My son’s wife

June 4th, 2008

What if feels like for a father to be attracted to his son’s wife? Read and find out…

Once I heard this story in a pub. Two guys were drinking beer and one of them told the other this story. It looks like it’s a true one. So I think it will be interesting. I’ll tell it in the first person.

My son is a real dork. Just like me myself. Besides, he’s a real skirt chaser. I can’t even say how many girlfriends he’s had. Once he told us he was seeing a girl for several months. My wife and I were really happy he finally found the one he needed. Some time later he invited her to our house and announced their engagement. We were absolutely happy about it. We liked the girl at once, she was a smart and beautiful gal of 25. They married in six moths. Instead of going to some place nice for their honeymoon they decided to spend that time with us in town.

They rented a small house right by ours. His wife Hailey was a very nice girl. They often invited us over for dinner, she cooked so well. And she was a great lover. We often heard her moaning and crying at night. We didn’t think there was anything wrong about it. They were newlyweds what else could they do! We thought our neighbors could be displeased, though, but they didn’t seem to care at all.

Everything was great but it happened so that my wife died in an accident in several months. When it was spring my son invited me to spend some time in their new house in the city. Turned out there were several reasons for doing that. He had a new job in a good company and had to spend much time on business trips round the country. Anyway, he wanted me to keep Hailey company while he was away.

I had a very lovely room in his house. I didn’t wanna bother my daughter-in-law and my son, so I spent most of my time in my room watching TV or sitting on the porch outside.

Turned out Hailey wasn’t a timid girl. I often saw her wearing short gowns in the morning. Her legs were really beautiful. Sometimes I even saw her pussy. I didn’t mean to see it but… it was just for a second. My son was the first to go to work, Hailey left the house at about 10 and got back at about 5. Generally she liked wearing short gown or short dresses and skirts when doing things round the house.

I was in my 40s but her beautiful young body made me hot. Besides, I hadn’t had sex for more than six months by that time. I started catching myself at thinking I wanted to touch Hailey or spend more time with her. I even had erection in the morning.

I thought I won’t be able to control myself for long but everything turned out even better than I thought. My son was away on a trip again. He was to be absent for three weeks. I still lived in his house, saw Hailey’s firm body in the mornings, and tried to give her a hand about housekeeping.

Once I woke up at night feeling really thirsty. I got downstairs to drink some water and when getting back to my room I heard some sobbing from Hailey’s bedroom. I really thought she was crying. I opened the door quietly getting ready to console my daughter-in-law. I was speech less when I saw her.

Hailey was standing on her fours with her back at me. She was naked. She was pressing her boobs against the bed stuffing her vagina with a dildo. She was moaning. So, it’s like I took her moaning for sobbing. I went out of the room. I heard some more moaning and then some muffled crying.

The same happened next night too. This time I decided to watch Hailey masturbate. She was fucking her slit with her toy for about 30 minutes and then climaxed loudly. She made me so hot! I could see her body in all its beauty: she had D-cups, soft wide hips, and a freshly shaven pussy.

I could no longer fight my desire when I heard her moaning next night too. It was continence to blame. I just lost my head when I peeked in her room and saw her on the bed. Hailey was on her knees, fucking her slit with the dildo and moaning loudly. She didn’t even see me! My dick was ripping through my pants. It was rocky hard as never before.

So I pulled off my pants and took Hailey’s hands in my hands. I took the dildo out and replaced it with my dick. I was in her hot wet and incredibly tight pussy in a sec. Hailey sighed, pressed her hands against the bed and impaled her hips on my penis. Well, my cock was much better than her toy, that’s for sure.

I enjoyed being in her pussy. Hailey was moaning louder when I started frictions. He boobs were swaying from side to side, I squeezed and pinched them to please her. Her slit was gushing, so my dick could slide in and out easily. Hailey trembled then and squeezed my stem with her vagina muscles. She came. I didn’t wanna stop.

She got on her back, I placed her feet on my shoulders and continued fucking her. She was moaning. Her pussy became tighter, as it seemed. Hailey was caressing my ass, my back, and my hair. She was moaning and whispering something but I couldn’t make out the words. She came again before I ejaculated in her gushing bosom.

I hurried to my room then. I didn’t know what to say and do in the morning when I would see Hailey. Surprisingly for me, she didn’t behave in any way different. She was still wearing her short gown running round the house. Well, she gave me sideways glances now and then though. We watched some movie at night and I went to sleep earlier that day.

The door to my room opened. I woke up immediately. Naked Hailey was standing in the door way. I thought she had to make the decision on her own, so I pretended to be sleeping. Hailey came up to me and got in bed. We hugged. First Hailey showed me what a skillful sucker she was, then she started riding my dick. I was trying to please her the best way I could, so I let her cum twice before ejaculating in her insides. She told I didn’t have to worry about pregnancy as she was on birth control.

So we had sex during the whole week till my son got back from the business trip. Before he got back Hailey stopped wearing any clothes at home, she often gave me head during the day. And I fucked her every single night. When my son returned from the trip everything got back to norm. My son was fucking his wife every single day, she was used to it. He told me about it himself and added he gave her the dildo to replace his cock while he was away.

Well, before I went back to my town I kept on screwing my daughter-in-law when my son was working. Hailey didn’t feel shy anymore and often walked round naked even when my son was in the house. He told her to stop doing that but she didn’t care.

Hailey arrived to my town in the middle of summer. My son was on a long business trip, and she had some free time she wanted to spend with me. So she was like my wife all that time. We had sex twice a day. Hailey taught me some new things about sex. I didn’t even know there were so many positions! By the end of her vac we tried anal sex. I’d never tried it before, I must confess. Hailey just loved it!
Generally regular sex did good to my health. I started noticing women glance at me on the street! The only disadvantage was that we had to keep our relationship in secret – Hailey was always really loud when cumming, and I didn’t want my neighbors to hear anything.

Hailey got back to the city. I’m going to visit my son soon. He’ll go on another business trip, and I’ll stay with Hailey…

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2 Responses to “My son’s wife”

  1. BenW Says:

    “My Sons Wife” was GREAT!!!

  2. RJ Says:

    that was great you are one lucky guy

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