Sister of your wife

June 23rd, 2008

It’s great to have a nice wife, but it’s even better when your wife has got a hot sister and you can’t resist tasting her pussy…

Here’s my story. My name is John. I’m 28, my wife Iris is 25, she has a sister Maggie who’s 24. Maggie is a pretty girl with big boobs and really tasty butt. Maggie is married too, and her hubby Brian is absolutely paranoid about jealousy. He’s always thinking up stories about his Maggie being unfaithful to him. Maggie and Iris are really close so they often share problems with each other. There were times Maggie told me her hubby was crazy about all that stuff like cheating, infidelity, bla-bla-bla. Maggie had never cheated on her husband in reality.

Once I had a couple of hours free and decided to call on Maggie and Brian hoping to find them home. Brian worked at home, so I thought we could drink beer together and chat. Maggie was supposed to be out working or shopping, or whatever girls do. I knocked on the door, I heard music from behind the door. I pushed the door and opened it. I thought it was Brian home. I called him but he didn’t answer. When I put my case on the floor I looked up and saw Maggie go out of the kitchen.

“Honey is that you?” She said.

She didn’t recognize my voice as the music was loud. It was a hot summer day and she wasn’t wearing anything but see-through white panties. I was rooted to the spot when I saw her. She wasn’t expecting to see me so she was numb for a sec. I saw two big dark red nipples in front of my eyes, her beautifully trimmed pussy was seen through her panties. She rushed to the bedroom to get dressed. I managed to see her round bouncy butt in thong, it looked hot.

She came back to the room in a couple of minutes wearing a long white t-shirt. She was blushing, she was embarrassed. I told her it was ok, and it was all my fault.

We were sitting in the room. We both felt tense and didn’t know what to say. I asked Maggie about Brian. Maggie started telling me how crazy he was about jealousy, she was telling me about all those scandals they had every singe day. I tried to sound sympathetic when actually there was nothing I could think about but her beautiful breasts and her big hard nipples.

Maggie was really emotional telling me about her hubby, she was fidgeting on the chair making her t-shirt rise so I could see her panties. They didn’t cover anything, actually. I saw her bush, her vulva lips.

Maggie said something and the only phrase I heard was “I’d like to have a lover to make Brian’s fantasies come true.” I said there were a lot of sites to help. I said I could help her about creating a profile. She said it was great and brought some of her pix. I picked three and said they could be perfect for her main profile photo. She told me what kind of a partner she was looking for.

I had an idea. I told her lots of girls posted their bikini-lingerie-topless-nude photos at websites. Maggie wondered why they did that. I said there was nothing wrong about it and added this way girls could find the man faster as men like to see beautiful bodies, and such pics could help them make the right choice. I noted Maggie’s pics could be perfect for any magazine cover like Sports Illustrated, for instance. Maggie blushed and said she didn’t have such explicitly exposing photos. I said I could help her with it, too.

Maggie was hesitating. She said she just couldn’t do it as I was her brother-in-law. I noted she shouldn’t be shy as I’d already seen her naked. It took her several more seconds to decide. She agreed to try. She called Brian and turned out he was really busy and wouldn’t be able to come soon.
I told Maggie she had to pick the lingerie for the photo shoot. We went to her room. I looked through her stuff and picked the most arousing lingerie. I got three linger sets and two pairs of stockings – black and white. I raised her t-shirt saying I had to check her panties too. I wasn’t looking at her panties – I was staring at her trimmed bush and her lips.

She tried the first set on. When I got back to the room and saw her, I got really excited. She was wearing see through white panties, a white see through bra, and white stockings that made her look even sexier. I told her to get on the bed and pose for the camera. She got on her side, I made a pic. I asked her to lie on her back and arch her back a bit to make her boobs stick out higher. I was always saying what a beautiful body she had, what sexy boobs, butt, and hips she had and should be proud of.

Maggie was getting to be less tense and more inventive. Her poses were getting hotter and more exposing. She was enjoying herself. I knew she felt like a model. She was turning me on but I tried not think there was a beautiful nude girl in front of me. I suggested changing the lingerie. I said I would turn away for her to be able to change her underwear. She didn’t mind.

She put beautiful wine red lingerie on. When making pics I tried to help her choose the right pose and often touched her body. First I was doing it purposeless, then I started touching her legs intentionally. I set her panties and her bra right trying to get closer to her intimate parts.

Finally, I suggested taking off the bra. Maggie said no at first. I told her it was fine cause some people even sunbathed topless. She got her hands behind her back and undid the bra exposing her beautiful big boobs. It took me so much effort to stop staring at her bust. I just smiled and said her tits were gorgeous. Maggie was posing uninhibitedly. She liked photo shoots with her riding a chair, crossing her legs, spreading them wide to sides. I could see her pussy well through her panties. There was no way to escape it – my pants were getting too tight for my dick. There was a visible bulge there as well.

I noticed Maggie glance at my fly now and then. When coming closer to her I saw a wet spot on her panties. I asked her to get on her back, bend her knees and spread them to sides. I said I had to set her panties right. I did it. Myself. I touched her twat. I touched her vulva lips with my fingers. When touching her clit I felt her shiver. I said her panties were a bit wet so it was better she took them off.

Maggie hesitated for a moment and then smiled arching her back and raising her hips to pull off her panties. She spread her legs and exposed her pussy. The lips were wet. I was standing motionless staring at her bosom. Her vagina was so wet, so luring, her opened lips kind of invited me in…

Maggie smiled saying I could dress off too. She started fondling my dick through my pants saying something was really hot and needed some fresh air. It was absolutely mind blowing! I undid my shirt, while Maggie was unzipping my pants. She took the dick and started licking it like a lollypop. The picture was so great! I couldn’t stop watching her suck my penis. She seemed so insatiable, so lusty and dick hungry. I told her I wouldn’t last long that way. Maggie replied she always wanted to get cum all over her face like in porn movies. She’d never done it with her hubby and she was afraid to suggest the idea as he could think she had tried it with some other man, Brian could get jealous again.

Maggie was caressing the stem with her hand, licking my balls, sucking them in her mouth in turn. The picture was so arousing I could no longer fight the desire. I was cumming, cumming all over her face. Seemed it lasted forever. I didn’t know there would be so much cum. Maggie let me cum in her throat and on her boobs. When I was through she milked my dick saying my sperm was really tasty and that it was real pleasure for her to give head to me. Then she spread my cum over her tits saying it was the best skin cream.

I wanted to please her too. Maggie said her vagina was really hot and she wanted me to fill it up. Her words made my dick get harder. She started fondling it talking to it saying her hot wet cave longed to feel it inside. My dick was rocky hard in several seconds.

Maggie got on her back and spread her legs wide. She opened her pussy with her fingers saying she wanted me to fuck her hard and treat her like a slut. I’d never been more vigorous in sex. Maggie was moaning at first, then she started crying louder. I had to kiss her lips all the time to muffle the cry. Her orgasm was strong and long lasting. She pierced her nails in my back, cumming.

I paused giving her time to calm down. She said it was her best orgasm ever. She asked me if I could make all her secret sex dreams come true. I said she could always turn to me for help. She stood up and went out of the room. She got back in a minute holding some tube in her hands. She smiled slyly and asked me to help her ass lose virginity. I just couldn’t say no. Besides, I’d been dreaming of her luscious butt for a long time.

I got on the bed and she asked me to lubricate her anus. I was massaging her dark asshole. My dick was ready to burst. I poked the dickhead at her butthole and started entering it slowly. When entering it at the full length of my cock I slowed down to give her time to get used to new sensations. I asked her if it hurt, Maggie said she liked the sensation. Her ass was so tight and so wet. I didn’t wanna hurry, I wanted to enjoy every single bit of screwing her ass. I was thrusting in slowly making my balls touch her hips.

Maggie started moaning, impaling her rectum on my dick. I was cumming deep inside it. When it was all over I looked at Maggie’s body once again. I saw both of her holes well, semen was dripping out of her ass. I asked her if I could make a picture, Maggie said I could do everything I wanted.

We became lovers. Maggie told me about her sex dreams and we tried to make all of them come true. For example, we often went to movies together, she liked to suck me off in the dark on the back rows.

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  1. andy Says:

    hi , i saw ur pictures on net ,im intersted in you… can we be frieds?

  2. Dmas Says:

    This is hot i fuck my girlfriends sister 2 she is hot as hell we should swing

  3. La costa Says:

    This story made me cum twice.

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