys looking at each other all the time, it wasn’t the first time. I talked about it with Jesse when we went outside for a smoke. He actually knew how it was gonna go, but I didn’t expect you to be that way, you know. I didn’t think you would agree.”

- “And that didn’t make you jealous?”

- “He’s almost like a brother to me…And you…I love you. I wanted to see who you would get more satisfaction with: him or me…If you didn’t like it, I apologize. But babe, it seemed to me you loved it!”

- “I like it more with you. You know me. You feel me. You understand what I want without me having to tell you. Together we are one complete soul… “

- “What was it like with him?”

- “He’s just a handsome guy and nothing more. Only with you I have sex not just physically but spiritually 24/7. Even when we’re just looking at each other, talking without touching each other… the air between us gets so tense
I burn without a fire…”

I don’t consider threesome sex wrong at all. It all depends on one’s own perception not on what is considered to be a social boundary.

- “…We checked our feelings and I understood how much I love you.”

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