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May 30th, 2008

It’s nice to have many girls, you get used to fucking one pussy, is that right? Why not get as many pussies as possible for your horny cock that is always willing to try something new…

I braked the car. I loved to hear the engine’s roar. My car was my babe. I thought I had to ask Kelsey to clean inside of the car. Kelsey was my housekeeper. Sometimes I wondered why I needed all those people to help me, but… I needed a gardener to keep the garden neat and beautiful; I needed two chefs to cook exquisite dinner for me and my family. What about Kelsey? She was my housekeeper, but mostly she liked to spend time sitting in front of the TV set.

Sometimes she stays over for a night in the house. Once I went downstairs at night to get some snack and heard some moaning from the room. There was a porn movie on, and Kelsey was sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide, masturbating her pussy with her left hand, while the right one was squeezing her boobies. Her gown exposed her body, she had white stockings on her feet, and her panties were hanging on her right leg.

She was moaning sweetly, fucking her pussy. She didn’t even need a man to feel bliss! Her nipples were hard and big like two ripe plums. Her boobs turned out to be so big! Kelsey was a chubby girl in her twenties. My friend Josh was crazy about her. He wanted me to introduce him to her but I refused to be a pimp. Well, looked she was a hot babe but there was no man to satisfy her, it was kinda strange, right?

I got really hot looking at Kelsey’s masturbation show. My dick was as hard as a rock. I forgot all about snack and went back to my bedroom. Guess I was looking pretty scary – eyes were shining, penis was hard and big. Yeah, I had a big dick, some of my exes asked me not to fuck them at the full length as it hurt to have all my inches in their tight slits.

I got back to the bed room.

“Katie, babe, are you sleeping?” I whispered in my wife’s ear caressing her naked body.

She was sleeping. I touched her pussy, it was wet. My wife was a hot gal too! I just entered her tight twat and started cumming in a couple of frictions. It was so great! Katie didn’t even wake up when I groaned loudly.

She asked me in the morning if I tried to have sex with her last night. I said I didn’t. It was so arousing to think I fucked some strange girl at night, and she must have felt it was some strange guy who allegedly fucked her. I liked this new sex game a lot and fucked my wife while sleeping several more times. We never discussed it anymore but I knew she liked it too, there were at least a couple of times she wasn’t sleeping during the fuck, she was only pretending to be. I don’t know what kind of fantasies she had but her pussy was gushing!

Man, I remembered I had to call my assistant Ali to tell her to take the contract I left on the desk.

“Ali? Where are you now?”

“I’m finishing my lunch.” Ali blurted out breathless.

Yeah, sure! I don’t buy it! I know what kind of “lunch” she was finishing. She was probably getting laid with Jeremy, my senior manager. I only hoped they cleared the place after the fun. Because once they forgot to take away the condoms. I came in the office with a Japanese delegation and saw a used condom on the desk in the center of the room… Man! That was really embarrassing. Ali looked bewildered, the Japanese smiled. Ali tried to explain herself away saying she didn’t know what the condom was doing on the table, that there was nobody to enter the office, that it was some mystery, bla-bla-bla. She was nervous. Jeremy pretended to be indifferent to the fuzz. Ok, I could understand them, I am a human being too! Anyways, Ali was reprimanded, and I never saw condoms on my desk again. The Japanese didn’t take it close to heart, vise versa, the contract terms turned out to be even more beneficial.

“Take the contract from my desk and make sure I get it in 30 minutes.” I told her.

“Sure, Mr. Miller.”

It was such a great day! It was sunny and hot. I wanted a vac. I thought everyone could get a vac. I could tell Ali to arrange everything and let my employees have a week long vac… That was a nice idea, I’d think about it later.

“Katie I’m home!” I shouted opening the door.

“Mrs. Miller is in her bedroom.” Kelsey said.

“Kelsey please clean inside my car.”


“And please tell Annie to serve the meal.”

Kelsey swayed out of the room.

I went upstairs to visit my babe before dinner and maybe get some quickie. I crept up to the room. I wanted to scare her a bit.

I remember once I did the same thing too. I peeked in the room and stopped dead. I saw Katie hide in the wardrobe but for her legs and bare butt sticking out high. Her butt was so round, so luscious. I saw two holes between the buttocks. Her tanned strong legs looked so dark against her opened pussy… I got a hardon in no time. Though I’d seen her naked thousands of times before that particular picture was so arousing for me I pulled off my pants and just pounced on my wife.

Her vagina was dry but I entered it anyway. Katie gave a muffle cry inside the wardrobe but her position didn’t let her get out or turn round. I was fucking her hard. Her pussy was getting wetter. She was moaning, her body was trembling. I thought she didn’t know who was screwing her!

Her snatch was leaking, she bent her knees and then I felt her pause. She cried out loud, cumming. Her pussy was pulsing squeezing my dick. I erupted a huge cumload in her insides. Then I took the cock out of her pussy and spurted on her butt. She remained lying on the pile of clothes.

It was an awesome pic: her twat was opened, sperm was flowing out it, her ass and hips were red because I was holding them tight.

I just ran out of the room and went downstairs to take a bath there. I went to the kitchen then and saw Katie in about five minutes. Her cheeks were blushing, her eyes were shining. She was so happy! She smooched me gently. Did she know it was me to fuck her several minutes ago? I didn’t know it, but it made me feel even better. It could be anyone… That thought made me hot again. Katie was walking round in a tight dress that stressed her curves, making me hot and… I took her by the hand intending to take her to the bathroom. Then an idea struck me: I wanted to drill her in the kitchen!

“Are you crazy? What if somebody sees us!?”

She didn’t wear any panties, so I raised her right leg and entered her still wet slit. Katie was staring at me wide-eyed. What if Annie or Kelsey saw us? Or the gardener, or somebody else? I was cumming, the dick got out of her snatch and I ejaculated on her pussy, on my pants, on the floor and her dress. I was holding Katie tight, shivering in the orgasm, convulsing badly. The sensations were great!

Hardly had Katie set her dress right as Annie came in the room. Katie looked at me as if I was crazy or something. At the same time she was looking delighted, it showed.

Yeah, it was great experience. Now when I’m writing it I kind of feel the same sensations again. My dick is getting harder.

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