Smelling my trunks!

September 5th, 2007

This guy is married to a young girl but he can’t take his eyes off her sexy, mature mom, he’s got her on his mind and there is no power to quench his desire to fuck her, once they go to the summer house together and he tries his luck!

It occurred to me so that I first met my future mother-in-law, and only then I was fortunate to meet my darling. I fell in love with her at the very evening when my mom introduced me to her, she had long black hair, bright serious eyes, and she was wearing some white top that hardly covered her big tits without a bra. This was what attracted my attention most when I first looked at her. It excited my imagination, and while watching her I felt my excitement rose with every minute. She was the type of women who turned on from the very first look; she seemed to be full of wild female energy and violent lust.

Time passed, I met my present wife, but what the hell! Each time when we had sex I fancied her mom fucking with me at the moment, when she was away I found her dirty panties and inhaled her dirty pussy’s smell, I used to make holes in her cloth willing and dreaming of piece of her body. I was vainly trying to see her naked anytime, anywhere! Since about 3 years after my marriage, I and my mother in law had to work in the country together, it was supposed to last for about 2 weeks and I got mad of this wonderful opportunity! It was summer, 30-35 degrees above zero those days. She was wearing some top and shorts, when I saw her naked knees I imagined touching them. At that day I was busy with painting the wall, while she was diluting paint. She came up to me to change, when she was painting I kept trying watching he ass and enjoying the sight. There suddenly her hand moved down and rubbed her perineum: it switched me on so that I closed my eyes for a second. My heart was thumping with excitement, her nice ass was so close to me that I nuzzled to it and inhaled her sweet aroma.

- What the hell are doing? Shame on you! I suddenly heard her voce

And she ran away. I left perplexed and thinking of what happened. We both remained silent the whole day, but the fortune neglected me that damned evening, I couldn’t see anything!

Finally, I decided to have some smoke, and noticed the light on in her window. I stole up to the door and looked inside. What I saw astonished me a lot. I saw my mother in law standing naked right in the middle of the room and rubbing her body with a towel. I saw her black beaver down there and felt a cock –stand. My dick was eager to tear the pants, though she was not slim as my wife, but she had some kind of body that could turn me on! And then, oh, my God, then she fumbled in the basket with our dirty underclothes, took my dirty trunks and started smelling it! She kept staying this way having buried her face in my underwear, she drove me crazy! I came in my own trunks and ran out, feeling shy. The light switched off. In a while I met her in the kitchen, drinking tea. She asked:

- Would you like some tea? She asked me

- Yeahh, thanks… my voice trembled

- What’s up with you? Are you OK?

- Well, I don’t know! I think I’m rather cold… was my reply

- Go and take a shower… you will better if you had some wash up!

After I had a shower I couldn’t find my trunks in that basket. Anyway, I went out and came up to the mirror to comb my hair and suddenly managed to see this woman entering her room and turning the light off. Don’t know why, but I made my way into her room and turned the light back on. She looked at me with horror:

- What are doing here?!

And there, losing my mind I took away the counterpane and exclaimed:

- I need this! And I pointed at my dirty underwear lying right between her legs…

Some stupid silence ensued. She luckily managed to take in hand:

- Come here, lay down! She ordered
I obeyed and here, I was lying right close to my wife’s mom, totally naked! My flesh told me to fuck her right now, but some subtle power inside me (may be the conscience) kept me from doing it.

- You are so beautiful, I said, deciding to stake my all and looking at her pussy

- Thanks, she smiled, is your wife not having the same thing?

- I’m at loss to answer… but I have been dreaming bout your thing since we first met. It happened so that she married me, but I become like a fool when think of you… I was sincere

- You know, she said: so did I, I also felt sort of attraction when we first met. I noticed that bulge growing in your jeans, then, when you married Anna I saw you sleeping from time to time when I visited you, once I happened to see her giving you head and it turned me on! I wanted to join you that night but realized that I could lose you both! After that I did a blowjob to my husband, but he told me out and called a slut! Up to now he refuses to talk to me. I understand that you have always wanted me, and I did everything to keep you excited when you watch me.

I was longing for screwing her right now, so sweet she was! However, I just came up to her and sat down.

- You are beautiful! I exclaimed leaning over her and opening my lips, we joined in kiss.

She kissed me so tenderly and adorably that I my head was spinning, my head was pounding like rolling thunder, I couldn’t believe doing this with woman I had always dreamt of! I was dying for to tear her up, to fuck her hard furiously, to fill her inner holes with my cum! I was fond of her hair down there, when I touched it she started and arched her back.

- Oh, my Lord! What a nice bobs! I love it! I wanna suck your nipples, mom! I respired to her

- Kiss me, kiss my nipples, o, guy! Do it to me

- Yeahh, I wanna lick you, I wanna suck you, mom

- Suck me all over, suck my pussy! oooooo, suck me there…

I gripped he ass, pressed to me and set to eating and drinking her love juice, biting her huge clit from time to time.

- Do it with your fingers, oh, guy! Do it! Tease it!

My fingers disparaged deep in her holes, I groped her lick, saltish and viscid. Continuing jerking he clit off she put me on my back and swallowed my cock, I was looking at her huge ass and enjoyed the view, her hairy holes turned me on, and I could never imagine that hairy ass could be so exciting! And I set to licking her anus!

- Oh, Yeahh! I have never had like that, lick it! She uttered

Her ass went on moving onto my face, my cheeks were covered with her juice, but I didn’t want to stop and went on sucking her anus, drinking her inside juices and drilling her ass with my tongue. Then I slid my fingers deep in her ass and fucked her that way.

- I want it, I wanna get it all! She was crying, turning out and impaling her pussy on my face. She kept on flicking her clit and swearing:

- Oh, yeahh, fuck me, fuck your slut! Call me a slut! Call me a bitch!

Her words, like some drug, made me mad and drove me crazy! That was more than juts a sex! Her manner and intonation switched me on! I couldn’t do anything to it, we changed some positions like that, and after she set in a dog style I quickly figured out what exactly she meant.

- Ok, right now, hold on! I said

- Yeahh, yeahh, do it to my ass

I leant over and licked her ass, licked it deeply, and then my fingers took over it and went on doing this dirty job.

- Oooooooooh, fuck me!

I sped up, increasing the pace and doing my best! Thanking me she uttered some moans that resounded in my mind like thunder! When this phrase escaped her lips” “you, motherfucker, fuck your dirty mom!” I just started boombooming her asshole! And slapped her

- Yeahh! She cried out

I slapped her once again:

- Take it, slut! Do you like it?

- Yeahh, I love it!

- Take it, fallen slut! Motherfucking bitch! Shameless old whore!

- Yeahh, fuck me, fuck….

And there, after numerous thrusts her body started, convulsed and a wild howl escaped her lips, she came and fall on to the bed exhausted! Lying that way on it she began moving her head from side to side, kicking her legs. I rose above her and started jacking off, when the first clot escaped my dick, she held still for a while; but when my cum poured down onto her, she set to catching it with her open mouth. I had never such a thick and affluent cum before, I seemed it would never end! After that I bent on my knees and she began licking the rest of my sperm from cock’s end!

- You, my guy! My sweet strong stud! She whispered losing her head in the seventh heaven. I was on my clouds. She kissed me
- I love you, I uttered. We were lying on the bed, loving one another absolutely happy.

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7 Responses to “Smelling my trunks!”

  1. The Regulator Says:

    this story is wicked,i loved t so much,and it actuly gave big jay a goo time.

  2. Tom Says:

    This mom is good, so fucking good i can’t tear from jerking off!

  3. LEBRONZE Says:


  4. jhone Says:

    Uffffffff ………
    The same story of me and my mother in law……..ahaaaaaaa
    We both also have a tregic sex…..i loved to fuck her more than my wife,,,,,,,,,

    And I love mature sex……..hahahahahahahahahaha

  5. nike Says:

    not exactly but same thing happened with my sister in law.. My mother in law seems to be coming close to me. Hope my dreams come true soon.

  6. nancyjohn36 Says:

    am wet

  7. nickylips Says:

    For Christ’s sake, if you’re going to publish in English, at least learn the language! This stuff reads like a three-year-old wrote it!

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