Step mother

October 21st, 2007

A young girl from the country entered the college in the city, it’s first difficult to mix in the high society but she tries hard to look similar to them, she experiences lots of difficulties in her life, she learns that her step mother is a lesbian who wants to seduce her….

It was a nice party. Boys and girls present had everything to be happy; they had expensive clothes, hi-tech gadgets. They were used to getting what they wanted. Since their first steps in life. They didn’t have to earn what they wanted. Their parents were giving them everything.

Nobody helped Kim reach something in life. Of course, her farther used to help her, but he was always busy working. She didn’t know what he was doing and where he was working – “working for government”, that was his usual reply. Her farther never married after her mother’s death. She died long ago, Kim could hardly remember her face. So, she could do whatever she wanted. When she was finishing school her farther asked her:

-Do you wanna play in movies?

That was all. In several days he told her she would apply for an art college to be an actress. Her application was accepted. It was easy for her, she didn’t even know why. When she was a college student and whenever she told professors her family name they began to treat her better.

Her college friends, as well as her school ones back in her small home town, often arranged parties. Of course, they were different. During school years, they often made parties in Will Crawford’s place when his parents were on their shift in another town. They often turned off the light, turned on the music, they were drinking. And then when they all were rather tipsy, Kim felt somebody’s sticky fingers on her body. She heard somebody’s heavy breathing. Somebody’s hands were getting under her skirt, under her panties, getting closer to her curly bush, and then even lower to her throbbing wet pussy. But that was all. I mean, hot hands were still feeling up her stomach, her hips, her crotch, but in a while she felt the guy tremble, pausing, moaning. Then he got up and disappeared in the smoked up room.

Kim met Rosie at one of the college parties. She was a daughter of a well known film director. Rosie liked the pretty country girl and wanted to present her to her friends. Those were bright representatives of gilded youth. There were sons and daughters of famous actors, actresses, singers, ambassadors.

Soon Kim saw them all at Rosie’s place. Her parents went on vacation. Her house was ready for partying. Rosie opened the door. She was wearing tight jeans and a lilac tank top with a big cleavage. Kim couldn’t help noticing her big round boobs. She could easily see large nipples though the light fabric of the top. Kim felt uncomfortable. She was wearing an old brown red dress. Rosie showed her to the big room. The guys became more vigorous as she crossed the threshold. They were trying to attract her attention. One of them, James, son of a comedian, took Rosie to the kitchen asking her:

-Listen Rosie, why the hell did you invite this country girl here? She’s gonna spoil everything!

-No, she isn’t. – Rosie said mysteriously, patting James on the cheek. – Try not to spoil everything yourself! She’s stupid, innocent and naïve. I guess you’ve never seen such girls at all. Use your chance.

James’s eyes were shining.

-Then maybe she’ll play our game?

-She will. She will also pose before your camera, be sure. But everything must look natural, she’s very serious about this stuff. And one more thing. No gangbangs in my house! – Rosie added.

James nodded.

Kim was sitting on the couch in front of a coffee table. There were lots of different bottles on it. She was drinking martini. It was sweet and generally very nice. Kim felt a bit dizzy.

-You know what. A friend of mine has just come back from a business trip and brought me a new camera. Now we can imprint happy and beautiful moments of our life for ever. Like, for example, beauty of a girl’s body. Imagine, you’re making love to a girl, and you hear snaps here and there. And your chick becomes apart of sexual history of the world! – Said one of the guests.

Kim was blushing. Rosie brought some magazines from her room, the girls were sitting on the couch turning over the pages, while the guys went out of the house to smoke and discuss the situation.

-What if they disagree? – Jeffrey, son of a camera man, said anxiously.

-Stop saying bullshit, buddy. They will agree, – James replied. – Rosie said they were ready. All of them but the country girl.

-By the way, – Rodger said (he was son of an ambassador). – Have you seen this girl’s melons? I’ve been watching her for long.

-That’s not all, – James broke him off. – Rosie says this girl is still a virgin. So it will be her first lesson today!

-WOW! – Jeffrey cried out. – Let’s play poker then.

-The loser dresses off and poses for the camera! – James added.

The guys went back in the house. It was an ordinary party. They were listening to music, watching some softcore porn on TV, drinking. Now and then somebody started dancing. Finally, Rosie asked:

-What about our traditional game of poker?!

-Great idea! – James shouted. – C’mon, bring the cards!

Kim saw cards on the table. The game began. Some of the players sat down on the couch, the rest were sitting on the floor. James said the rules were as usual. Kim was too shy to ask WHAT the rules were, actually. She began playing too. When one of them lost the game he pulled off the boot and threw it to the corner. Then James lost too, he took off his watch, Rosie took off her shoe. They were playing, paying no attention to the time. Jeffrey kept on winning, so he was pretty happy. The other girl, Terry was the unluckiest among them – she was only having her motley blouse and her panties on. That was all. She was a constant loser. Kim was more or less lucky, but she felt uneasy. Seeing her tension, James gave her another glass of martini. Kim made a gulp. Her throat and gullet were on fire. She glimpsed at James. He was grinning:
-Surprise from Cuba.

Kim didn’t say a word. She was sick. A new game started. She began losing it. She couldn’t think clearly, the cards and faces were obscure. She could hardly see the suit and value of cards. When she took off both of her socks she began thinking what to do next.

-Kim, c’mon, don’t be shy, take it off! – It was James’s voice. She didn’t hear him well.

She looked at him, not clearly realizing what he wanted and what was going on. She looked down. She was wearing just her panties and bra. And those were all! She looked around to see half naked players. They were staring at her. Rosie was looking in a derisive way, that’s how it seemed to her, at least. James was looking at her lustfully. She couldn’t read anything in other eyes. Kim looked down. Her panties and her bra. Man… She parted her dry lips and whispered:

-I… can’t…

-No that won’t do girl! – James said, frowning. – We’re all in the same situation here. It’s the game. A promise is a promise. So, c’mon, be quick.

Kim took a deep breath and closed her eyes. During the parties in her home town, it was always dark, and she didn’t feel shame. Then she got used to her friends’ hands under her skirt, her bra, feeling up her big knockers and hard nipples… But it was different now. She was offered to strip, while other guys were watching. God!

-Go-go-go….! – She heard James say.

Her trembling fingers reached for the fastener. Snap! Now the bra was hanging on her boobs, as if unwilling to fall down. She was blushing. She stooped her shoulders and the bra fell on the floor. Her big breasts were free now. Hard brown nipples were sticking out. She felt so free. She made herself look up. Everyone was staring at her. But not at her face, rather at her tits. Kim had always been a bit timid about her bust; it seemed to be too big, too “outstanding”.

-Well, let’s continue playing, – James said in a hoarse voice.

Terry was the first to get nude. She was a girl with black hair, so her bush was also black, stressing her snow-white nudity.

-You’re damn beautiful, Terry! – Jeffrey said in admiration.

-Yes, you’re. – James noted. – Why not imprint this beauty? – He brought the camera.

A snap. Then he looked at the pic and whistled.

-Guess we can easily send it to Playboy.

-You’re right, – Rosie added, looking at the photo over his shoulder.

Everyone was watching the pic. When Jeffrey took the photo in his hands, he began laughing:

-Babe, you’re looking like you’ve just been fucked, several times…!

-Shut up, asshole! Keep your dirty fantasies for your bedroom. – Terry said, blushing, and then added defiantly. – You’ve never even done anything like this to me even once!

By the midnight, all the players, save for James and Rosie were all naked. James never stopped shooting pics. There were many photos in his collection now. When Rosie lost the game, she took off her panties, and James was announced the winner, and he suggested making a group photo. Kim was sitting on the couch between Jeffrey and Rodger. James came up to the couch.

-Listen guys, I also wanna pose, it’s not fair that it’s only me who shoots pics. C’mon Rodger pick up the camera and go, buddy! – James said loudly.

He took Rodger’s place right by Kim’s side. When looking at her boobs, he looked at her light bush too. Kim noticed his glance and pressed her hips tighter together, putting her hands on her knees.

-No that won’t do, – James cried out in excitement. – Give me your hand. You, – he told Jeffrey, – take her other hand. Now girl put your hand here, yeah, right, don’t be shy. Hold it tight. Good!

Kim felt something hard and hot in her hand. She glanced down and was about to lose consciousness. James made her take his huge hard cock in her hand! The dick was big with a pink large dickhead. She was holding his slightly curves shaft tight with her hand. At this very moment she felt another stem in her left hand. But it was a bit thinner and shorter. She looked at Rodger who was holding the camera, shooting. His milky-white penis with a small red dickhead was prodding right into her face. She saw it pulsing, getting harder and larger. Rodger was sighing, unable to push the button.

-What are you waiting for there? – James shouted impatiently.

Rodger didn’t answer. He was shifting from one foot to the other, still staring into the viewfinder. Kim was looking at his purple red dickhead. His knob was very huge now. Suddenly Rodger shivered, his phallus was trembling too, spurting white stream of cum. It hit Kim’s breasts and began flowing down her stomach. Rodger pushed the button. Snap. He lowered the camera, looking very sad and ashamed. Kim set her left hand free, rubbing sticky warm liquid off her skin. This small incident cheered everyone up. Everyone but Rodger, who was still very much confused.

-Let’s look at the pic! – James cried out getting off the couch.

He forgot all about Kim’s hand holding his stem tight. He trembled, sighed and looked at Kim angrily.

-Girl are you gonna deprive me of sex forever? And of a chance to become a farther?

He came up to Rodger and took the camera. He giggled and let Kim watch. She was confused to see the photo. She saw herself sitting on the couch naked, holding two hard penises in her hands. One could easily see white cum on her bust. She couldn’t explain why, but she couldn’t stop watching the pic. She was frightened and excited. She was thrilled about lewd nudity and beauty of her body. It was white puddles of sperm that were disgusting in her opinion. Seemed they violated her beauty.

She gave the camera back. James looked into her eyes. He felt hot pulsation in his lower belly, his lustful desire. He had never faced problems with fucking any girl he wanted. He was especially successful with older mommies. They just loved him. But this country girl. She was definitely turning him on. She was really hot. He was staring at her during the whole night. He was trying to find out her secret. Was she really that innocent and naive as been described? Or was she just pretending? Maybe she’d already managed to find out a lot in her home town out there. He wanted to check it out. But Rosie never allowed them to fuck in her parents’ house.

The guys were dressing up. Kim was sick of the alcohol she’d been drinking.

-Maybe you should take some rest in the bedroom? – James suggested, seeing her condition. – You’ll get some rest and then I’ll take you home. Where do you live?

Kim was living with her stepmother in the suburbs. The house was small. There were three of them living there, but her dad often went for business trips, and Regina, her stepmother (she was Polish) offered her to live with them. She said she would feel better when not being alone. “You’ll get back to the dormitory if you don’t like here,” she added. Kim accepted the proposal.

James helped her dress up and took her to the bedroom then. Or, let’s better put it this way, he pulled her to the bedroom. Rosie looked at him vex, but he expressed such pure innocence on his face, whispering: “The country girl is sick. Let her spend some time there.” It was dark in the bedroom. There was a large bed in the corner of the room. Kim lay in bed.

-You take a nap, and I’ll go, – he said obliquely.

He wasn’t going to go, he decided to act according to the circumstances. The rest of the guys were leaving, he heard their voices downstairs. Rosie was going to give a lift to some of them. That’s great, James thought.

-Our country virgin is sleeping. Rosie you go and I’ll take care of the stuff here. I’ll make you coffee when you return, OK?

Rosie looked at him searchingly and nodded. Then the door closed behind the guys, James rushed back to the bedroom. Kim was sleeping. I’m dreaming of fucking this girl, he thought. Hardly realizing what he was doing he reached for the zip fastener of her dress. When he was through with it, he began kissing Kim’s half-parted lips. Kim made a mover and… responded to his kiss! Then she opened her eyes. He read the thing he wanted to read in them. She wanted him. Her body wanted him. She’s really a virgin still, he said to himself. He got scared for a moment. Bu his arousal was more powerful that his fear. When was he doing this for the last time? He couldn’t say.

Her dress was a bit out of fashion, nobody was wearing such dresses anymore. Jeans and a tank top. Or a blouse. Or a sweater. He was used to such clothing items. He was used to pulling such things off. But dresses…. But here we go! Kim was helping him with it! She took off her dress. Now she was wearing her panties and her bra. James’s hard dick was begging him to unzip the fly. He was very careful doing it, as if afraid to scare Kim away. He pulled off his pants too. He thought he had some forty minutes at his disposal.

James stretched his hand and began unfastening the bra. Kim shuddered aside, but he never let it go.

-Let me take it off too, – he whispered, – it will be a lot more comfortable this way. Let your gorgeous breasts feel free. And my fingers will be caressing them…

The bra flew on the floor. He was hugging Kim from the back, pressing his palms to her nipples, fondling them. He was getting more and more aroused. He felt so hot. While fondling the soft skin of her boobs he was kissing her neck and her shoulders. Then he turned Kim to face him, kissing her deeply. His hairy muscular chest was pressing against her huge melons.

-Now I want to pull off your panties, – he whispered, -can I do it? It’s the last obstacle on our way to bliss. I want you to be totally naked. Like that time on the couch. Like on that pic.

Kim wasn’t resistant. She was overwhelmed by a strange feeling. Like that time when she was on the swings when she was about to fall off, she was swinging so fast and high. It was delight mixed with fear and disgust. But fear and disgust were overpowering the delight, arousal and great desire to know what it would all end like. It wasn’t like during those school parties in her home town. When James’s hand got under her panties, pulling them off, she started moaning, trying to set herself free of his embrace.

-Don’t be scared! – James kept on whispering. – I want you to be naked. You’re gonna like it! I promise.

His hard shaft was prodding at her bare hips and buttocks. When the dickhead was pressing against the silk of her lingerie, he was about to cum, but he managed to control his desire, squeezing his buttocks tight. He squatted down, pulling Kim’s panties off. His face was right in front of her crotch. His lips got close to her bush, his tongue slipped down to her pussy. Kim moaned loudly, trembling.

-Isn’t it nice? – James said still licking her.

-Yes, – Kim moaned, – do it again…

James did what she as asking him to. This time he was also using his fingers. He spread her hot swollen lips, getting his tongue deep into her cave. He found her love button and started sucking it vehemently. He felt her juices gushing.

-Now I must dress off too, – he said pulling off his shirt. – Wait a minute. It won’t take long.

He was standing naked. He decided to play with her a bit. He took his hard cock in his hand and moved his finger all the way along the large swollen dickhead and his stem.

-Look at it, Kim! It’s reaching for you, it wants you, it’s dreaming of entering you!

James flung himself on the bed, carrying Kim along. He laid her on her stomach, kissing her right, then her left buttock.

-What nice cheeks! – He cried out.

He spread her plump cheeks wider apart, getting tip of his tongue into her anus. Kim cried out, apparently not expecting anything like this. She wanted to get off the bed, but he was holding her tight with his hands.

-No, not this way, – Kim said quietly. – Better turn me round…

He did, getting lower to her snatch. His tongue moved her vulva lips apart. Now Kim was moaning louder and breathing heavier.

-You like it? – James asked.

-Yes, I do. Harder and deeper, please! Yes, it’s great! Faster! Your tongue is so sharp! And it’s hot! Lick and suck me!

James was surprised at her change. He sucked into her clit, sucking it passionately. He felt hot sticky liquid on his lips and tongue. It was leaking into his mouth. James started licking and sucking her faster.

-It’s too fast. – Kim whispered. – Slowly, I like when you get out of me and then rush back in again, opening me.

James was working his tongue the best way he could. He wanted to make her as hot as possible. Then I’ll make her cum so many times that she’ll forget about the whole world, he thought. When he decided it was time, he reached her asshole with his index finger and entered it. It was tight, hot and dry there. The hole was getting softer and wetter with every turn of his finger. He was trying to move his finger and his tongue in the same tempo. Kim was swaying following his tempo, whispering:

-God, I’m burning! What are you doing there with your finger? What is it? It’s incredible! Something s coming, something…

James felt her clit get tense and larger in size, she was gushing. Seemed she was on the verge of cumming. He was about to get his finger out of her butt. But Kim began moaning, pleading him not to stop ramming her butt. You wish, he thought, and got his finger out of her anus. He stopped licking her, instead, he got his finger in her gushing pussy. It was hot and roomy there. He got the second and then the third finger in, ramming her violently. Kim got on her knees, James lay on the back, getting his head between her hips. He was caressing her hips all the way from her knees to her ankles and back to her round buttocks. His tongue was sort of glued to her snatch. It was running from her one hole to another, getting in her anus, and then in her vagina.

-You’re so great! So wonderful! – She was moaning. – It’s amazing. Do and suck me, lick me, touch me.

Kim was surely on the verge of pure delight. Soon her body was to get trembling of the senses she had never felt before, floating in the river of lustful pleasure.

Suddenly James stopped.

-It’s your turn now, – he said, breathing heavily, – I’m tired.

He stretched on the bed, getting Kim’s face to his hard-on.

-What? – Kim didn’t understand him.

-Take it in your hands, caress it, then suck it into your mouth, lick it with your tongue, the way I was licking you. – James replied impatiently.

Kim was very careful cupping his stem with her fingers, she began jerking it. She thought she wouldn’t like it. But it turned out to be not so disgusting, it was even funny!

-Lick it, lick it with your tongue, – James cried out, – suck it like a loll. Like an ice-cream. Lick it all over. Take my balls, play with them. C’mon, move your tongue!

Kim touched the dickhead with the tip of her tongue. She felt the skin get stretched, as if ready to burst. She felt some bitter taste on her lips.

-Yeah, good girl, now suck me!

She sucked into his thick shaft. She felt the head press against her palate. It was pretty deep inside her mouth. James began moaning louder. Kim bent her head even more, taking his testicles in her hands, pinching them. Her long tongue was running along the stem, holding it tight and then letting it go. Then she was pressing the tip of her tongue to the opening in the center of the head. First it was just a small hole in his flesh, but then it kind of opened, spurting bitter liquid. James was bucking on the bed.

-Yeah, c’mon. More, Kim, more! Don’t stop.

His penis was throbbing in her mouth, the dickhead got swollen, erupting hot stream of bitter juice in her throat. Kim swallowed some of it, it made her almost choke. The hot penis was rubbing against her cheek, it wasn’t comfortable and pleasant. Then it got back in the center of hr mouth cavity, and the huge stream was flowing abundantly, so she just had to swallow. Then she took the dick out of her mouth, crinkling her nose. She felt terrible taste on her tongue. James was lying motionless in a funny position. Then he looked up at Kim.

-Good job, girl! –He sighed.

They heard the door slam. Kim didn’t know what to do. James jumped off the bed, getting his jeans and shirt on.

-Dress up! Be quick! – He whispered and ran out of the room.

Rosie came in another moment. She was staring at nude Kim. She grinned and said wickedly:

-I thought you to be a country inaccessible girl. And you turn out to be a sucker girl! Dress up and get outta here! And get out of my sight forever!

Kim ran out of the house. She was walking along the road. She felt ashamed, offended and angry. She put her hand in the pocket and found some paper there. She took it out and saw herself sitting naked on the couch, holding phalluses in her hands.

When she got home, her stepmother Regina wasn’t sleeping yet. It was 2.30 in the morning.

-You should have called me to say you’d be late! – Regina said reproachfully. – I didn’t know what to think….

-I told you I’d go to a party. I didn’t call cuz I thought you were sleeping. – was Kim’s quiet answer.

-I always go to sleep late, – Regina said amicably. – OK, go to bed.

Kim didn’t say a word. She went to the bathroom first. She was brushing her teeth for long, trying to get rid of the terrible smell and taste of sperm. But she couldn’t get rid of that “sin smell”, as she thought. She went to her room. “It’s terrible!” she thought falling asleep.

She woke up at 10 am. Regina was sitting the kitchen. She was smoking. She was wearing a gown.

-Good morning! – She said cheerfully. – You know you look bad. Is everything OK? Yesterday you looked shitty. Like a frightened hen! – Regina started laughing.

Kim liked her laugh. She liked her stepmother, generally. Regina was just some 12 years older that she was. She looked young, she was fond of sport and liked to look fine.

-How’re things in college? – She asked pouring Kim some coffee.

-Everything is fine. Now we’re studying movie history, soon we’ll start English literature.

-Why are you looking so sad? – Regina kept on asking her, smiling with her kind eyes. – Do you have problems in college?

Kim dropped her head low, feeling she was blushing.

-Don’t be shy! – Her stepmother was insistent.

Kim looked at her.

-I’m not. It’s just that I was at a party yesterday. And there we were playing poker… strip poker… and I had to undress.

Regina’s face expression changed.

-OK, go on.

Kim was short of breath.

-You got undressed in front of other people? – Regina’s voice was quavering.

Kim nodded. Regina stood up and walked through the kitchen.

-What happened next? Anything happened?

Kim nodded again.

-I… was made to sit on the couch. Two guys were sitting on my sides. They took a pic of us. I was naked. Then one of them took me to the bedroom and began kissing me, – she broke off.

She just couldn’t tell everything. Regina was looking at her closely.

-Tell me, do you have this…. photo?

Kim looked at her in surprise.

- Yes, I do. Why are you asking?

-Show me!

-No, no! – Kim cried out startled. – No way, no.

-I ask you, please. Don’t be scared. I’m not gonna yell at you or reprimand you. I just wanna see it.

Kim took her dress from the wardrobe. She took a pic out of the pocket. Regina was studying it for a long time. Her eyes were shining, but Kim wasn’t sure what feelings her stepmother had about them.

-You have a beautiful body! – Regina said after a pause. – You have a gorgeous body! It’s not surprising your friends can hardly stay calm when being beside you.

Regina lit a cigarette. She was silent. Then she came up to Kim and hugged her.

-Oh, my poor thing! – She put Kim’s head on her bust, patting her hair.

Nobody had ever been so tender to Kim before. Neither her mother, nor her farther. Nobody. Kim relaxed. Tears were running down her cheeks. Regina was still holding her.

Next day after dinner, Regina lay down on the couch and Kim was watching TV, just as usual. She felt her stepmother was anxious about something. She felt she wanted to ask her something. Or tell her something.

-Kim, come over, please. – Regina said, finally.

She did. Regina was petting her hair and caressing her hand. Then she pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips slowly. The kiss was long, deep and very nice. Nobody had ever kissed Kim this way. Even James. Kim was unable to say something. It felt so good! She leaned back and gave her stepmother a sideways glance. Regina was gazing at her, as if expecting her stepdaughter to say something, something like indignation, or approval.

-So? – Regina said sweetly, touching Kim’s elbow, letting her decide now.

Kim got her. She turned to her and buried her face in her stepmother’s bust. Their breasts touched each other. Kim was kissing Regina’s lips. Regina was almost motionless but for her lips, and her hands caressing Kim’s hair. Then Regina moved her hand from Kim’s neck down to the T-shirt cleavage and lower to the boobs. She was fondling them so gently. Kim felt dizzy, she leaned back and closed her eyes. She was absorbed by the wave of delight spreading all over her body. Kim didn’t know what to do. She stretched her hand to Regina’s neck and caressed it, touching the collarbones. Regina smiled, opening her gown. There was naked under it.

Kim was trembling. Something was intensively pulsing in her lower belly. But it wasn’t pain, rather sweet tension that was getting more and more vivid as Regina’s hands were sliding downwards Kim’s body. When her gentle fingers reached the skirt rim, Kim was already burning with desire. She brought her hips together instinctively, not letting her hot juices gush. Regina was fondling her hips very carefully, raising the skirt. Kim got her idea and unbuttoned two buttons on the side. She pulled off the skirt and threw it on the floor.

She didn’t notice Regina’s hand reach for her belly, then her crotch, getting under her panties. She touched her swollen vulva lips. Suddenly Regina jerked her hand off and began kissing her stepdaughters’ body. Her hot lips were looking for Kim’s. And they found them. She was kissing her so vehemently. Kim felt hot sharp tongue getting in her mouth, reaching for hers. It was terrific! Meantime, Regina spread her hips wide with her hand, fondling her lips through the wet panties. Kim was about to push her hand away, but now she was longing for her caress. She was all burning with desire.

-Do you like it? – Regina asked. Her voice seemed to be going from somewhere far away from the place.

-It’s wonderful! It’s incredibly… pleasant. I want more!

-You got it! But first I want to see you naked.

Kim smiled and pulled off her T-shirt and her panties. Regina arched her back and put he head on Kim’s stomach. Her hand reached for the light bush and the swollen red lips. She was very careful touching Kim. She was circling round the lips and then entered her hot cave with her finger.

-Do you like it? – Regina whispered.

-Yeah, – Kim moaned silently, – deeper, please deeper.

-As you wish, babe.

She got her finger deep in Kim’s vagina, turning her finger inside the flesh, touching wet walls.

-…. soon you’ll feel incredible bliss. Soon, honey…

Kim was moaning. First she was moaning quietly. Then she was almost crying. She wasn’t able to control herself. She was crying with delight. Then Regina took her finger out of her pussy.

-It’s not the time yet. – She whispered in Kim’s ear, holding her buttocks tight.

Regina’s face was close to Kim’s bust. She began licking her nipples with the tip of the tongue. The tongue was caressing the skin round the nipple or hiding in the mouth again. Kim’s heart was beating so fast, that it was about to jump out of her chest. The flame of desire was going along her spine to her crotch and back. Regina was watching her naked body. She buried her face in Kim’s breast. The tits were pressing against her cheeks. Regina was moaning. She was moving her hot tongue up and down the cleavage. Kim could feel delight by every single cell of her body, but she was trying to prolong the pleasure and not get on the verge of cumming too soon.

Regina stopped licking her. Kim opened her eyes and saw Regina pulling off her gown. The body was very beautiful. The pubis was the thing that attracted Kim’s attention. It was very well shaven. Regina sat down on the couch again.

-Can you do me a favor? But please don’t get offended or scared, OK?

Kim couldn’t stop admiring her stepmother, she was just marvelously pretty. Her body was shining in the dim light of a table lamp. Her boobs were firm, and dark nipples were hard. Kim looked down at her stepmothers hips. Her hips were spread wide. Regina turned her back at Kim. She was pressing her elbows against the couch, standing on her knees.

-Lick my ass!

Kim felt another flow of scary delight over her body. She got on her knees too, getting her face very close to the round buttocks. Tip of her tongue touched the anus, circling round it.

-Oh, it’s so great! – Regina cried out. – You’re doing it so well, girl! Now get your finger in my butt. Do something crazy!
Kim was trying to thrust her tongue deeper, but she failed to do it. Then she spread the buttocks even wider and got her finger inside the rectum. Deeper and deeper. She was afraid to hurt Regina, but soon she realized Regina liked what she was doing with her.

-Now get another finger. In my pussy this time. – Regina told her.

Kim’s finger found Regina’s cave. She was all opened. Kim’s finger found something hard inside it.

-Yes! – Regina moaned. – Don’t stop!

Kim pinched the clit and began caressing it with her fingers. It got swollen and large in size. It was all covered with lubrication. Now three fingers were ramming into Regina’s snatch. The cave seemed to be very wide and endless. Regina was quivering. She was trembling more and more intensively, and in several seconds she was bucking under Kim’s fingers.

-Don’t stop! Don’t… More, more…

Kim was biting her lip. She was doing her best to please the stepmother. She was fingering her, following all the instructions. Suddenly Regina stopped trembling, arching her back. Her stomach was tense. She was moaning loudly, crying.


Her cry scared Kim. Regina tossed to the side and fell on the couch. She was motionless and silent for several minutes. She seemed to have lost consciousness. Kim was sitting on the couch, watching her. Regina opened her eyes then. Kim saw so much tenderness and peace in her eyes. Kim figured out Regina had had an orgasm. It made Kim so happy.

-Is it a sin? – She asked quietly.

Regina burst into laughing.

-The thing that two people do with love, tenderness and passion can’t be a sin. A sin is something done violently, rudely, with hatred and mockery.

She crept close to Kim and kissed her deeply. The kiss had nothing of the erotic sensually as it had before. It was just tender and careful. Regina turned off the TV set and the lamp. They were lying on the couch, hugging each other. They fell asleep this way.

Next morning, when Kim opened her eyes she couldn’t understand where she was first. Then she remembered the previous night. She got cold. She couldn’t believe she had been taking part in that crazy love game along with her stepmother. Regina put her warm hand on her boob, caressing the nipple. Kim started and turned to her stepmother.

-You felt….

-Felt great last night, – Regina whispered smiling. – Poor babe, you were dissatisfied yesterday. But we can correct it. Tonight, right? OK, now let’s get up. We have a lot of things to do.

Kim smiled.

-Rise and shine!

It all started the same way as the previous night. They were sitting in the room. Regina was lying on the couch, Kim was sitting in the armchair. The TV was on. But the both of the women were thinking not about evening news. Regina was silent. Kim looked at her sideways. She seemed to be watching TV, but if look at her attentively one could easily notice a frisky smile. She was obviously waiting for Kim to take up the initiative. “OK, Kim thought, fine, then I’ll do it myself!”

She stood up from the chair and sat down on the couch. Regina looked at her.

-Do you want it? – She asked her seriously.


-Are you sure?


Regina untied the belt of her gown and pulled it off. She was wearing very beautiful black lingerie this time. She was wearing a bra and g-string.

-Go ahead! – Regina grinned. –Caress me like yesterday.

Kim smiled and kissed her. Regina unfastened her bra, raising up the T-shirt. Kim pulled it off. In less than a moment she pulled off her skirt and panties too.

-I’m gonna tease you for a while, girl! I will be licking, caressing for you to get on the verge of bliss. And then we both will feel this delight….

She pushed Kim away. She fell on the back, spreading her hips wide. Regina lay beside her, kissing her tits. Then she moved her hand over her body from the collarbones to the crotch, moving swollen vulva lips, entering Kim with two fingers. Her fingers were fondling her insides for a while, then they pressed against something hard, making Kim quiver all over her body. It was like a spasm of delight. Kim felt a hot wave pulsing deep inside her. The wave was getting bigger, spreading over her hips, her crotch, buttocks, anus, and then it finally localized in her vagina. She felt her lips get swollen and opened. She felt hot juices gushing on her legs, buttocks and the couch.

-I wanna suck you, don’t be scared! – Regina whispered in her ear.

Regina got on her knees, getting her head close to Kim’s pubis. Kim spread her legs wider, giving way to a hot frisky tongue that was already licking her hips, legs, her stomach, and pubis. Kim closed her eyes yielding to pleasure. The tongue was doing something incredible inside of her! It was sliding up and down along the lips, getting in, licking off drops of hot liquid, then it was going all the way down and then all the way back up. Then it set at the most sensual spot of her body. Impulses of sheer delight were spreading from her clit. Regina was sucking the love button. She was very gentle. Kim couldn’t control herself anymore. She was moaning. Regina was sighing too. Her tongue was insatiable.

Now Kim was crying, trying to set herself free of the tongue. It was driving her crazy. She was trying to cry to ask to stop that sweet torture, but she couldn’t. Regina was holding her tight and she didn’t seem to stop. Seemed it lasted forever. Kim got tired of crying. She felt like cumming. She was trembling, her every cell was pulsing. Regina let her go, Kim was lying still, holding the pillow with her white tense fingers.

Suddenly Regina gasped and tossed back. Kim could hardly open her eyes to look at her stepmother. Anyway, it was her first orgasm ever. She saw…. her farther. He was standing in the door way, looking at his wife and his daughter. He was looking at them with surprise, with distrust, with hatred.

-What is going on here? – He asked in a hoarse quiet voice.

Regina was giggling.

-Here? Nothing special. We… – she didn’t know what to say.
-You’re a bitch! – Farther cried.

Kim didn’t know who he was turning to. He came up to the couch and threw a blanket to his daughter.

-Get dressed, bitch! – He shouted at her. – You… you… I’ll get you later! – He ran away from the room.

Kim ran out of the room too, dressing up, going to the bathroom. She locked herself there. She closed her face with her hands. It’s terrible! It’s just awful! What will happen now? She realized she had to move out back to the dormitory. Dormitory? How will she look at people in college after that damn party at Rosie’s? God! She went back to the room. Her dad was in another bathroom, taking shower. She heard the water splashing there. She closed the door behind her and lay down on the couch. It was quiet. Kim stood up and crept up to the door. She opened it slightly. Silence. She went out to the hall. She heard muffled sounds from the bedroom. Then she heard Regina cry:

-Please, no!

She heard dad’s angry voice answering her:

-I was such a fool believing you, believing your fucking explanations! I should have guessed long ago! How many times have we had sex during the whole year of our marriage?! Two? Three? Now I see what you really are! You’ve seduced my daughter, bitch!
Kim heard some other noises, sobbing, slapping. Regina’s voice was even more muffled this time:

-Please, Ted, no! I don’t want! I can’t! Please! You hurt me!

-Does it hurt? – Dad said derisively. – Didn’t it hurt you to lick my Kim? Did it hurt you when she was fingering you? You deserve it slut!

Kim kicked the door and peeped in. Regina was standing on her knees before the bed; her back was turned to dad. He was naked. His hairy buttocks were moving to and fro. He was holding Regina by her waist, impaling her on his shaft. Back and forth. Regina was moaning. Kim heard her sobbing. Kim rushed away from the room. She heard loud cry of pain from behind the door. Her stepmother was suffering there. Her girlfriend Regina was suffering!

Kim packed her things quickly and ran out of the house. She opened the front door and then closed it behind quietly.

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