Nice dreams!

December 23rd, 2007

Having sex in the bath is really nice, you’re enjoying each other in the warm, foamy water it’s hot and exciting!

Constantly, once a month, she gets back, inevitable and unforgettable like some toothache. I know she is gonna get back, stay nervous and wait, I feel her arrival with a tempera and a tone of fear, mixed with desire. A strange feeling. Very strange. Scaring. This woman has a really man’s attitude towards her aim of getting ecstasy: me! I suspect her of masturbating daily, each month using me like some device needed to finish an apotheosis of her onanism like fancies.

She is always a bit drunk. To prove this, she shows a bottle of cognac to me. 2or 3 cigarettes, gulps of drink, and easily tipsy we prepare for drowning into a warm bath. I have only bath robe out of my cloth and house slippers, I removed it immediately dropping cloth in the corner. She takes it off very slowly, suit, nylon, lingerie. She sets her cloths on mine carefully.

It’s hardly possible to settle into the bath, filled with warm water and bath foam. We settle down facing each other, in dense and close touch of one another.

At first, we just enjoy touching each other. It’s really a hot stuff, feeling interlaced legs and entwined hands, eyes and lips of a woman, you have known for a long time. But a few minutes after this feeling subsides giving way to another: desire. We start embracing, joining lips in hot passionate kisses, caressing skin and rubbing bodies. Hands begin moving faster, breath gets harder, and tongues demand more and more. I feel a painfully familiar hard on down there, my meat is eager to dive in her hot flesh.

It comes! With a jerk I overcome a wet hassle of hers and a sweet moan escapes her lips. Ready. Done! I should just work my way further. We move like one mechanism. We are a single whole! One organism of passion, lust, carnality and lewdness. The true picture of sexual fever! Now we live and exist in this organism for only one aim, enjoying the tiniest variation inside of it. It may last for ever, but hungry human nature adds its own contribution: we both feel these sweet caresses are not enough! Her hot juice and warm foam water make me feel my orgasm come much later! Sung all energy of ours, I get up, make her turn her ass to me, in dog style, as they cal it; she has always loved fucking like that, me too. Though it’s rather inconvenient screwing like that in the bath, but we manage to find a proper position.

Setting her hands against the wall she puts her nice leg onto the bath’s edge. I pull in as from beneath, and soon start speeding up. She moans slightly, making upward movements, causing my penis swell to an incredible size. I regard myself be a sex machine willing to fuck her to death and convicted of not coming too early.

In some time she is not just moaning, she is crying with pleasure, alternating her moans with scalds like: “Fuck me, fuck my fucking pussy” and appeals: “Oh, my God! Jesus!” she keeps asking me for continuing fucking her on! After I increase my speed suddenly, she comes, she comes very attractively, and all women should have the same orgasms! I mean. It’s a violent cum, like a storm thunder! But I don’t. I pull out; my cock’s end is red and huge. I need my turn as well. She falls down her knees, her excitement goes down and I wanna have my cock worked out. My penis thrashes at her lips level. She looks at it for some time, then her mouth opens and my penis disappears in there. I think every woman should do it. A woman should be ready for fellation any time, and it’s not easy as might seem first. If she doesn’t know how well it should be performed, she disappoints her man, cheekbones get a cramp and she doesn’t enjoy blowjob any more. I know that, that’s why I take her by head and begin moving up, impaling her mouth onto my penis. Now she has no way to go, whether she likes it or not, but she has to put up with sucking me deepthroat.

One more minute and I feel a boiling in my balls. My movements become like death agony convulsions and I drop a load in her mouth. Once I catch her head tight, she has no way than just swallowing my cum. Though some drops fall down, but most of it gets in her stomach. It’s like a volcano eruption! Nice shot! I pull out, my cock is flabby, and she looks at me with eyes full of lust my sperm pours down her chin. She feels a bit shy and turns red. I kneel down and we join our lips in a kiss.

I can never guess when she leaves me. Some time in the morning, when I’, asleep soundly, she gets up, make up, out her cloth on, gives me a bye kiss and leaves off. I have only drama again and think it’s just a sweet lovely dream, fabulous dream….it repeats in a month, or may be later…

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One Response to “Nice dreams!”

  1. loki hard Says:

    oooo, bath sex, and shower sex is absolutely great! it’s awesome and incredible! at the very least for me!

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