My story

October 24th, 2007

Sometimes you meet a girl of your dreams, you have sex with her and you part but no matter how many years pass and how many women you meet after her, you just can’t get her out of your head

This story happened several years ago in a small town. It was one of the towns where all people know each other. Boys know all girls and girls know all boys… So, I knew everyone, I slept with many of the local girls, that’s what I thought. Soon I understood how wrong I was.

Once I decided to go to a pub on a summer night. It was very boring in town. Local girls all had gone to town to study. It was the end of summer, I hated that season. It was the time of parting, disappointments and unfulfilled dreams. So, I was going to the pub not really expecting anything interesting to happen there. I thought maybe I would be lucky to take part in a fighting, just to entertain myself, you know. The road was dark, there must have been something wrong with the street lamps. The moon was hiding behind the cloud now and then, so it wasn’t a great source of light either. So I was walking slowly, enjoying the night. Suddenly I saw somebody right in front of me. It was a girl. I saw her beautiful body. I didn’t recognize her in the dark. That was the thing that surprised me the most as I thought I knew every girl in town. I was wrong. I didn’t know her name, and it was the first time I actually saw her. She passed me by and disappeared behind the corner, but I remembered her….

When I was in the pub I decided to find out who she was. I asked local guys but they couldn’t tell me anything about that pretty girl with a great body and long black hair. It was very exciting. I gotta find her, I promised myself. But I forgot about the promise very soon as I had some other girls to have fun with, I knew who they were and I had no problems having fun with them. It was fall. Many of ex-schoolmates got married that fall. So I had to go to their wedding celebrations. There was a lot of eating, drinking, dancing those days. I saw a nice girl with beautiful body and long black hair at one of the parties. She was dancing. She was a great dancer. Men were leering at her burning with desire, women were staring at her, enviously. I understood their feelings. Both men and women wanted to have such a body, but their reasons and purposes were completely different.

The girl wasn’t very tall, her long legs ended up at a sweet butt. She had a very thin waist, round boobs, long neck and a beautiful face. Her skin was so white. Her lips were something incredible. They were plump and luring. Her lipstick made them even more marvelous against her white skin and black hair. She was wearing a dress with a cleavage that showed some part of her young breasts. She didn’t have a bra. While I was watching her dancing, an idea struck me: maybe she was that “moon” girl? I decided to check it out. The dance was over, and the girl was sitting on a chair at her table. I came up to her and said:

-Hi, I’m Dan.

-Hi, I’m April, – she said, blushing.

-Beautiful name, – I told, thinking that her name was as beautiful as her body.

Another girl sat on the chair near us. She was her friend probably. April was telling her something, I was just sitting near, listening. I couldn’t help admiring her beauty. First I looked at her face, her hair, and then at her cleavage. I could see her boobs though the light fabric of the dress. My imagination could help me get the full picture of her body. I don’t know what kind of face expression I had that moment, I was probably looking really violent, cuz I saw my friends staring at me suspiciously. They were discussing something, laughing. One of them waved a hand at me to come up to them some time later.

I stood up from the chair, said I was very sorry but I had to leave them for a moment. When I came up to my friends, they were laughing at me and my behavior. We dropped the subject. We started talking about upcoming and past weddings. We agreed on one point – it was much better to be a bachelor! In less than 15 minutes I got back to the place where I saw April first, but she wasn’t there anymore. Something was telling me she’d gone. She wasn’t dancing, she disappeared again. I was very upset. What to do?

Another week passed. I was sitting at home watching some movie, I was bored. My phone was ringing. It was Mr. Steward Jones, my old friend (I called him Steve).

-Hi, Dan what’s up?

Hardly had I said a word than he added:

-Listen, buddy, I met a girl here. She has a friend. Do you want me to introduce you? She’s cute.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t want to, but I wanted to talk to somebody that’s why I said:

-You got a new girlfriend?

-Her name’s Stephanie. She lives nearby. You know her, she’s a busty girl.

Yeah, I knew her, I mean I didn’t know her personally, but I had seen her melons, they were awesome!

-Steve, tell me how you managed to get such a girl? Have you fucked her?

-You bet. We’ve already “played mommy and daddy”, and there was some “oral presentation” too, but there hasn’t been my favorite “backstage” performance yet, you know what I’m talking about man!

The man rocked! But I wanted details.

-Steve, come over to my place, we gotta talk about it.

In some 20 minutes he was telling about all possible advantages of having sex with Stephanie.

-So what about April? – He said suddenly.

-What April? – I started.

-Stephanie’s friend, haven’t I told you about her?

-No, – I said. My voice was trembling.

-April is cool, I’d love to screw her too, but Seph…

Steve told me they were going to hang out together that day, and that I could join them. My heart was about to leap out of my chest, I just couldn’t believe my luck. What if it’s not her? I thought suddenly. I asked Steve about April, he told me what she looked like, he said she was a girl with long dark hair, long legs and incredibly beautiful tits. I thought it was definitely her, and I couldn’t wait for the night to begin. According to Steve, Stephanie was 18 and April was a bit older, she was 19 that time.

-Girls grow up fast nowadays… – He said philosophically. – She’s not a virgin, sorry, – he was trying to comfort me.

I wasn’t thinking about it that moment.

-Where are we gonna hang out?

-In the park, no far from the movie.

Good place, I said to myself.

-At what time?

-At about 8, I guess, when it’s already dark. – Steve replied.

-Any drinks?

-Yeah, guess so. I have some good wine.

I finally had a plan.

-Let’s do it this way. I’ll take your wine and sort of accidentally find you there in the park. We’ll say something like once we had a bet and I owe you wine. And here we are – I meet you!

We both liked the plan for its simplicity, though it was totally stupid. According to the plan, Steve was to take care of the snack. It was a great idea, right?! An accidental meeting, and …. We would see what would happen next.

At 7.45 pm I was ready for my small sex adventure. I had wine in a bag, and condoms in my pocket. I was in the park. It was pretty dark there. It was empty around. Man, for how long am I gonna walk around here? I asked myself in disappointment. In a while I heard a dog barking, the dog seemed to be so close to me, that I was really scared to death. I wasn’t actually planning to fight with a dog. I decided to retrieve and walk a bit farther aside to escape meeting the damn dog again. And suddenly I heard voices… It’s them, I thought. My heart was beating so fast. I heard Steve’s voice. He was trying to enchant poor babes, as always.

-Steve is that you?

-Hey, Dan, how are you buddy?!

-I was just going to your place to give you something I owe you…

-You owe me?

-Yeah, you remember our bet? You got it, I should have listened to you then, but…

-I told I was right! And you said Tyson was stronger! So, where are we gonna drink it? – Steve said quickly. – By the way, this is Stephanie and this is April.

-Hi, – I said.

-We’ve already met before, – I heard April’s voice.

-Really? – I tried to look surprised. – is that you April?

-Yeah, Dan, it’s me. – She was surely happy to see me again. That was really great…

Soon we were sitting on a small bench in the park. It wasn’t really comfortable there, but we didn’t care. The wine was really great. First we drank to the beautiful girls (that really inspired both of them), then we drank to our new friends (that let them know we were already friends). Then we drank brotherhood with each other. Steve was in a hurry, there wasn’t much wine left in the bottle. I was fraternizing with Stephanie, she was a great kisser. We all were tipsy by that time, my head was a bit dizzy. I was happy to kiss sweet lips of my friend’s date. In about a minute Stephanie felt at ease popping her tongue in my mouth. I didn’t see what Steve was doing there, but I think he was also having fun. Then we switched roles. This time it was even better. First, April’s plump lips were unwilling to part, she was touching my lips slightly. But soon she parted her lips, I was moving my tongue over her lips, kissing them, then I pinched into her upper lip and sucked it. She couldn’t stand it anymore ad kissed me too. There was something crazy going on with our tongues!

I don’t know for how long it all lasted, but then I heard Steve’s voice telling me they were going for a walk. OK. They left. We were still sitting, looking at each other in the darkness. I guess we both tried to understand if we liked each other or not.

-Let’s sit on another bench. – April said finally.

I agreed. She leaned on the bench back and I was sitting near her, looking into her eyes. I was drawn to her. I started kissing her neck, touching the lobe of her ear by the tip of my tongue. My right hand was caressing her back, my left one was resting on her stomach. She was sitting still for about a minute, then she turned to me and hugged me close, kissing my lips, my neck, my cheeks. I was very aroused, my dick was going to rip my jeans. I took up the initiative by pulling off the straps of her top and exposing her gorgeous boobs. I was kissing her tits carefully and slowly getting closer to the center. April was sitting still but for her heavy breathing. Her hands were fondling my neck. I took her left breast in my hand and sucked into her nipple. Her reaction was terrific! She turned into a pliant sweet and tasty babe. My other hand was busy fondling her right boob. Her nipple wasn’t hard yet. I decided to work on it more.

I immediately felt it getting bigger and harder. I was beyond myself with pleasure, as well as April, I guess. But she was much closer to bliss than I. She was trembling. Then she got tense and then began moaning. First I was perplexed by such an effect. Then I got it – she’d come!

-April, are you OK?

-Yeah… – She whispered, stretching her body.

I leaned back watching her. She was sitting still, her right hand was between her hips, her left one was on her boobs. She tuned to me then and asked what the time was.

-I gotta be home at 10, – she explained.

-It’s 9.30.

-Can you see me home, please?


I was a bit upset, honestly speaking. There was nothing special happening on our way to her home. When we were there, I kissed her good bye and she left.

Another week passed. We used to call each other now and then. We evaded talking about that night. Whenever I offered her a date she said she couldn’t see me: she had to look after her niece. I was sort of doubtful our relationship would ever evolve. Meantime, Steve and Stephanie were really happy. Most of all he liked her blow job. She probably liked to suck him too, as she was ready to do it for hours.

In about a week we were invited to another wedding. Steve told me great news in the morning – he was gonna take his dad’s car and we could invite girls to join us. But I didn’t want to have “girls”, I wanted to spend time with April. Steve listened to my whining and then said:

-OK, but, I’m gonna sacrifice my evening for you. I’ll take Stephanie and I’ll ask her to talk April into going with us too.

It was just the thing I wanted! His words brought me back to life. Steve got back in some ten minutes.

-It’s all; right, pal.

I couldn’t believe my ears! That was it! Steve, son of a … Steve was really glad to be a “man of power”, he poured himself some whisky to celebrate it. I was confused.

-Steve you remember you’re driving today?!

-Relax, it’s just one shot. I’ll be all right by the evening.

In two hours I was carrying him home, in some other three hours he woke up asking me what the time was. I said it was almost 5. I really hoped everything would be fine. Steve went to take a shower. We left home at about 6, soon we were sitting in the car at Stephanie’s place. Our plan was as simple as possible. We would go to a deserted house at the end of the town, I used to be there before. What else could we ask about? Right, alcohol. We took some champagne. The girls went out of the house and sat on the back seat of our car. I turned back and looked at April. She was wearing a red dress. It fit her perfectly and showed how beautiful she was. She gave me a smile and I realized it was my day! Steve was in a good mood. He was joking all the way to the house. When we approached the house, we realized how much we fucked up. The doors were locked. We crept inside the house through the window. It was awful there. There wasn’t even a bed to lye on!

-Yeah, Dan, guess it’s been a while since you were here last… – Steve said slowly and thoughtfully.

We were damn disappointed. We got back to the car. We took a bottle of fizz and poured the liquid in glasses. We were standing by the car, drinking and talking. In some thirty minutes when there was actually nothing else to discus, Steve and I went to a side to consider the situation.

-OK, you go first. Use the car. – He said.

-No, you’d better be first. I’ll take my time walking with April around the place. Don’t be in a hurry, pal.

Steve agreed to my proposal and we got back to the car. The girls seemed to have discussed something and arranged the stuff too. I wonder what girls talk about in such situations! I told April:

-Let’s take a walk. The night is great.

I was holding her by her shoulders, she was holding me by the waist. It was very dark in the wood, we didn’t wanna go there. So we stopped at a playground some 20 yards away from the highway. The car was standing between us and the street lamp. I turned my head and saw Stephanie’s leg in the window, Steve was caressing it.

-It’s not good to spy upon your friends, -April noted.

I didn’t think she would say that. April turned her face at me, then pressed herself even closer to my body and asked me to kiss her. I bent my face to her lips, they were smelling of fizz. Right after the first kiss, I saw her get on her knees and unzip my pants. She unzipped the fly, but I was still having my pants on – due to the belt. April was trying to undo the belt with one hand and get her other one inside my pants and touch the cock. I was perplexed; I guess my pecker was perplexed too, as it wasn’t getting harder at all. But April was really insistent. She took it in her hands and began jerking it, touching the dickhead with her tongue and lips. I overcame my shock and my dick was getting harder and bigger.

April felt her jerking was a success and began fondling me more slowly but more zealously. She drew the foreskin backwards and was fully enjoying my exposed dickhead, she was sucking it or toying it with the tongue. My prick was rocky hard. April never stopped her magical caress. She couldn’t reach my balls but she had my entire stem at her disposal. She was caressing it with her tongue and then drawing it to aside and biting it gently by her teeth. The sensation was fantastic! April turned out a real pro (she was only 19, but she’d already seen and tasted so many cocks!).

The next thing she was doing was the “tooth brush” (that’s what I call it) – she squeezed her teeth and got the dick behind her cheek. Several thrusts and I was on the verge of bliss. April was popping the stem right into her throat. I felt her lips get lower and my head get deeper and deeper in her throat. It was scary and amazing at the same time! Her cold nose touched my belly again and again. It was it! But I didn’t want her to choke so I took my phallus out of her mouth. A huge gob of cum hit her throat. I was cumming, I lasted for some thirty seconds or so. I’d never felt such strong sensations before.

April was ready to swallow everything that got in her mouth. Then she licked my dickhead clean – she wanted more. I was ready to go on too. April never stopped sucking into me, she wasn’t even a bit tired. She was very inventive, you know. (Once long after that date I met another girl who was as skillful in blow job and as devoted to it as April, but that’s another story.) It was more than I could take. I raised April and kissed her on the lips covered with my semen.

Being totally silent we came up to a tree trunk. She leaned her back against it, I snatched the condom out of my back pocket and put it on my hard-on. April was watching me doing it, seemed she was ready to suck me again. So, I raised her red cool dress up to her neck to see her boobs and pulled her panties off to her knees. She looked fantastic!!!! Her raised up dress, pulled down panties, white gorgeous knockers and plump semen covered sparkling lips…. I was ready. I came up very close to her and took the cock in my hand. I squatted down a bit and directed it into her hot cave. April spread her lips as far apart as she could. As soon as I felt her wet vagina I thrust my pelvis frontward. The dick curved at first but set itself straight back again in a sec. It was half inside her. April sighed and cupped her hands round my neck.

-Deeper, Dan, deeper….

I was ready to impale her more. Several more thrusts and my little general was all inside her pussy. April arched her back, helping me, and I began fucking her vehemently. I was fast and rude. I couldn’t control myself anymore, my thrusts lost the initial tempo, there was one thought that made me go on and on: “Deeper, Dan, deeper.” I don’t know for how long it lasted, but I remember that the last thought was that I had a bomb inside of my body and this bomb was about to explode. The eruption was strong and huge. I lost my balance and leaned all my weight upon April. She was seized by bliss too. Guess our friends back in the car could easily hear her moaning.

We were totally exhausted when it all was over. There were me and the tree, April was between us. She stopped embracing me and got the pecker out of her cunt.

-Why are you doing this? – I asked her perplexed.

-For the cum not to get in.

-But I got a condom on!

-What if it leaks in anyway?

I couldn’t help admiring the gal! She could do such incredible things in sex and didn’t know even simplest things about it! While we were standing that way by the tree trunk, I thought of Steve. He was probably having fun somewhere near us. There seemed to be nobody in the car. When we came up closer to it, we saw they were having rest there. I poured the rest of fizz in our glasses to chill all of us a bit. Steve got out of the car. He looked very tired.

-Guess the round was a difficult one, you look like you had a fight with Tyson! – I tried to joke.

-Tyson?! He’s nothing compared to her! I’m done, buddy. It’s your turn now.

I bet he knew we were not just walking round the place while they were doing each other in the car. But he had absolutely no idea it was gonna be my third time in the row. April had. She looked at me inquiringly.

-So we continue? – I asked her.

She nodded.

Steve and Stephanie went to the wood. We were sitting in the car. I was behind the wheel, she was sitting near me. The seats were pulled down, so it wasn’t comfortable to sit, and we lay down too. I got my hand under her dress, I couldn’t stop thinking about her bust. I was caressing her tits for a while, then I leaned back on the seat, and April took it as a signal she could go on… She undid the belt (she learnt damn fast!) and unzipped the fly. She pulled down the jeans, I was floating in bliss. April was sucking great, now and then she looked at the dick, like artists look at their creations. Being sure the dick was looking great after been fondled by her tongue and lips, she continued fucking it. I pressed my feet against the car floor, impaling her throat on my prick. It was driving her crazy! It was driving me mad too. I didn’t intend to cum soon, I had something else on my mind…

We were lying close to each other. It was no problem for me to pull off her dress. In a moment she was wearing nothing but her panties. But it didn’t last long. While I was pulling on the condom, she pulled them off too. I turned to her, leaning on my arms. I bent my head and kissed her lips. Meantime, she took my dick in her hands and pulled it closer to her snatch. She moved her hips wider apart and the cock found itself inside her hot pussy. I made a thrust. This time I was slow and gentle. The penis got in smoothly. I made several more thrusts and stopped, listening to my sensations. I wanted to give her all of my tenderness and caress now. I was kissing her sweet lips every time I got inside her, then I pulled my cock out of her and then thrust it in again. I saw she was on the verge of bliss. She closed her eyes, her lips were parted, I heard some sighing or moaning. I got my hands under her knees, she got what I wanted. In a sec her legs were resting on my shoulders, she was pressing her heels against the roof.

I felt my cock touch something inside her vagina. Whenever I touched it, April shivered and moaned louder. My knob loved to kiss her womb too. I was far from cumming, but April seemed to be very close to a huge orgasm. I lowered her left leg, setting my right hand free. I got my hand to her pussy. I felt my own phallus drilling her. I was playing with her vulva lips, they were soft, wet and hot. Then I found a small knob. I touched it. It made April moan and … cry. I stopped shocked.

-No, no, Dan, go on, I want…

I didn’t know what exactly she wanted, cuz as soon as I touched the clit again she cried again too. Some more movements and she was sobbing. She was trembling and crying. I was on the verge of bliss too, but her impressive orgasm made me lose concentration. I got my finger lower and entered her asshole. I was still screwing her. I came in a minute. The orgasm was long and bright…

When I recovered consciousness again, I got my finger and my dick out of April’s holes. I lay close to her. My knees hurt, I had bruises there due to the rough fabric covering the seats. It’s pretty amazing that I could feel them only now, when I could think clearly again, and my whole self was no longer focused on my dickhead. April was lying still, I thought she was unconscious.

-Hey, April, are you ok? – I whispered.

-What’s the time now, Danny?

-I don’t know, we’d better ask Steve.

-Do it for me, please, I gotta be home at 11.

That’s why I’d never seen her before! She never went to different places after 10. It was her mom, she wanted her daughter to come home early. And April did come home at 10, but her mommy couldn’t even imagine what her daughter was doing before coming home… Her first boyfriend was her neighbor. He was 18 that time. He often called on them. Once when her parents were out, he seduced April, hopefully for him she wasn’t resistant (she’d been waiting for him to make the first step and couldn’t figure out why he was wasting his time). This guy was her first one in many aspects. He was the first she sucked. He had his blowjob diet, meaning, it was really seldom that she let him fuck her twat. I knew it all later, Stephanie told me during one of our sex nights. But that time I didn’t know anything about it and was ready to do all she wanted.

I rushed out of the car, looking for Steve and Steph. They were standing in darkness, whispering something to each other.

-Steve, what’s the time?

-You think I got a watch, you know happiness takes no account of time…

-It’s 9.40 now, – I heard Stephanie break him off.

-So your happiness takes account… – I tried to joke again.

-Who told you I’m happy? – Stephanie replied.

We got back to the car. April was looking great. Steve started the car and we were at April’s house in some ten minutes. I showed her to the door, we kissed good bye, promising to meet again. Steve and Stephanie were waiting for me in the car. Soon Stephanie and I were standing on the street watching Steve riding away.

-Are you going to the wedding? – Steph asked me.

-I don’t know, I don’t really feel like going, – I replied.

All of a sudden Stephanie put her hand on the back of my head, bending it, kissing me. She was holding me close, her big boobs were at the level of my stomach. Her touch was turning me on. She put her hand on my chest still kissing me, then her hand dropped lower, caressing my cock through the jeans.

-Why haven’t you chosen me?

This question confused me, just like all her actions. I didn’t know what to answer.

-We didn’t intend to… it just happened this way… – Was all I could say.

I felt I was about to unzip my pants and …. We were standing in the middle of the street, it was dark though, but Steve was about to return very soon. I stepped aside.

-Listen, Steph, I guess it’s not the right time. Besides, Steve is about to return any minute. – I said quietly.

-OK, – she whispered.

I didn’t want to go to the wedding. So, I went home when Steve returned.

Several days passed. I didn’t know what to do, I was in a bad mood and very lazy. I was trying to read some pulp fiction, but it was all so stupid… A phone call distracted me from reading. Maybe it’s her? I thought hopefully. It was April.

-Hi! What are you doing tonight?

I wanted to say something stupid, but:


-What about a meeting?

-OK, when and where?

-At 8 in the park, is it OK with you?

-All right, I’ll be there.

It was late September. So, evenings and nights were rather cool. I pulled on my jacket, put some condoms in my pocket and went to the park. I saw April in the darkness. By that time I’d been standing there for some 15 minutes, freezing. She sat down on a bench near me.

-Are you here for long?

-No, you?

We were sitting and talking for some 20 minutes. Suddenly we heard some voices, somebody came over to have some fun. April stood up from the bench.

-Let’s go walking.

We were walking slowly, hugging each other. We were getting deeper and deeper in the darkness of the park. Then we stopped to kiss. I was all hot, April felt my hard knob on her belly. She unzipped the fly slowly, kneeling down. She pulled off my pants. My dick was set free, but not for long. Hot soft lips sucked into it. It made me moan. When she was giving me head, I was about to lose consciousness – I was overwhelmed by sensations. When my cock was hard enough, she told me in a whisper:

-Take me right here.
I didn’t intend to resist, and how could I? I took off my jacket and put it on yellow leaves on the ground. April pulled off her jeans and panties. She was lying on her back, spreading her legs wide. I put on the condom and got on my knees. My right hand was resting on her knee, caressing the inner side of her hip, getting up. When I was at her pussy, I got my index finger in her wet snatch, my thumb touched the love button. April brought her legs together, moaning. It was such a sweet torture for her. I never stopped fondling the clit with my thumb, while my index finger was fingering her vagina. She spread her legs again. This time it was even wide then initially. My middle finger joined the index one in her hole. First there wasn’t much room for both of them in her tight pussy, but soon they were getting in and out smoothly. April tossed her hands behind her back, I raised her sweater and touched her bust. Her nipples were hard, it was so nice to feel them. I started kissing them in turn, never stopping fingering her.

-Take me, -April whispered.

I got my fingers out of her pussy and directed my dick inside her.

-Aaaa, – She was moaning.

I was impaling her deeper and deeper. We’ve already tried this, I thought in a while.

-April, babe, get on your knees with your back at me.

I was watching her get on her stomach, arching her back, sticking out her butt for me. I was caressing her ass. It was wonderful. It was firm, but the skin was very soft. I was caressing her back, there was goose skin there, maybe it was due to her arousal, or to the cold. My dick was longing to enter her twat. Soon I let it do it. First I was slow, but soon I heard my stomach slap against her buttocks. Her ass was cold, but it was even more arousing. First the tempo was great, then I slowed down, and then stopped. April was tense, waiting for me to continue. Seemed she already knew what I wanted. I lubricated her small asshole with my saliva and then entered it with my finger. It was just an inch deep inside her.

-Does it hurt?

-No, it feels so good, – she whispered.

I thrust the finger deeper and then got it out of her butt.

-Why? – She was surely impatient to go on.

I repeated the whole thing over again. This time her hole got slightly opened. I was fucking her asshole with my finger and her twat with my knob. In short, I was fucking two holes at once. My finger felt my own penis in her vagina. April was swaying her butt to increase sensation. I felt like cumming. So I got my finger out of her butt and impaled her on my shaft. I was holding her tight with my hands, she realized there was no use to fight, so she yielded to bright sensations. I was the first to cum. I was ejaculating for a minute, April was moaning. I got the dick out and slapped her hot wet lips with my palm. The effect was terrific! She shivered suddenly. I knew there were girls who liked it and there were those who didn’t. But as for her, her reaction was a surprise for me! I kept on slapping her till she fell on her belly seized by a huge wave of orgasm.
It felt so good. We were lying, hugging each other. I think we could lie like this forever but for the cold that made us get up and leave.

-Will you see me home?

-Sure, April.

It was our last date. It was actually the last time I saw her at all. I moved up to town in several days. April never picked up the phone when I called her. Steve told me she moved to some other place too. For good. He was most upset cuz he didn’t manage to fuck her. I was upset too, but there was a thought that gave me real comfort – there was a new big city waiting for me, and there were thousands of hot chicks there. Well, I was partly right about it.

It was many years ago. Now I lead another life, I’m a grown up now. I’ve had lots of different women since that summer, but none of them could make me forget my sweet April.

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