Some fun with a cucumber…

January 16th, 2009

We’ve got a new author Sally with a story “Some fun with a cucumber”, we’ve read this story and think that Sally really knows how to make our readers hot, read and enjoy! You are going to love it too and we will be waiting for more stories from Sally!

We extend our thanks to the author Sally.

Finally I am alone with my older married lover. He is sitting on his couch looking at me, willing for me to make the first move. I walk over to him standing tall in my high heels I look deeply in his eyes. I then sit on him cowgirl style. I kiss him passionately and he kisses me back pushing his tongue down my throat. I am wearing a short skirt and a tiny g-string so my pussy can feel the bulge growing under his jeans.

I rub my pussy against his cock which is now getting hard under his jeans. He rubs his hand up the inside of my thigh and pulls my g-string to one side, my pussy is really wet now and I rub my clit up and down his bulge. He lifts up my tight vest top and my big tits bounce out. My nipples are hard and he sucks my nipple at the same time he has his hands on my ass pulling me against his groin. I lose myself in the feeling and am moaning and groaning loudly all the while riding up and down his ever growing bulge.

He suddenly pulls me back by the shoulders he barks “look at my jeans, they are all wet from your pussy, you stupid whore!”

He knows how I love it when he treats me dirty.

He then bends me over his knee. While pulling down my g-string he shouts “you forgot to take my cock out when you started to fuck me and now you have made such a mess.” I think I know what punishment I am in for….


he spanks me with is full hand and before I have a chance to catch my breath he spanks me again. “you stupid slut.” O how I love it when he treats me rough. I submissively tell him how sorry I am for being so stupid but he has already delivered another sharp blow.

Then nothing and just as I am expecting the next slap he shoves his finger up my tight virgin ass. I let out a scream and he says “shut the fuck up…. you will enjoy this in a minute”

This is new for me but I trust my older lover as i know he has a lot of experience.

I feel so full as he pokes around my ass. He pulls his finger out momentarily and then dives back in this time with 2 fingers. “ow” I whimper. He feels the inside of my ass with his 2 fingers. After a minute or two my ass starts to feel really horny. I start to rub my clit against his knee.

He pulls his knee away and my pussy is still gyrating trying to find something to rub against . He says “you just can’t help yourself can you” my ass is gyrating in the air and he takes his fingers out of my ass and is trying to hold my ass still. “Fucking hell you are like a bitch in heat!” He grabs opens my legs and I fall to the floor in a wheelbarrow position. My ass still gyrating in the air he hungrily begins to eat my pussy. It feels so good. He opens his mouth really wide taking in all my pussy. He licks and sucks my clit and all around my hole. I buck back against his face moaning loudly. My pussy is now rubbing up and down his tongue. I am longing for my pussy to be fucked.

I loudly moan “fuck me… fuck me like a slut”. He continues to lick me. I spread my legs as wide as I can. It feels so good and I start screaming fuck me. He stops licking me and pulls my hair and drags my head back and whispers in my ear “I will fuck you when I’m ready now shut the fuck up”. he rubs my clit aggressively with 2 fingers. At first I stop gyrating but soon it is really slippery down there and I am just sliding up and down his fingers moaning again fuck me fuck me…..

He says “you fucking slut I said shut up”. Next thing I know he rams a cucumber up my pussy. I gasp in shock and he sneers “that shut u up bitch”. He pulls it out a bit and then rams it up again. It feels cold. He pulls it out and then I feel his hard cock enter my tight pussy.

Finally i think… and i start to ride his cock. I still have my hands on the floor and I push myself up and down his cock with all my energy. I take his full cock in my pussy and on my way down my clit rubs against his balls. My pussy is soaking wet and I am dripping all over his sack. I am moaning loudly and he gently messages the outside of my ass. I groan and feel the pressure in my pussy mounting. I scream “o yeah fuck me I’m a horny slut” and bang I come all over his cock. While I am still moaning I can hear him say “you fucking whore I never said you could come”. He continues to pound away at my pussy for a few minutes. Then he lifts my pussy off his cock spreads my ass and I feel hot cum dripping all over my ass hole. He lets out a sigh and I get up,

I put my g-string on and kiss him on the check and whisper “see you at work tomorrow”.

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